Hamas Invites Elon Musk To Visit Gaza After Billionaire’s Israel Trip

During a press conference in Beirut, Hamas' senior official Osama Hamdan invited Elon Musk to visit Gaza and witness the extent of the massacres and destruction inflicted on the people of Gaza.

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk

A senior official from Hamas extended an invitation to US billionaire Elon Musk on Tuesday, urging him to visit the Palestinian Gaza strip. The purpose is for Musk to witness firsthand the extent of destruction caused by the Israeli bombardment.

“We invite him to visit Gaza to see the extent of the massacres and destruction committed against the people of Gaza, in compliance with the standards of objectivity and credibility,” stated Hamas’ senior official Osama Hamdan during a press conference in Beirut.

This invitation follows Musk’s recent visit to Israel, where he toured an Israeli village that had experienced significant damage in the Hamas-led attacks on October 7. The hashtag #ElonGoToGaza gained traction on his social media platform X, with many urging Musk to extend his visit to Gaza as well.

What Changed After Elon’s Visit To Israel:

During his two-day visit to Israel on November 27, Elon Musk, the billionaire tycoon, met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Musk, who has faced accusations of platforming anti-Semitic content on his social media platform X, seemingly expressed support for Israel’s actions in Gaza.

Musk's stance on the conflict seemed to shift during his visit. In an earlier interview with podcast host Lex Fridman, Musk criticised Israel's bombardment effort and ground invasion of Gaza, suggesting that it could backfire and create more resistance.

“For every Hamas member you kill, how many do you create?” he said. “If you kill somebody’s child in Gaza, you’ve made at least a few Hamas members.” However, during his meeting with Netanyahu, Musk stated that there was "no choice" but to target Hamas terrorists, avoiding any mention of civilian casualties caused by Israel.

Musk also agreed not to provide internet access to Gaza through his satellite company Starlink without Israeli approval. Previously, Musk had announced that Starlink would offer connectivity to recognized aid organisations in Gaza, especially after communication and internet services were disrupted in the region. 

Currently, a temporary truce is in effect between Israel and Hamas, mediated by Qatar and the US. Despite agreeing to temporary cease-fires, Israel remains resolute in its determination to eliminate Hamas and its military capabilities. The ongoing Israeli bombardment of Gaza has resulted in a death toll exceeding 15,000 since October 7, while the official death toll in Israel stands at 1,200.

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