July 08, 2020
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BMW Developing Hybrid Motorcycles

The hybrid technology could be used in future BMW motorcycles

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BMW Developing Hybrid Motorcycles
BMW Developing Hybrid Motorcycles
  • The electric motor is situated inside the fuel tank.
  • When not needed, the electric motor can be removed.
  • The German bike maker is also working on a two-wheel drive motorcycle.

Patent images of BMW Motorrad’s new hybrid technology have emerged online. You might be thinking that the company has plonked an electric motor next to the engine but that’s not the case. The Germans have decided to install an electric motor INSIDE the fuel tank!

Here’s how the hybrid technology works. If you are going for a short commute, you can install the battery, which will work as an additional power source. And if you are going on a long ride, then you can simply remove the battery and fill the tank to the brim. Now, there are too many questions regarding the application of this technology, but we will focus on the important ones. First, is it safe to install an electric motor inside the fuel tank? Secondly, we don’t think it will be an easy task to install/ detach the electric motor every now and then. As the company hasn't revealed much about this technology, all we have to do is wait for the answers.

Apart from this, the company has also filed a patent for another hybrid technology. But instead of employing an electric motor inside the fuel tank, the electric motor will be installed on the front wheel, which could be beneficial for off-roading.

Source: zigwheels.com

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