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World Environment Day 2024: Tips To Reduce Plastic Consumption While Travelling

Eliminating the use of plastic while travelling is crucial for preserving the beauty of the world. We can significantly reduce plastic waste by adopting sustainable practices, such as carrying reusable water bottles, utensils, and shopping bags

Plastic pollution is a big problem Photo: Shutterstock

Travelling without plastic is a responsible choice and a necessity in today's world. As we explore new destinations, we must be mindful of our environmental impact and take steps to reduce plastic pollution. Plastic waste poses a significant threat to the ecosystems we encounter during our journeys. By eliminating the use of plastic while travelling, we can help preserve the natural beauty of these places and protect the diverse wildlife that calls them home. From carrying reusable water bottles to refusing single-use plastics, this World Environment Day let us follow these simple tips for a sustainable journey going forward.