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Best Weight Loss Supplements In Canada: Top 5 Strongest Diet Pills To Lose Weight In 2023

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Best Weight Loss Supplements In Canada: Top 5 Strongest Diet Pills To Lose Weight In 2023

We have compiled a list of the best weight loss supplements in the Canada 2023 to make your life easier. Read on for our top recommendations for the weight loss supplements that really work.

Weight Loss Supplements
Weight Loss Supplements

Overeating and snacking are the bane of weight watchers. They are the two mighty problems if you want to lose weight. 

What happens when you diet? Your mind keeps thinking about food. Most often than not, the question that keeps circling in your mind is, “How do I control my craving for food?”  

We do know that controlling your cravings and hunger is not an easy task. You do have food everywhere- on ads, Instagram, Facebook, your favorite web series… and you are constantly being turned on by ‘food porn’. 

How can you turn off this impulse to eat? On an average, a weight loss supplement works in these standard ways - a few of them create appetite-suppressing hormones inside your system, others help cut down on cravings, and others help you burn fat at a higher metabolic rate. 

Weight loss supplements work, but you have to select the one that works for you.  But how do you choose a weight loss supplement that will really work for you?

We have compiled a list of the best weight loss supplements in the Canada 2023 to make your life easier. Read on for our top recommendations for the weight loss supplements that really work-

1. PhenQ - Best Diet Pill in Canada


This is a daily weight loss formula that targets 5 key areas of metabolic health. It works by shedding fat, suppressing appetite, and providing extra energy for exercise. 

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All the ingredients in PhenQ are natural and genuine. They are also optimized for action and are backed by science. 


All the ingredients in PhenQ are thermogenic and supportive of fat loss. These are the ingredients that support metabolic health in the supplement:

a-Lacys Reset and Capsimax powder for thermogenic effect

Capsimax powder stops fat cells from storing more fat. The fat cells thus shrink, leading to inch-loss. 

a- Lacys Reset, a trademarked formula was developed after extensive research. Several studies since done on it have shown that it boosts your metabolic response that’s linked directly with weight gain.

It has the power to start natural thermogenesis to help your body shed extra fat and weight to get a slim and trim silhouette. 

Not only do you look slim, you feel lighter and free.  

      Research studies also prove that individuals on this formula experienced  

      more energy, shortened recovery times after exercise, and less appetite.    

      They also gained more lean muscle mass. 

Natural Chromium Picolinate, Nopal cactus and caffeine- to reduce insulin sensitivity and reduce cravings. Caffeine along with Capsimax powder help skyrocket energy levels and Nopal cactus makes you feel fuller faster. Chromium Picolinate curbs cravings of sugary foods. 

L-Carnitine - to keep you feeling positive and motivated.

These 6 awesome ingredients help you lose weight by as much as five times faster. 

This means you don’t have to save money and time researching and buying several weight loss products. 


  • Easy to use product
  • No prescription required to buy in Canada
  • Balances mood 
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Stops food cravings 
  • Reduces accumulation of fat in body
  • Shrinks body fat cells 
  • Safe formula with no side effects
  • Contains only science-backed ingredients to support peak metabolic wellness
  • A new formula with the trademarked a-Lacys Reset
  • Manufactured in the Canada and US in GMP- approved labs and facilities 

 How does it work?

PhenQ literally powers weight and fat loss through the action of the superstar formula a-Lacys Reset. Not only does it prevent storage of fat but it also shrinks fat cells naturally.

The one thing that sets this fat-burning supplement apart is the way it functions. Most weight loss supplements target no more than a single factor affecting weight gain that causes you to pile on the kilos. PhenQ, on the other hand, works on multiple factors- it suppresses appetite, burns fat, and blocks carb absorption. 

The supplement is available as capsules. You can safely take them for as long as you want to. 

You can also expect to lose 2lbs per week. In short, PhenQ is a weight loss supplement that gets results. 

2. PhenGold – Top Rated Weight Loss Pill in Canada

This weight-loss supplement works by stemming cravings, boosting energy levels, and preventing the accumulation of fats in the body. It is being touted as the top appetite suppressant and weight-loss supplement for women by some reviewers because it contains thermogenic fat burners in it.

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How does PhenGold work?

It increases your metabolism and activates fat eliminating hormones and helps control cravings and hunger. PhenGold helps lose weight faster and more easily than through dieting and exercise alone.

The ingredients burn fat faster by switching on specific fat-burning hormones inside your system; these then get to work to burn off all the  body stored inside your system. 

PhenGold also stimulates your body’s natural metabolic rate. Metabolism refers to how speedily your body converts stored calories and fat is converted into energy to do the work required to stay alive. The higher the metabolic rate, the greater the weight loss. 

The supplement also acts as a natural appetite suppressant to crush cravings. It comes packed with mood-enhancing ingredients  to keep you feeling motivated and happy, even on a diet, and helps you maintain your ideal weight even after you smash your body goals.

How does it work?

PhenGold basically works by switching on hormones that are able to break-down even the most stubborn stored fat.


  • Caffeine - boosts fat burning abilities 
  • L-Tyrosine - improve focus 
  • Rhodiola Rosea root- ups oxygen absorption by muscles 
  • Green tea- boosts metabolic rate and improves fat oxidation 
  • Capsaicin- burns energy faster
  • Cayenne pepper- clinically proven appetite suppressant 


  • Safe and efficacious 
  • Burns stored fat
  • Reduces anxiety 
  • Suppresses appetite
  •  Increases metabolic rate
  • Its ‘Clean’ without bad chemicals  

PhenGold is to be eaten empty stomach, before breakfast. This way, it gives a sense of fullness that allows you to feel less hungry and thus you consume fewer calories. 

3. Capsiplex BURN - Best Fat Burner For Men in Canada

This is a supplement that promises to burn fat by supporting metabolism and maintaining glucose levels. It promises to turn your metabolism into a fat burning inferno and cut in 6 different ways, without sacrificing muscle mass. 

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The other promises of Capsiplex are - retaining muscle, reducing cravings for food that you shouldn’t be eating, boosting focus and energy levels, and burning fat from all over your body to get a lean, shredded look.


This next-gen fat-burning formula has the following ingredients:

Capsimax-patented cayenne pepper extract. Ups energy consumption even when you are resting by 6%, unlocks the body’s fat cells, and curbs hunger. 

Innoslim- decreases glucose uptake in intestines so your body absorbs less calories from the food you eat. These calories bypass the fat cells and you don’t get fatter.

Caffeine- boosts fat-burning abilities  

Chromium Picolinate- ups insulin sensitivity and reduces cravings 

Tyrosine - used to make neurotransmitters that control focus 

Arginine- improves blood flow to muscles 

B Vitamins- produce more energy for muscles  

How does it work?

It works in five different ways:

  • Burns fat 
  • Reduces cravings 
  • Fights fatigue 
  • Revs up metabolism 
  • Preserves muscle 
  • And ignites workouts


  • This is a vegan product
  • It is manufactured in a GMP certified facility
  • Is dairy and gluten-free
  • Its made in the US
  • It helps you get back on track after a slump
  • It revs up your flagging metabolism 
  • It helps break a plateau
  • It makes you bulk up without putting on fats 
  • It preserves muscle mass during Cutting phase 
  • Makes the Cutting phase less arduous and painful
  • It helps you reveal an awe-inspiring 6-pack by melting the last few pounds.

What sets Capsimax BURN apart from the other weight loss supplements is that the makers are transparent about the ingredients and how much of them are in the supplement. There are no proprietary blends here- just superpower nutrients to burn fat and get ripped fast.

4. Trimtone - Best Fat Burner For Women in Canada

This new kid on the weight-watcher’s block slots itself as a new, 100% natural fat burner for women!

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Other things that Trimtone promises is to help you achieve your body goals by letting nature do the fat burning for you so that you can ace your weight loss and fitness goals easily.

How does Trimtone work?

Trimtone promotes thermogenesis, the process by which accumulated fat is converted into energy. The body speeds up metabolic processes to burn fat. It literally orders your body to burn body fat. 

With this supplement, you will be able to burn even the most stubborn stored fat (like on your belly) round-the-clock.


  • Helps achieve your body goals faster
  • Works 24/7
  • It is literally fat burning fuelled by nature  
  • Trimtone literally orders your body to burn more calories
  • It fires up fat loss
  • It burns stubborn body fat 
  • It curbs cravings  
  • It's a once-a-day formula designed for busy women. Taking one capsule before breakfast with water is what you need to ace all your body needs. 


Trimtone uses only natural and the most effective ingredients to burn your body fat away.  It contains nutrients that come straight from Mother nature!

There is no fake stuff, fillers and unknowns in the Trimtone formula too. And all ingredients are proven ingredients that pack a nasty punch against fat. 

These are- 

Caffeine- this simple substance burns fat to give you more energy. It promotes thermogenesis or calorie burning and lipolysis, the  breakdown of fat. It’s also a proven performance enhancer and increases the resting metabolic rate by 4 %.

Green coffee beans- these contain Chlorogenic acid that may reduce the amount of glucose and fat absorbed by your GI tract. This lowers insulin levels and helps you lose weight.

Green tea- compounds, like catechins, in its boost metabolism and good hormones that order your body cells to break down fat. It also stops your body from absorbing carbohydrates. 

Grains of Paradise- this is a herb from the ginger family and it can burn fat tissue in your body.

Glucomannan- this dietary fiber expands in the stomach to keep you feeling full.

Trimtone works best with an effective diet and exercise program that lasts for as long as 50 days at least.

5. PhenQ PM - Best Nighttime Fat Burner in Canada

This supplement brands itself as a power-packed fat-incinerating formula that burns stubborn pounds while you are sleeping.

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It is in fact the first scientifically- validated night-time fat incinerator. 

How does it work?

This natural, weight- loss formula optimizes all the three stages of fat-burning in the night.

It works by — 

  • melting excess pounds
  • crushing hunger cravings
  • rebooting your metabolism by kickstarting slow metabolism⁠
  • promoting 7-9 hours of refreshing sleep⁠.

The philosophy here is that the more you sleep, the more you are allowing your body to burn that extra fat in your body. This is because your body transits through these three stages of fat-burning:

  • An increase in the growth hormone that helps burn more calories 
  • Flushing out the excess Cortisol hormone also called the Stress hormone. This helps your body burn more fat.
  • And appetite control. Deep sleep activates appetite regulating hormones to work perfectly.

Most people, especially women, have poor sleep patterns that don't allow them to hit phase 3, ever. 

So, they pile on the kilos, even on a diet.

PhenQ PM helps you enter into the deep sleep phase of sleep effortlessly, so you lose weight easily and naturally. 


  • Optimizes sleep to burn fat
  • Healthy fat loss during night
  • More energy all day long 
  • Lesser cravings, especially for sweets 
  • Good mood and outlook 
  • High metabolism⁠ rate


The premium, natural ingredients in PhenQ PM that promote fat-loss even while you sleep are:

  •  L-Arginine- boosts the human growth hormone levels by 100%
  • L-Lysine HCL- supports the production of carnitine that converts fat into energy
  • L-Theanine- a sleep -enhancing amino acid that takes your brain into the deep “alpha state” where all the good work happens
  • 5-HTP- it makes the ‘feel good’ hormone- serotonin.
  • Chromium- this mineral regulates sugar levels in blood to curb cravings. 
  • Biotin- this B vitamin boosts resting metabolism rate so you burn calories even as you sleep.
  • Molybdenum- this mineral elevates your body’s detoxification process to the next level. You thus get rid of aggregated toxins that stop your body feeling energized. 
  • Vitamin C- builds immunity and boosts energy levels
  • Vitamin B1 and B6- for transforming fats and carbs into energy faster and reducing water weight.
  • Vitamin B5- reduces stress levels. 
  • Choline- burns fat.

Best Weight Loss Supplements in Canada - Conclusion 

Always choose a weight-loss supplement by carefully going through their ingredient lists and what people are saying about them. Weed out the supplements that are not transparent about their ingredients. This means the weight loss supplements with proprietary formulas should be let go, respectfully.

You may also want to give those supplements that use excess stimulants like caffeine, a miss. 

Finally, no one diet pill is a ‘miracle pill’ that will work its magic inside your system to help you shed all the extra fat and get rid of the excess inches. 

You can’t sit back and relax if you want to lose weight, even if you are on a weight loss supplement.

These supplements burn additional calories and stored fat, but that’s about it. You still have to move about, be active and exercise religiously and maintain diet control.

Stay active, eat healthy and choose the right supplement to help you along on your weight loss journey. 

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