Sunday, Nov 27, 2022
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BTC, ETH, & SOL Are Still Dropping – Will They Recover, Or Is It Time To Buy These New Cryptos?

You can evade all that headache by buying new high-utility tokens like D2T, IMPT, RIA, and TARO. We have laid them all out for you here!


You cannot talk about the crypto industry without mentioning Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana.

These cryptos offer extensive utility to the blockchain industry and they are at the forefront of web3 development. However, their worth is still tied to market sentiments like all other asset classes. Right now, the market is in a bear cycle and these coins have taken the bulk of the heat. Since they are the biggest coins in space, they will surely recover.

However, nobody knows when that will happen and it could take too long. You can evade all that headache by buying new high-utility tokens like  D2T , IMPT, RIA , and TARO . We have laid them all out for you here!

Price Movement of BTC, ETH, and SOL

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is the dominant force in the web3 and blockchain space. This coin controls the rest of the market and it is still the most valuable crypto available today.

However, this position of Bitcoin as a market leader also means that it is always the worst-hit coin during a bear cycle.

At the peak of the 2021 bull run, BTC traded at $69K. This all-time high has dipped badly since then and BTC is currently trading for less than $16K. When the bull market returns, Bitcoin will surely pump back up faster. However, it is better to invest in newer tokens to make a profit both in the short and long term. BTC is not a good investment for people who want major pump profits.

Ethereum (ETH)
Ethereum is the largest altcoin in the world according to market cap. This blockchain serves as the foundation for structural web3 projects and it is a vital part of the internet’s future. Recently, the Ethereum network went through a merge. This merge shifted the validation process of its native token (ETH) from the proof of work model to the proof of stake model.

Right now, investors and developers are unsure if this switch will weaken the Ethereum system and there have been speculations. The price of ETH has been affected by these talks and smart investors are looking to newer tokens to help them stay profitable. ETH has gone from almost hitting $5k in 2021 to trading for a little over $1k in 2022.

Solana (SOL)
Ethereum is a big network built to host big things. However, its scalability has been called into question over the years. This led developers to build a new blockchain called SOLANA. Solana is another great platform that currently hosts thousands of projects. It rose to prominence in 2021, and its native token skyrocketed with it. However, after being embroiled in many scandals with Mango and Alameda research, SOL is weaker than ever and the price keeps dipping. A coin that sold for $290 at the heights of its power is currently trading for less than $12.

If you want to stay profitable while avoiding the bigwigs of the crypto industry, you should invest in newer tokens with great potential. We have compiled some of them for you right here!

Top Alternatives New Tokens to Buy

RobotEra (TARO)

RobotEra is a new metaverse platform that aims to redefine virtual reality. In this space, you can create your robot, acquire real estate, buy land, build theme parks and gardens, and create robot companions. This metaverse is a whole new world where you can enjoy virtual reality. Everything can be accessed using its native token; TARO. TARO is the currency of RobotEra and you need a lot of it to enjoy the platform. A lot of investors have placed their trust in this token and that is why it raised over $120K in less than 3 weeks of the presale. Buy this token today so you don’t miss out on the massive pump when it happens. 

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Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

Dash 2 Trade is an innovative new platform for all crypto traders. This world-class social trading and analytics platform is designed to give you buy/sell signals at the click of a button. Dash 2 Trade also has a special algorithm that picks up chatter about tokens on places like Twitter and Reddit. It also has a bespoke system that picks out valuable presales for you. You can enjoy all the features of this platform with subscriptions through D2T. D2T is the native token of this app and over 70,000 traders have registered for the platform. D2T has sold tokens worth over $6.5M in its presale and it is set to make 1000 gains. If you are reading this, buy D2T and make a massive profit before it is too late.
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IMPT is an eco-crypto that is set to create greener earth through the power of blockchain. This platform allows you to buy, sell, and retire carbon credits without the risks of fraud or double counting. It also connects environmentally conscious brands with individuals and businesses that want to work with such organizations. Right now, IMPT is on presale and it has raised over $13M. Investors are passionate about this project and you can tell that it will blow up soon. If you don’t want to miss an opportunity for 1000x gains, buy IMPT today.  

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Calvaria (RIA)
Calvaria is the bridge between web2 and web3. This game has two versions and each of them serves different purposes even though they are the same. The web2 version of the game is easily downloadable on Google Play and other online stores. Web2 gamers can then slowly adopt the web3 version. This version contains all the P2E and blockchain features. RIA is currently on presale and smart investors are stacking it up. If you want to make a major profit in the coming weeks, buy RIA today.

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Final Thoughts
Smart investors already made their money from ETH, BTC, and SOL. If you are just planning to invest in 2022, you are already late to the party. The best thing you can do is to buy newer tokens that are set to make 1000 gains in the coming weeks. Tokens like D2T, TARO, IMPT, and RIA have massive profit potential and they are currently on presale. Take advantage now and buy them.