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Your Business Horoscope Explains Best Business Astrologer

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Your Business Horoscope Explains Best Business Astrologer

Business people need not do what Astrologer says but knowing what does your business horoscope says can really make a lot of sense.

Vinay Bajrangi, Astrologer

Success and money need not come only from a business. We have stories of people who are at the helm of success as an employee. In business also, if there are N no of stories of successful businessmen, there are stories of business failures also. Both the subjects are so vast that I cannot explain all aspects in one write-up. But still, I would like to share my thoughts and some tips for business success. Business no doubt is a lucrative word, and people get involved in business with the best of their zeal, skills and resources but then why:

1. Business becomes a matter of routine for some, and business success becomes a winning streak for them.

2. Many keep struggling either to get success in business or even fail to start the business.  

3. Many succeed in one business but fail in other Businesses. Does that mean their business skills change or fail, or there is something more to it? 

4. Same way, in a particular business, some become successful, but others fail. Is that the particular business is not good or the person doing that business was not right? I had cited an example of the Airlines business in my last article.

5. Many existing businesses get totally floored, and many new business start-ups reach the height of business success. 

6. A particular business is reeling under pressure, but the same business becomes profitable suddenly when someone else takes it over. ( Alok Industries and Reliance is one example) 

This is where business horoscope by date of birth has some secrets for you to understand from a commoner’s point of view. You may be born in a business family, but it is not necessary that your horoscope also supports business like your other family members or the people who had set up business earlier. We know many well established Indian Business houses (like Modis, Singhanias, to count more) have vanished from the business dictionary today. But many like Ambani, Birla, Tata and many similar names have got immense success in the family business. 

In fact, business success is neither only your skills. All names mentioned above must have used or been using the best of their skills, but the tune of their business horoscope would have been different. The same way, it is not only the planets in the horoscope alone that can give you business success. Otherwise, astrologers who know how to read and twist planetary tunes would have been the most successful people in business, but they are not.

Business people need not do what Astrologer says but knowing what does your business horoscope says can really make a lot of sense. Actually, success in business is a very complex subject, but there are simple ways to let know you what business, what time, with whom, with what resources etc., one should do business. That is where your business horoscope by date of birth helps in business. There are many important stages in business which if vetted through the business horoscope can really help you.   

Can we do business by zodiac sign

 You search on the internet, and you will mostly find 5 or 6 Zodiac signs figuring as the zodiac signs for business success. If I am to repeat it, these Zodiac signs are Capricorn, Gemini, Libra, Leo, Taurus, and Virgo. You see, I have a different opinion when one says: can we do business by Zodiac Sign? The 12 Zodiac Signs are divided into 4 categories in terms of the basic elements: Fire, Air, Water and Earth. Each Zodiac sign has fundamental characteristics as the names also sound. Let me explain for Fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius): if Fire signs are passionate, aggressive and impulsive, then there are the characteristics of being impatient and destructive. In business, you need a balance of all these characteristics.

A Zodiac sign is assigned when a person is born. Each person gets a unique horoscope, and we all know that the horoscope is a direct manifesto of our past life(s) deeds. So what you get in the horoscope of any Zodiac sign is a result of what you did. But what you derive from the horoscope, be it any Zodiac sign, depends on your Karmas of the present life. People of bad known Zodiac signs can have best of the life and vice-versa. 

What Zodiac signs are good for business

To say what Zodiac signs are good for business is a bit shortcut, in my opinion.

No Zodiac sign is an absolute indication of business success, and no Zodiac sign can be totally bad for doing business. The basic traits of a Zodiac sign will have both strengths and the weaknesses. It is like all horoscopes have bad and good planets. 

What Zodiac sign is good for business also depends on whether you consider Moon sign or Sun Sign. This is because the moon remains in a sign for 2.5 days and Sun for 30 days. So for academic purposes also, Moon sign based Zodiac sign will have 12 times better accuracy compared to a Sun Sign based.

Understand another simple point: any co-relation of Zodiac sign to describe any aspect of life is an ancient finding of Vedic Astrology. However, in today’s time, the entire business scenario and fundamentals have changed, so even if we were to attribute business success to any Zodiac sign only, we need to consider a person’s capabilities to adapt to these changing business scenarios.

Any Zodiac sign with some of its fundamental characteristics can become the base for a good business action but then how you use all the traits of that Zodiac sign depends on you. Therefore to do business by Zodiac Sign needs to be supported by many other combinations in your business horoscope by date of birth. Your natural skills and interest can change over time, and more importantly, your “Intent” decides your success in business. So I do not zeal with the Zodiac sign to select business as the sole criterion.

Take one example. Top people in business in India Mr Mukesh Ambani (Aries), Anil Agarwal (Aquarius), Gautam Adani((Cancer) and many more do not fall in these 6 Zodiac signs known for business success. On the other hand, persons like Siddhartha Mallya(Taurus), Anil Ambani( Aquarius) and many more like this fall in these categories of good Zodiac Signs for business. We know the business history of all these people. You may take these examples as an exception or for reference, but one thing is sure, a Zodiac sign cannot decide your business fate. Doing business as per Zodiac sign can be only one of the criteria. But if one says, can we do business by Zodiac sign, I have my reservation. I will try to substantiate it now. 

How does your business horoscope help

To understand what does your business horoscope says needs an in-depth analysis of the 10th house and its Lord. 3rd house to evaluate your intuitive and speculative capabilities, courage for taking risks. Then we check the 5th house to evaluate a person’s knowledge; then, we see the 7th house and 9th house to determine your financial skills and prowess. It also lets you know the favours one is expected to get from the Govt. and authorities. Then we check your 11th house to evaluate the gains and luck a person will have in life. Can you think of success in business if any of these factors of your business horoscope were not supporting you. 

It needs a master and not a regular astrologer to evaluate all these combinations to read these all. For them also, it is not very easy to tell what does your business horoscope by date of birth says as all these factors need to be examined independently and also their intrinsic relationship. But let me also ease you out by saying that a thorough study of all these combinations in your business horoscope can guide you all about your business. Your business horoscopes let you:

1. Which business to do.

2. What is the right time for doing business?

3. The best name for your business. 

4. The best place and location for doing business.

5. With whom to do business. Whether you should do business alone or in partnership.

6. Whether you should do business with your own resources or borrowed or managed funds. 

7. When should you expand business: Sometimes, when you see good business results, the person is prompted to expand business. But here also one needs to check 1st house, 2nd house, 10th house, Navamsa and Dasmasa before taking a plunge into business expansion. 

A business decision is a big decision. I am again not saying you do what astrologers want you to do. But when you use all your resources and skills for doing business, use astrologer’s skills to evaluate what does your business horoscope says.

It actually starts with deciding whether at all you can do business or not. The first step is to know whether you should do a job or business by horoscope. Here again, Zodiac signs are important to know which Zodiac signs choose business over the job.

If you find your Zodiac sign, your business horoscope supports you do business, take help of minutest possible guidance of business astrology. Your intent, skills, and interest are all fine, but then your business horoscope by date of birth tells you whether you are born to be an employee or employer. And if you are born to do business, get crucial aspects of your business horoscope checked for a while. 

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