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The Warmth Of Spiti's Many Homestays

Amidst Spiti's towering peaks and barren landscapes, these humble abodes serve as bridges between cultures, fostering meaningful interactions and unforgettable experiences

View of the Kaza Monastery from the Fa-Ma Home Stay Photo: Ashish Kothari

At minus five degrees, we stepped out to look for snow leopards. It had been snowing for the last few days—the paths and fields were covered in two feet of snow. It was quite a workout for our legs, and at an altitude of 4,200 metres, for our lungs. We were in Spiti, a term meaning "middle land," a trans-Himalayan landscape between Tibet and the rest of India. Our guide was Tanzin Thinley, a homestay owner and a worker with the Nature Conservation Foundation—he had promised to show us the iconic cat, a promise we fervently hoped was fulfilled, for, otherwise, he had resolved to go on fast.