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Best Weight Loss Pills In Ireland: Top 5 Strongest Diet Supplements That Actually Work In Ireland & UK

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Best Weight Loss Pills In Ireland: Top 5 Strongest Diet Supplements That Actually Work In Ireland & UK

A good weight loss supplement also works on your mood and motivation levels. You must have experienced that you lose more weight when you are motivated and positive, and you give up easily when you are low and unmotivated. 

Weight Loss Pills
Weight Loss Pills

How do you lose weight? Is it by trying to cut down your calorie intake while pushing yourself to exercise? Trying out pilates, gymming, running and skipping? Or do you lose excess fat the smart way, aka try a weight diet supplement that will help you lose weight, excess stored fat and inches, all in one go?

The strongest, most efficacious weight loss supplements usually work in multifarious ways- they suppress appetite, burn fat efficiently, reduce the absorption of carbs in the gut and turn your body into a highly effective fat burning machine by revving up your metabolism. Metabolism refers to your body’s capacity to burn fat when your body is at rest. 

The best diet supplements will more often than not do all of these together. They will also increase your energy levels so you can be more active throughout the day and burn fats naturally. 

A good weight loss supplement also works on your mood and motivation levels . You must have experienced that you lose more weight when you are motivated and positive, and you give up easily when you are low and unmotivated. 

If you are desperately trying to control your cravings for food in the midst of all the food images and videos on social media, dragging yourself to the gym for a workout, trying to eat healthy, waking up early, having a positive outlook on life, etc., here are the top 5 strongest diet supplements that actually work in 2023 and now available in Ireland and United Kingdom:  

1. PhenQ - Best Fat Burner for Men & Women in Ireland & UK
2. PhenGold - Best Weight Loss Supplement For Boosting Metabolism in Ireland
3. Capsiplex BURN - Best Weight Loss Pills For Men in Ireland & UK
4. Trimtone - Best Weight Loss Pill For Women in Ireland & UK 
5. PhenQ PM - Top Nighttime Fat Burner in United Kingdom

1. PhenQ -  Best Fat Burner for Men & Women in Ireland & UK


This daily weight loss formula works by shedding stored, pesky body fat, suppressing hunger, and by providing extra energy for exercise. PhenQ also happens to be one of the best fat burners for men and women in Ireland & UK. Women please note that you will not find a better fat- burning product that’s optimized for fat-burning action from the word go. 

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PhenQ works exceptionally well as a diet pill because of its genuine and all- natural ingredients. All of them are also validated by scientific research. 

How does it work?

PhenQ works primarily as a thermogenic agent. This means it ups your body’s capacity to burn stored fat and use it as fuel. 

The ingredients in PhenQ, especially a patented fat-buster called a-Lacys Reset actually retards the storage of fat in your body. It also has the capacity to shrink the size of fat cells in your body. This leads to both weight as well as fat loss. 

PhenQ also acts by reducing hunger and cravings; a big villain in your love story with a beautiful slim body!

Apart from just burning fat, PhenQ also has the capacity to block the absorption of carbs inside your gut. Research tells us that it is carbohydrates and not fats that cause us to gain weight because of their connection with insulin. Higher levels of insulin in your bloodstream causes more and accelerated weight gain. 

The manufacturer’s of PhenQ promise a weight loss of as much as 2 pounds a week. Try it with ease as it comes as a pill, and enjoy all its benefits!


Capsimax powder - this has a strong thermogenic action that promotes the burning of fat for producing energy. Capsimax also promises to stop fat cells from growing plumper because they are inhibited from storing more fat. When the fat cells in your body shrink, so does your waistline!

a- Lacys Reset- a trademarked formula, a- Lacys Reset was developed after years of research. It is a thermogenic compound that supercharges your metabolism to power accelerated weight loss. And that’s not all. Another thing a- Lacys Reset does is to start thermogenesis inside muscle cells. And this helps boost your body’s capacity to shed extra weight a hundred-fold.

This formula is also linked to an improvement in energy levels, shortening of recovery time after a workout, and a steep reduction in hunger pangs. Plus, a- Lacys Reset helps build more lean muscle mass. 

Natural Chromium Picolinate- this ingredient helps reduce hunger pangs. It also increases your body’s insulin sensitivity.

Nopal cactus- this compound makes you feel full so that you eat less and lose weight naturally.

Caffeine- a stimulant; it helps improve energy levels.

L-Carnitine - improves mood and motivational levels.

The makers of PhenQ claim that the above six ingredients help you lose weight by as much as five times faster!


●    An easy to use supplement 
●    Available without a prescription in Ireland & UK
●    Works to stabilize mood 
●    Suppresses appetite and reduces hunger cravings 
●    Stops fat from getting stored in body fat cells 
●    Retards accumulation of fat in the fat cells so they shrink naturally 
●    A safe supplement with no side effects 
●    Uses the punch of the trademarked a-Lacys Reset that is supportive of peak metabolic activity
●    Manufactured in GMP- approved facilities in the US. 

2. PhenGold - Best Weight Loss Supplement For Boosting Metabolism in Ireland

This fat-loss supplement helps banish food cravings, boosts energy levels, and prevents the accumulation of body fats. This is why users claim PhenGold is the top appetite suppressant and diet pill in United Kingdom today. 

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The supplement contains the best thermogenic fat busters for getting rid of stored body fat.

How does PhenGold work?

It works by boosting your body’s metabolism and by activating fat-burning hormones in the body. It is also an excellent supplement for suppressing hunger and cravings. 

It helps you shed fat and weight both, but only when you take care to be on a diet and weight -loss fitness regime. 

The ingredients in PhenGold help your body switch on a set of fat-burning hormones, enabling the elimination of the most obstinate body fat stuck on your hips, belly, thighs,and upper arms.

PhenGold also boosts your metabolic rate. Metabolism refers to how quickly your body converts stored calories and fat into energy.  If you have a sluggish metabolism, you will automatically store more fat. And on the other hand, a faster metabolism will allow your body to burn fat away so you remain slim and trim.


●    Caffeine - thermogenic-burns fat action to burn fat 
●    L-Tyrosine - improves focus 
●    Rhodiola Rosea root- increases the absorption of oxygen by body muscles 
●    Green tea- boosts metabolic rate, improves oxidation of fat 
●    Capsaicin- burns energy
●    Cayenne pepper- it is a proven appetite- suppressant 


●    Natural and safe 
●    Helps burn stored body fat
●    Helps nix anxiety 
●    Helps to suppress appetite 
●     Metabolic rate booster
●     Contains no chemicals  

PhenGold tablets should only be consumed on an empty stomach, before breakfast, everyday. 

3. Capsiplex BURN - Best Weight Loss Pills For Men in Ireland & UK

This supplement promises to burn body fat by increasing metabolism rate and by maintaining glucose levels. It apparently works in six different ways, like it helps retain muscle, reduce cravings for food, boosting energy levels, and burning fat from problem areas for a lean, shredded look.

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Capsimax-this patented cayenne pepper extract helps increase energy consumption even when you are resting by almost six %. It also unlocks your body’s fat cells, stops hunger pangs.  

Innoslim- this formula decreases the absorption of glucose in the gut. When you absorb fewer calories from the food you eat, you lose weight. 

Caffeine- burns fat  

Chromium Picolinate- increases sensitivity to insulin and stems cravings 

Tyrosine - an ingredient for manufacturing neurotransmitters that control focus 

Arginine- it increases blood flow to muscles 

B Vitamins- these create more energy so the muscles work better   

How does it work?

This supplement has a five-fold action:
●    It helps burn fat 
●    It stems cravings 
●    It stops fatigue 
●    It increases metabolism 
●    It preserves lean muscle 
●    It ignites exercise 


●    It is a vegan product that is also gluten-free
●    It is manufactured in GMP certified facilities in the US
●    It helps you get back on the treadmill after a low period 
●    It helps bolster your metabolism 
●    It makes you bulk up naturally without piling on fats  

4. Trimtone - Best Weight Loss Pill For Women in Ireland & UK

This unique, one-of-its-kind weight loss supplement is being marketed as a hundred percent, all-natural fat burner designed exclusively for women! Trimtone also promises to help you achieve the body of your dreams by promoting accelerated fat burn using the thermogenic activity of its ingredients.

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How does Trimtone work?

Trimtone works by promoting thermogenesis, the process in which accumulated body fat is converted into energy easily and quickly. 
It also helps to speed your body’s metabolic processes so it can burn body fat that is stored on your problem areas like the belly, butt, underarms, chin or anywhere else!


●    It works round-the clock to help your body burn fat
●    It fuels nature’s processes to burn fat 
●    It is safe
●    It has the capacity to literally order your system to burn more calories
●    It helps you lose inches on problem areas
●    It curbs cravings for food 
●    It comes as a pill that has to be taken just once a day, daily
●    This formula is designed for busy women. 
●    It is easy to use- all you have to do is take one capsule a day before breakfast with water.

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Trimtone uses only natural thermogenic ingredients to burn the stored stubborn fat in your body.  It also uses nutrients that come straight from the lap of Mother Nature!

It contains no fillers and proprietary blends. It is transparent and all ingredients are science-backed and genuine. These fat-burning ingredients are- 

Caffeine- it helps burn fat for more day-long energy to achieve more. It is a promoter of thermogenesis for calorie burning and lipolysis for breaking down fat. Caffeine also is a scientifically - proven ingredient that boosts performance and increases your body’s  resting metabolic rate by as much as four percent.

Green coffee beans- these beans contain Chlorogenic acid that helps reduce the quantities of glucose or sugar and fat that is absorbed by your intestine. It thus helps lower insulin levels and helps you lose weight as higher insulin levels are linked to weight gain.

Green tea- it contains catechins, compounds that boost metabolism and fat-burning hormones both. These hormones promote weight loss by ordering your body cells to  break down fat faster. This way less fat gets stored by the fat cells, making you lose weight. Catechins also retard the absorption of carbohydrates. 

Grains of Paradise- this herb from the ginger family has the capacity to burn fat cells and tissue in your body.

5. PhenQ PM - Top Nighttime Fat Burner in United Kingdom

This supplement has been branded as a fat-burner that works even at night to help burn body fat and help you lose pounds even while you are peacefully sleeping at night. PhenQ PM is, in fact, the first scientifically- proven nocturnal fat burner in the market today. 

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How does it work?

It is a wholly natural, weight- loss formula that leverages the potency of its ingredients to optimize the three stages of fat-burning at night.
It works by — 

●    Getting rid of excess pounds
●    Staving off hunger and cravings for food
●    Kickstarting slow metabolism and rebooting it 
●    Promoting up to nine hours of body-refreshing sleep⁠.

The supplement promotes uninterrupted sound sleep for a good seven to nine hours so that in this time your body can cleanse itself of the extra fat. 
It encourages these three stages of night-time fat-burning, namely:

●    An increase in levels of the Human Growth Hormone to facilitate the burning of more calories 
●    Accelerated removal of the excess Cortisol hormone or the Stress hormone that your body makes during the day due to excess stress and anxiety. Lower levels of Cortisol help your body melt away more fat.
●    And appetite suppression. Deep sleep is helpful in activating the appetite regulating hormones.

What happens is that as you age, your sleep gets more and more disturbed, especially if you are a woman. This means that you rarely reach stage three so that your body can get rid of excess fat, Cortisol and increase the levels of Human Growth Hormone. This means that no matter how much you try, you can’t get rid of those excess kilos. 

PhenQ PM helps you reach the deep REM stage while sleeping so that your body can be activated to help you lose fat and weight effortlessly.


●    Improves quality of sleep to burn fat
●    Helps body to get rid of excess fat and Cortisol
●    Increases levels of Human Growth Hormone 
●    Empowers you by providing more energy all day long 
●    Reduces cravings, especially for sweets 
●    Improves mood, motivation levels and mental outlook 
●    Ups metabolism⁠ rate.

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All the ingredients in PhenQ PM are science-backed and natural. They promote fat-loss even during the night. They are:

●     L-Arginine- boosts the levels of the Human Growth Hormone by 100%
●    L-Lysine HCL- this supports the production of a substance called Carnitine which converts fat into energy
●    L-Theanine- this is an amino acid that enhances sleep. It handholds your brain into the “alpha state” where the body can get rid of fats
●    5-HTP- this is a precursor for the ‘feel good’ hormone, serotonin
●    Chromium- a trace mineral, it regulates sugar levels and curbs cravings 
●    Biotin- a ‘B’ vitamin, it boosts resting metabolism rate. You thus burn calories even as you sleep
●    Molybdenum- this mineral is helpful in elevating your body’s detoxification and cleansing processes
●    Vitamin C- boosts energy and builds immunity levels 
●    Vitamin B5- lowers stress levels 

Best Weight Loss Pills in Ireland - Conclusion 

One last piece of advice- always look closely at the ingredients list of any supplement you buy. Don’t buy the ones that use proprietary blends and hide the exact quantity of ingredients in the product. 

Disclaimer : The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial.


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