Ginger All The Way: Exploring Bergen, The Gingerbread Town of Europe

The gingerbread village in Norway's Bergen comes alive in  November and December

Gingerbread town, Bergen Photo: _protium/Instagram

Christmas is arguably the most magical time of the year all over the world, and nowhere is this magic manifested more than in Europe. The jewel in the crown of a festive season that kicks off with Halloween, Christmas in the continent feels nothing short of a wonderland. There is a nip in the air; the cities are decked up with lights, and twinkling trees flank the streets. And nowhere is the festival more spectacularly celebrated than in the Nordic countries/ Scandinavian nations. Finland is home to Santa, in Iceland, the revelry begins as early as November, and in Norway, an entire gingerbread city takes form. The Northern Lights only add to the charm and beauty of countries that are at their best during Christmas.  

Throughout Scandinavia, it is hard to imagine Christmas without gingerbread cookies. Apart from their popularity as a delicacy called Pepperkaker- literally pepper cookies- and as ornaments for decoration around the house, gingerbread forms the heart of Norway's very own version of a fairyland- the world's largest gingerbread town.