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Rolling In The Green At Dewalokam Homestay In Kerala

Dewalokam in Kerala is a very special place, a farm with luxuriant vegetation on the banks of a small river. The word 'Dewalokam' may be translated into paradise

The main building where guests stay Photo: Karen Faye DSouza

When you leave Kochi behind and head up into the midlands of Kerala, the distinct shift in energy is almost palpable. For those who love the countryside, myself included, this is like a refreshing drink on a hot summer's day. Time seems to move at a slower pace here. Houses aren't stacked close together: instead they stand separated by acres of verdure. Rubber plantations dominate the landscape providing plenty of shade, yet allowing sunlight to filter through, casting a peridot green hue over everything. Gently rolling hills and winding roads flanked by more greenery lends a fairytale characteristic to the region. "I almost expect to see little woodland creatures and fairies to pop out from behind trees and bushes," said a friend when she saw photos of my trip.