Friday, Sep 22, 2023

Natural Origin Of Coronavirus

Coronavirus Outbreak in China

Explained: Chinese Study Shows No Animal Infection At Wuhan Market, What It Means For Covid-origin Debate?

The study finds that while Covid-19 was in the market, no animal samples were found to be infected, and the chain of transmission is not certainly known.

07 April 2023

Covid-19 Origin Unclear, Lab Leak Theory Needs Study: WHO

WHO experts noted that since lab accidents in the past have triggered some outbreaks, the Covid-19 lab leak theory could not be discounted.

10 June 2022

US Lawmakers Seek 9/11- Like Commission On Origins Of Covid

The origins of the Covid-19 remain a widely debated topic, with some scientists and politicians maintaining that the possibility of a lab leak of the deadly virus exists.

15 July 2021

Virologist Shi Zheng-li with a colleague in the a lab of Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) in China

Book Excerpt: How Coronavirus Could Be Part Of China’s Biological Attack Programme

Is Covid-19 of simple 'natural' origin, transmitted to humans from an animal reservoir, or did it start life as an 'enhanced' virus? The CIA and European intelligence agencies are digging into the workings of BSL-4 labs used...

25 June 2022

Hospital staff at the emergency entrance of Wuhan Medical Treatment Center

COVID-19 Pandemic Originated In Animals In Wuhan Market, Studies Find

The first study used spatial analysis to show that the earliest known COVID-19 cases, diagnosed in December 2019, were centered on the Wuhan market.

28 February 2022

Rajasthan: 11 Cases Of Kappa Variant Recorded; State Govt Urges All To Follow Covid Guidelines

Of these, four cases each are from Alwar and Jaipur, two from Barmer and one is from Bhilwara

14 July 2021

Explained: Where Was Covid-19 Born? WHO Report, Case For Lab Origin, And The Ongoing Scientific Debate

The lab-origin of Covid-19 was widely called a conspiracy theory for most of 2020, but it's now accepted as a valid possibility.

11 June 2022


Peer- Reviewed Lancet Journals Suggest Nature To Be The Origin Of Coronavirus

The same team of scientists who published these articles, had last year dismissed the lab leak idea as a conspiracy theory in a report also published in The Lancet.

06 July 2021


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