Sunday, Jun 26, 2022

How GeeksforGeeks is Making Engineers Employable?

How GeeksforGeeks is Making Engineers Employable?

How often have you heard people saying that there are no adequate jobs in the country for Engineers?

 Most probably, consistently for the last many years!

 But have you ever tried to look at the other side of the story? No..?? Okay, let's do it now - but before that go through the below-mentioned facts and figures: 

  • As per the reports, India produces 15-17 Lakh engineers every year.
  • And more than 80% of these tech graduates are actually not employable for a job because of the lack of the required skill set.
  • Reports also say that out of 1000 tech graduates, only 25-27% of them are confident of landing up their dream job in accordance with their skill.
  • Less than 4% of engineers are employable in software-related jobs at start-ups.
  • The job opportunities for tech graduates are expected to grow by 13-15% in the next 6-7 years.
  • Approximately, 50 million jobs are going to be created worldwide in the trending tech trend space in the coming times. 

 The above-mentioned data contradicts the much-hyped statement that there are no jobs for engineers as in actuality, the tech world (particularly the IT sector) is growing exponentially and leveraging the world with numerous career opportunities. The core problems lie within the foundation itself as a majority of the engineers don't have the required skills and exposure relevant to the industry. The main reasons are 

  • The gap between Engineering Curriculum and Industry's Requirements
  • Lack of Hands-on Training and Practical Exposure
  • Lack of Awareness and Guidance
  • Lack of Quality Learning Resources

 To overcome these problems, GeeksforGeeks decided to fill the gap between jobs and engineers.

GeeksforGeeks is solely focused on the vision of making students industry-ready by providing them with skill-based education and to get them their dream job. Students, especially from the tier-2 and tier-3 colleges, who don't have that much exposure to quality learning and skill-based education are getting benefited a lot from the platform. GeeksforGeeks provides you with all the required resources whether it be online courses, tutorials, practice problems, interview experiences, guidance sessions, and much that pave the way for you to get into your dream job.

 In addition, the online courses provided at GeeksforGeeks are developed by the industry experts (who are currently working or have worked previously with the particular technology/company), come up with multiple remarkable features like schedule flexibility, self-paced learning, recorded lectures, lifetime access, etc and offered to each & every individual either Free of Cost or at very much affordable price.

 For instance, let's talk about the particular Complete Interview Preparation Course offered by GeeksforGeeks. The course consists of pretty much everything that you would need to get into your dream jobs such as premium lectures, theory, practice tests, assessment tests, and much more.

 Going further, there is a 'Contribute' feature also, available at GeeksforGeeks - where the geeks write for the other geeks and share their learning with each other. You can opt to write on a particular topic and will get rewarded also for contributing in the form of remuneration, internship opportunities, discount offers, etc. And whether you're a student or a working professional - anyone can come to GeeksforGeeks and Contribute. You need to know that many renowned companies often ask the questions available on the GeeksforGeeks website and there are chances of this as well that you may get asked the question based on the topic on which you've written an article on the portal.

 GeeksforGeeks has guided thousands and thousands of students across the world since its inception. Many of these students got placed into IT giants like Google, Oracle, Microsoft, etc., cracked ACM-ICPC or other competitions, and achieved their career goals with the help of the platform. The platform is not only helping the students but also leveraging the tech organizations by providing them the skillful talents as per their requirements. Looking at the numbers, the platform is having a reach of more than 10 million users and the number of website users has increased by 40-45% in the last 2-3 years.

 In short, it won't be wrong to say that the portal acts as a one-stop solution for all the placement preparation related concerns of the students and is bridging the gap between engineers and their dream job. So, the right time for upskilling and taking a step closer to your career goals is NOW and GeeksforGeeks has got your back in this!