OT Itinerary: On An 8-Day Long Solo Adventure In South Korea

From Seoul's electrifying streets, Jeju's natural wonders and Busan's artsy vibe! Experience the best of South Korea in 8 days with this guide

Bukchon Hanok Village with Seoul city skyline Photo: Shutterstock

One rainy evening at home, I made a steaming cup of Shin Ramyun and watched something on Netflix. Blame it on the ramyun, but I put on a K-drama. One thing led to another, and I found myself researching South Korea. After getting lost in a rabbit hole of South Korean blogs and novels, I knew I had to experience this amazing country. So, I went on a 2-week solo adventure to South Korea.

If, just like me, you find yourself falling under the spell of South Korea, go on that trip! I present to you a perfect 8-day South Korea itinerary. And if this doesn't get your wanderlust going, try cup noodles on a rainy day.