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Promind Complex Reviews: An In-Depth User Report

Promind Complex is a nootropics supplement that is formulated to improve brain health. It provides short-term and long-term benefits and works on sharpening memory. Based on the official website, Promind Complex doesn’t suppress only the symptoms of brain problems or Alzheimer’s symptoms. It addresses the root cause of these problems – depletion of the brain cells.


Promind Complex

Being a psychiatrist, I have tried and tested many brain vitamins and nootropics. Recently, some of my clients have started asking about my opinion on Promind Complex, which claims to boost memory, concentration, and alertness.  

So I decided to start researching online about these Promind Complex pills. I sat with my dietician to discuss its ingredients and tested these pills myself to see if they are really effective.  

Let’s start this Promind Complex review. 

Quick Summary: 

Product Name: 

Promind Complex 

Main Benefits: 

Boosts overall cognitive abilities 


Nootropics Supplements 


Item Form: 


Side Effects: 

Not Reported Yet 


$69 per bottle ($49 per bottle with discount) 

Money-Back Guarantee: 

60 Days 

Official Website 

What Is Promind Complex? 

Promind Complex is a nootropics supplement that is formulated to improve brain health. It provides short-term and long-term benefits and works on sharpening memory. 

Based on the official website, Promind Complex doesn’t suppress only the symptoms of brain problems or Alzheimer’s symptoms. It addresses the root cause of these problems – depletion of the brain cells. 

The manufacturer claims that one pill of Promind Complex does the same work as five pills normally do for brain health. 


That’s quite a big claim, and in this Promind Complex review, I will break down each of its claims. But first, let me highlight five areas this product claims to target: 

  • Extends blood vessels to increase blood flow 

  • Prevents cells death 

  • Eliminates mouth bacteria 

  • Creates anti-inflammatory effects 

    • Rewires brain cells 

    How Do Promind Complex Work? Scientific Evidence 

    Now that I’ve discussed Promind Complex, it will be easier for you to understand how Promind Complex ingredients boost brain blood, eliminate toxins, destroy harmful bacteria, and improve memory. 

    Expand Blood Vessels and Improve Blood Flow: 

    Promind Complex includes 50 mg Ginkgo Biloba extract in every capsule, increasing blood flow to the brain by opening blood vessels and making blood less sticky. 

    Moreover, Ginkgo Biloba is available all over the United States and Canada to treat various conditions, including dementia. Multiple studies show that ginkgo Biloba extract increases cerebral blood flow (CBF) [1]. 

    Prevent Cells Death: 

    Healthy cells help in maintaining brain performance and recalling power. However, cognitive abilities decline when these healthy cells get damaged or die due to bacterial attacks or other factors. 

    Promind Complex contains Bacopa Leaf Extract to increase the life of nerve cells that are closely linked to memory and learning [2]. 

    Eliminates Mouth Bacteria: 

    You might be wondering if there is any connection between dental health and the brain. Several recent studies have shown that bacteria from the mouth can penetrate the brain through the bloodstream or nerve. These harmful bacteria affect brain functions and memory recall. 


    Various ingredients are included in the Promind Complex to fight against these bacteria in the mouth and ensure they don’t travel to the brain. However, you can use Dentitox Pro to eliminate mouth bacteria and improve dental health.  

    Create Anti-inflammation Effects: 

    Encephalitis is brain inflammation (swelling) that occurs due to an infection of the virus. This inflammation is common in people with a weak immune system and affects one or several parts of the brain. 

    Promind Complex creates anti-inflammation effects in the body with the help of its ingredient St. John’s Wort. Studies have shown that St. John Wort has powerful inflammation properties to fight against free radicals (harmful cells) [3]. 


    Rewires Brain Cells: 

    Some people experience memory loss because brain cells (neurons) are not communicating messages properly to the brain. It usually happens in old age. 

    Promind Complex contains various ingredients that prevent age-related problems to ensure all five indicators of brain performance work properly: memory, focus, accuracy, learning, and concentration. 

    What Are Active Ingredients Of Promind Complex? 

    Some of the active ingredients of Promind Complex are St. John’s Wort, L-Glutamine, Ginkgo Biloba, Huperzine A, Bacopa Leaf Extract, Phosphatidylserine, Vinpocetine, and N-Acetyl L-Carnitine Hydrochloride. 

    Let’s explore these ingredients to see their benefits for the mind and body. 


    • St. John’s Wort: 

    St. John’s wort contains natural compounds that work as antidepressants and improve brain chemicals like dopamine, serotonin, and noradrenaline. These brain chemicals lift the mood. The Promind Complex ingredient list contains 250 mg of St. John’s Wort, which is the optimal amount for treating depression and mood lift without any side effects. 

    • L-Glutamine:  

    Glutamine is a vital amino acid that is part of the protein and improves immune and intestinal health. L-Glutamine is similar to Glutamine, found in foods, humans, and supplements. It is included in the Promind Complex because it maintains a barrier and prevents harmful bacteria from entering the body from the intestine. 


    • Ginkgo Biloba: 

    Ginkgo Biloba contains powerful antioxidant properties that fight against free radicals (harmful cells). Every capsule of Promind Complex contains 50 mg Gingko Biloba extract, which is an optimal amount required in the body to boost blood flow into the brain. These effects translate into increasing memory and cognitive speed. 

    • Huperzine A

    Huperzine A comes from the Chinese club moss plant and increases the level of a natural chemical called acetylcholine that treats diseases that interfere with thinking and memory. It is also helpful for Alzheimer’s disease, memory, and age-related memory impairment as it increases alertness and energy. 


    • Bacopa Leaf Extract: 

    Ayurveda health practitioners have been using Bacopa extract for many centuries to improve memory and treat anxiety in their clients. It is said that Bacopa leaf extract increases brain chemicals involved in learning, thinking, and memory retention. It also protects brain cells from dying by protecting them from chemicals involved in Alzheimer’s disease. 

    • Phosphatidylserine: 

    Phosphatidylserine is another amino acid in the Promind Complex because it plays a vital role in many body functions. It provides support to the brain cells to ensure they communicate with each other properly. It also eases anxiety symptoms, reduces cortisol levels, and improves memory. 


    • Vinpocetine 

    Many psychiatrists are using Vinpocetine for the treatment of stroke and dementia. Moreover, Vinpocetine is widely used in America for enhancing memory and cognitive abilities. 

    • N-Acetyl L-Carnitine Hydrochloride 

    N-Acetyl L-Carnitine Hydrochloride, or ALC, is an amino acid found in almost every body cell. It is a form of L-carnitine that increases energy production from the long-chain fatty acids. 

    Are There Any Side Effects of Promind Complex? 

    Promind Complex has been in the market for years because it has no side effects. The product contains premium quality ingredients to reduce any chance of adverse reactions. 

    After several hours of research and talking with customers, I found some customers got side effects. 


    These customers either had an allergy to one of the ingredients or took more than the recommended dosages. 

    If you take more than the recommended dosage, all the Promind Complex side effects will come from the ingredient Vinpocetine, which causes headaches and stomach upset. 

    I have been testing these pills for the past three weeks. My clients and I didn’t get any side effects except when I took the capsule at 3 pm after late lunch. I remain awake for an hour or two before I can take a quick 15 minutes nap. 

    Avoid taking these pills if you are pregnant or a breastfeeding mother. Moreover, consult your doctor before taking these pills if you have high blood pressure, heart problems, or other systemic problems. 


    When Should You Take Promind Complex? 

    It is best to take Promind Complex capsules with your breakfast meal to experience the benefits for the whole day. Avoid taking these capsules with an empty stomach, especially if it is your first time. 

    The manufacturer has recommended one capsule once or twice a day or as per the direction of your health professional. 

    However, many of my clients reported these capsules are helping them in enhancing their focus, concentration, and memory retention. So, they use these capsules before challenging tasks such as working on a project, preparing for exams, and before physical and mental sports. 


    The only thing I restrict my client from is taking these capsules in the evening and night. They can disturb your sleeping pattern and keep you awake at night. 

    Who Can Get Maximum Benefit From Promind Complex? 

    People who will get the maximum benefit from Promind Complex pills are businessmen, college students, athletes, and seniors. 

    The dosage provided in the Promind Complex is not too high and works for men and women both. 

    However, the only people who should consult their doctor before using this supplement are those with underlying health conditions. People should also consult their doctors if they are using prescribed medicines. 


    • Professional Workers Who Need Focus and Clarity: 

    If you are a businessman or a professional worker, you need focus and clarity when working on different projects simultaneously. Promind Complex can help you with that. 

    Based on customer reviews, many users are professional workers who work full-time and want full concentration and focus on their projects. And they are glad this supplement is helping them. 

    • College Students Who Want To Increase Learning Ability: 

    Many college and university students use Promind Complex pills to improve their learning abilities and memory retention. Moreover, these capsules can prevent fatigue, a primary reason for delaying studies. 


    • Athletes Who Want Energy Boost: 

    Athletes who regularly play professional sports want extra energy to keep performing at their best. Promind Complex includes powerful amino acids to support muscle growth and generate energy from long-chain fatty acids. 

    How To Get The Best Results? 

    You can get the best results with a few tips that will help you improve your brain abilities and prevent age-related mental degradation. 

    Physical and Mental Games 

    Various studies have shown that physical exercises like swimming can also improve mental functions like memory recall, focus, concentration, and alertness. 


    Swimming is one of the best physical exercises, but very few people know it is also good for mental health. You have to be mindful of your breathing and the timing of your kicks and strokes. All of these activities contribute to enhancing brain functions. 

    Moreover, a group of studies found that mental activity doesn’t always have to be exercise-related. Learning a new instrument, painting, arts, writing, or even learning a new language, all improve cognitive abilities. 

    Protect Yourself From Chronic Inflammation: 

    Chronic inflammation is the primary cause of numerous health diseases. It can lead to memory lapses, confusion, and depression. The best way to prevent chronic inflammation is to consume more vegetables and fruits, avoid sugary items, reduce stress, treat chronic back pain , and lose weight. 


    Moreover, you can include supplements in your diet that contain anti-inflammatory ingredients to reduce inflammation in the body. 

    Fix Your Diet 

    If you want to improve your brain function, you should include healthy and natural foods in your diet. Examples of brain-boosting foods are fatty fish, dark chocolates, berries, coffee, tea, pumpkin seeds, nuts, and eggs. 

    These foods can keep your brain healthy and protect it from damage. Moreover, vitamins and minerals in these foods help in brain and memory development. 

    Where Should You Buy Promind Complex? 

    You should only buy Promind Complex from its official website

    That is because the official website is the only place where you get authentic product, free shipping, discount, and a money-back guarantee. 


    You will get a good discount on multi-bottle packages when you buy from the official website. 

    Once you sign up, you will continue to receive notifications whenever there is a new seasonal or limited-time discount on the official website. 

    How Much Does Promind Complex Cost? 

    One 30-pill Promind Complex bottle can cost you $69. The recommended dosage is one capsule a day for optimal brain performance. 

    You can also get a discount on per bottle price by ordering multi-bottle packages. 

    For instance, when you order a three-bottle package, you will get a complete package for $177 ($59 per bottle). Similarly, when you order a six-bottle package, you will get more discount, costing you $294 ($49 per bottle). 


    I am a psychiatrist, and I can tell you that $49 per bottle for a natural nootropics supplement is a pretty good deal. Moreover, you get 60 days to test this supplement; if it doesn't deliver results, you can ask for a refund. 

    You simply can’t ask better deal than that! 

    Shipping and Refund Policy: 

    Every order of Promind Complex comes with free US shipping. However, people ordering from outside the USA will have to pay $16 as a shipping fee. Moreover, Promind is only available in the USA, Canada, UK and Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, and some other European countries. 


    Every order is protected with a money-back guarantee that remains valid for 60 days from the date of purchase. If you are unsatisfied for whatever reason, send an email to their customer service at contact@promindcomplex.com to get refund instructions. 

    When I bought a 6-month package, I got my order within four business days. It is pretty appreciable, considering I paid no shipping fees. 

    Things I Liked About Promind Complex: 

    • Powerful brain health supplement 

    • Provides clean energy without jitters 

  • Premium quality ingredients acquired locally and globally 

  • Made in the US under strict manufacturing practices 

  • Rigorous 3rd party testing to ensure safety, potency, and efficiency 

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    Things I Don’t Like About Promind Complex

    • A bit on the higher side as compared to other nootropics supplements 

  • Only available on the official website (product available with the same name on Amazon and Walmart is fake) 

  • FAQs: 

    Here are some frequent questions I received in my email. If you have any questions, you can ask by emailing contact@promindcomplex.com.  

    Q1: Does This Supplement Contain Caffeine? 

    A1: I look at the bottle’s label, and caffeine is not listed as the ingredient. Also, my clients and I have been testing this supplement for the past six months, and we didn't get any caffeine jitters. 


    Q2: Where Is It Manufactured? 

    A2: Promind Complex is formulated and manufactured in a USA-based facility that follows strict manufacturing guidelines. 

    Q3: Is Promind Complex Safe? 

    A3: Yes! Promind Complex is a safe product as its ingredients are tested and effective for enhancing brain functions. However, some customers who got side effects had allergies to one of its ingredients or took more than the recommended dosage.  

    Q4: Does Promind Complex Work For Men and Women? 

    A4: Yes! Promind Complex works for men and women both because its formula is not too strong for any gender. 

    Q5: Are There Any Current Discount Offers? 


    A5: Currently, the manufacturer is offering a good discount on multiple-bottle packages. If you buy a 3-bottle package, you will get $59 per bottle. And if you buy a 6-bottle package, you will have to pay $49 per bottle. All packages come with a money-back guarantee. 

    Promind Complex Review Final Verdict – Should You Buy It? 

    Based on my detailed research and discussion with the previous customers, I concluded that Promind Complex is a brain booster supplement worth investing in to maximize mental performance. 

    Promind Complex contains safe and natural ingredients with no side effects and can improve overall cognitive abilities. You can maximize the benefits with the tips mentioned above in this review. 


    Visit the official website to place your order now . Don’t forget to share your results in the commend box below. If you get no results, you can use a 60-day money-back guarantee to get your money back. 

    The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook editorial.