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What Does Career Horoscope Say Explains Best Career Astrologer

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What Does Career Horoscope Say Explains Best Career Astrologer

No career decisions should be made without making a reference to what does your career horoscope says: the best Career for you.

A career is not only what you want to do but is more about what you can do and what you should do. Therefore, it is imperative to see what does career horoscope says is the best Career for you. I am not saying that astrologers can have the best careers for themselves because they know how to read the planets. There is something more to make any career a successful career. I have been practising Vedic Astrology for almost Two Decades now, and I really dither when people come to me with issues in their Career. Many say they chose the Career as per their Zodiac sign; many say they chose a career only based on their choice and interest, and some enter a career out of passion, family pressures or maybe copying someone in the close circle. Also many attaining high success in a job want to switch to doing business in the same field. This is also not right because the planets for success as an employee are entirely different when you are a business person yourself. Mind you, your Intent and responsibilities are also different when you act as an employee or an employer. Therefore, none of such career decisions should be made without making a reference to what does your career horoscope says: the best Career for you.

My entire narration here is for a common person to understand the points of thrust while making a career decision. If you want to know the technical aspects of astrology on all these points, you can visit any good astrology site, including mine. But here again, I would like to caution you should not draw any conclusion yourself on reading the planets and their impact on the 10th house, the main house for Career. It can be misleading, and any wrong derivation can bring issues in your Career. You need a good career astrologer who, apart from reading your career horoscope, also has exposure to different career prospects globally. 

Best Career by your Zodiac Sign

Career as per Zodiac sign plays a significant role in selecting, but one should not base the decision of career selection by Zodiac sign only. I am also not saying that selecting the best Career by Zodiac sign is wrong. But you read some astrology websites and Google “best zodiac signs for business”. You will find six Zodiac signs as best Zodiac Signs for Career as a business – Capricorn, Gemini, Libra, Leo, Taurus and Virgo; some show the last five. Also, it is not new if you read 50% Indian Business is controlled by Five Zodiac signs. Here the biggest point is to see what you are considering Moon sign or Sun Sign. I prefer the Moon sign based on basic rules of Vedic astrology though there is nothing wrong with Sun Sign, also as practiced by Westerners. Now let me give you a very small example of why selecting the best Career by Zodiac sign ONLY can be misleading. 

Mr Mukesh Ambani ( Aries), Late Aditya Birla ( Scorpio), Gautam Adani ( Cancer), Anil Agarwal Vedanta Chairman ( Aquarius) Sunil Bharti Mittal (Scorpio) do not fall in either of these Zodiac Signs, but they are highly successful. On the other hand, Siddhartha Mallya (Taurus) and Anil Ambani (Gemini) fall in these powerful Zodiac Signs, and we know their fate in business.

Zodiac Sign is allotted when the person is born, and it has a great significance of your past life(s) deeds. But what you achieve, be it in Career or otherwise, all depends on how you negotiate the planets in your different houses in your horoscope to derive the best results. So, the Zodiac sign should be considered for Career but selecting the best Career by your Zodiac Sign ONLY is not something I recommend.

Your career horoscope

Your career horoscope by date of birth can largely indicate the best Career for you. But sometimes, your own efforts can change your destiny. That is where I say best Career by Zodiac sign or any other method needs your skills, interest, hard work and many other factors to bring success in your Career. Read interesting facts about another world-famous person Giorgio Armani.  In 1950s, this person started his Career in the Medical line, joined Army and was shifted to Army Hospital. Soon he got inclined towards a totally different career line to become a window dresser. Became a Menswear seller, worked in fashion stores and industry. Then instead of working for others, he started as a freelancer. Soon sets up his own stores and needs no introduction in today's time. He is the Fashion Industry’s example. These were his skills and interests that made him change so many career lines and shift his status from being an employee/working for others to becoming a businessman himself.

So it is neither Zodiac sign, nor only planets sitting in your different houses of your horoscope. A blend of your natural skills, interest, and determination along with your career horoscope are all factors that decide the best Career for you. You can read this as an exceptional reference only, but there is no doubt that the Zodiac sign and planets in a horoscope will give you success only when the same zeal with your genuine interest and skills. Once you know your strengths, weaknesses, interests, and natural skills and decide about the best Career for you, it is time to spend a few minutes with the best career astrologer to understand what career horoscope says as the best Career for you. I am sure you will not fail.

Career horoscope by date of birth

In fact, what does the Career horoscope by date of birth says starts playing its role as you reach the stage of selecting the best education stream for you. I meet many who in the mid of their Career ask: can they change their Career because they are not getting desired success in the present Career. Now if till the age of 35/40 years of age, you were a Civil engineer, can I tell you to go abroad for IT or banking job?

No, but I am writing this all here because I encounter such requests quite often. So here my advice is more to parents that one should spend a few minutes with a good career astrologer to understand what does their child’s career horoscope by date of birth says.

In the same way, many successful employees come to me to know if they can start their own business. However, high success as an employee need not bestow the same success when you become an employer.

You don’t decide about a Career every day, but you plan to make a decision on a Career. Planets keep changing their impact on our life on a regular basis. Now suppose you are on the verge of deciding your Career and you have some belief in astrologers and planets, reading daily horoscope and weekly horoscope can give you an idea of which way you should go. You don’t have to decide your Career based on these daily or weekly horoscopes, but you can plan good days or maybe drop a particular day before taking a plunge into a career decision. Career is to stay with you for life so take long term decisions based on what your career horoscope says. Do not consult an astrologer to tell you remedies when you have goofed in the Career; take advice from the best career astrologer before you take a final decision on your Career.

This is an internet age, so you don’t have to look for an astrologer near you; find a good career astrologer to know what career horoscope says and select the best Career using your career horoscope. Any specific issues, connect with me on vinaybajrangi.com, write a mail to [email protected] or call my office on +91 9278 5555 88/9278 66 5588