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How Square Yards Is Creating An Integrated Ecosystem For Real Estate

At the heart of Square Yards’ business is the integrated platform approach to enable an end to end digital-powered real estate experience.


How Square Yards is creating an integrated ecosystem for Real Estate

A centuries-old sector. A new-age, tech-powered start-up. Combine both. What do you get? Accelerated digital disruption accessible through a one-of-its-kind platform. This is precisely what Square Yards’ proptech business model is all about. The start-up is changing the way the age-old real estate sector works in India. Within a span of just 7 years, the company has already carved a niche for itself. 

Square Yards & Realty make a perfect match

One platform, multiple benefits
At the heart of Square Yards’ business is the integrated platform approach to enable an end to end digital-powered real estate experience. Its technology products and platforms are not only redefining search, discovery and transactions but extend further to cover the full home ownership journey with mortgage, home interiors, rentals, real estate asset management services. 


Square Yards consumer tech platform is one of the largest supply side real estate platforms in the country with 1Mn+ listings. It attracts 5Mn+ unique visitors every month. The platform offers unparalleled research tools like micro-market heatmaps, algorithmic driven investment scores and need based recommendations engine that help consumers take an informed property decision. To improve transparency and reduce the information asymmetry, Square Yards has also made available government registration records public on its website for 1.4 lacs buildings/projects in top 10 cities of India. 

On the transaction front, it has made the transaction closing process quick and hassle free with real time inventory selection, e-payments, digital escrows, online agreements and e-signatures. Square Yards is the only platform in India that provides instant and completely paperless sanctions for home loans with digital API integrations with some of the leading banks in India after conducting online credit bureaus checks and income/identity verifications. 


During the home ownership journey, consumers have diverse needs of renovating their homes, putting them on rent, manage the property and their entire property asset portfolio.  Square Yards’ home furnishing platform- Interior Company- allows customers to identify the right design theme, estimate costs of furnishing, get realistic 3D experiences of the proposed design and track the delivery of their project. Its rental and property management platform is helping thousands of homeowners and tenants to close tenancy contracts, and get a professional digital experience for property management with online rent collections, house inspections and e-tracking of repair and maintenance requests. They can also get a variety of real estate services ranging from legal, technical, valuation, to transactional all on a single digital asset management platform.

That’s not all. Square Yards’ platform brings several unique tech capabilities to the table consisting of 3D/AR Urban Landscape GIS Mapping and projects visualization, micro market heatmaps to evaluate prime investment destinations, in-built valuation models to determine intrinsic value, AI-based property recommendation engine, digitization records database with algorithmic structures to ascertain and forecast property prospects.

''At the outset, we were clear that we wanted to empower all stakeholders in the real estate value chain. Accordingly, we deployed tech to enhance the quality and expedite the decision-making in key focus areas in real estate. To achieve this objective, we set about building a comprehensive services ecosystem that encompassed the needs of diverse industry stakeholders. It all boiled down to identifying the core problem zones and presenting a viable solution for each and every challenge,’’ states Vivek Agarwal, founder and CTO, Square Yards.


Capturing new frontiers in proptech
Square Yards’ success is largely attributed to how the start-up innovatively engages with real estate in newer, forward-thinking ways while consolidating upon its platform capabilities towards creating novel digital experiences for its customers. 

Square Yards is creating strong intellectual property in the world of 3D technologies, virtual reality, and augmented reality. It is building AR based urban 3D landscaping of built world in top cities of India by creating digital twins of every single organized major real estate development in that city. Its 3D visualization platform, PropVR, can convert any floor plan or physical space into an interactive 3D walkthrough in minutes (as against rather weeks being the standard norm) and can cut the real estate marketing spends by 80% while increasing the customer engagement levels by up to 400%. The platform helps property developers, real estate agents, architects, and interior designers to virtually showcase the properties to their clients using immersive 3D walkthroughs and inbuilt video conferencing solution. Through these innovations, Square Yards is capitalizing on its R&D investments and setting new benchmarks in real estate tech by creating, securing and licensing a portfolio of patents in support of its overall business goals.