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Why Kundli Matching/ Matching Of Charts Fail Sometime?

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Why Kundli Matching/ Matching Of Charts Fail Sometime?

Dr. Vinay Bajrangi

Solemnizing a traditional Hindu marriage significantly depends upon the Kundali matching for marriage. In most of the matches, the marriage negotiations would start if the Gun Milan gets suitable points in Horoscope matching for marriages. In the sequence of the revelation of astrological marvels from ace astrologer Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, Outlook presents excerpts of the interview we took on Kundli matching for marriage.

What is Gun Milan in Kundli matching for marriage?

Dr.Bajrangi: Gun Milan is the ‘qualities matching,’ and it is one of the several factors that have to be matched before declaring that Kundali matched for marriage or not. The governing factor in Gun Milan is Nakshatra or Constellation.

How many points should match for marriage?

Dr.Bajrangi: Eighteen or more points are considered good, and then the horoscopes can be taken-up for further matching. I want to share a small secret here that getting more points does not guarantee a successful marriage, and getting fewer points does not devastate the marriage.

There are many online kundali matching software. If they give 18 points in online kundali matching, can the couple go ahead for marriage?

Dr.Bajrangi: No, I have answered this in the preceding questions that getting eighteen or more points means that only one of the several matching factors is taken care of. Once in the online Kundali matching, you get these many points, you have to consult a learned Vedic matching expert astrologer for the detailed matching. So, getting adequate Gun Milan points through the online kundli matching is like getting attracted to a dress in the showcase, you have to further investigate its quality by taking it in hand and looking at it closely.

So, what are the other factors that have to be looked at?

Dr.Bajrangi: There are ten factors to matchmaking. Gun Milan and Mangal Dosh or Mangal Milan are two of them. Gun Milan and Mangal Dosha, have gained such prominence that most who go for kundli match consider the match to be perfect if these two matches. But most forget to match the longevity, mental and psychological health, number of marriages, chastity, prosperity and income, the Karakas Venus and Jupiter, the Navamsha and the Trimamsha. Before matching these remaining factors, no match is perfect.

Is there a difference between Kundali matching and marriage compatibility?

Dr.Bajrangi: For Vedic astrologers, Kundali matching and marriage compatibility is the same as it requires a detailed analysis of all the ten points mentioned above. Therefore, people should be aware of those online matchmaking results, which, just by matching the Gun, declare the match to be compatible.

Is there any sanctity in Kundali matching by name?

Dr.Bajrangi: Many websites do name matching for marriage, which is grossly inappropriate. The software derives the Nakshatra of the couple from the syllable from the first letter of the name, which may be wrong as most of us do not keep the name based on the Nakshatra. This gives a false result. Therefore it is always recommended to go for a comprehensive matching of charts.

Why marriages fail even after matching horoscopes?

Dr.Bajrangi: Numerous people come to me, complaining that their marriage failed even after the kundli match. On verifying those horoscopes, I find two underlying reasons for this debacle. Firstly, in the guise of Horoscope matching only Gun Milan was carried out, and secondly, the matching was done by someone not competent enough.

Does Horoscope matching guarantee a successful marriage?

Dr.Bajrangi: It depends as to what method of kundli matching we opt for. I have been matching charts the Vedic way for quite some time now, and I can reiterate that if we follow the method of comprehensive chart matching, marriages will not fail. I am personally witness to a large nos of such successful marriages and   can say that horoscope matching guarantees a successful marriage. But the matching should be a comprehensive one and should not be limited to just Gun Milan or Mangal Milan. Comprehensive in literal terms means whatever negativity is there in one Horoscope, it should be aptly counterbalanced by the positivity of the other Horoscope. Marriage matching so done seldom fails.

Being Manglik seems a big hurdle in marriage. Tell us can a manglik  marry a non – manglik person?

Dr. Bajrangi – You will be surprised that more than 50% people visiting me with a myth that they are Manglik, are actually not manglik so half of the problem gets resolved here. And a manglik can marry a non – manglik , no issues. So liberate your search for spouse.

Dr.Vinay Bajrangi can be approached at or 9278665588 or 9278555588. Next article in this series shall reveal the secrets of daily horoscopes and its sanctity in the present times.


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