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A New Tourism Eco-Hotspot Will Come Up At Ranipur Tiger Reserve In Uttar Pradesh

Acknowledging the immense tourism potential of the region, the government is ramping up its initiatives to develop the tiger reserve. The development plan prioritises sustainable growth

The development blueprint emphasises sustainability while maintaining adherence to environmental regulations Photo: Shutterstock

Stretching between the towering Himalayan foothills and the enchanting Vindhya range, Uttar Pradesh has many dense forests creating a haven for a rich tapestry of life. Travellers are enticed to delve into the captivating wildlife treasures within the state's forest reserves and sanctuaries. Recently it was announced that the Uttar Pradesh government is taking steps to transform the Ranipur Tiger Reserve in Chitrakoot into a vibrant eco-tourism destination. A detailed action plan has been developed, and the Forest Department has initiated the project implementation.