Wednesday, Sep 28, 2022

Sri Lanka Foreign Debt

Energy Crisis: Lanka Awaits Indian Nod For New Credit Line

The economic crisis has prompted an acute shortage of essential items like food, medicine, cooking gas and fuel across the island nation

17 June 2022

World Bank Rules Out Bridge Financing To Crisis-Hit Sri Lanka

The Bank has said that they are reshuffling the already allocated resources to provide essential medicines and other cash assistance to the vulnerable

Sri Lanka Lost Around 10 Lakh Taxpayers Since 2019 Tax Cuts: Finance Minister Sabry

The Cabinet had slashed the value added tax (VAT) to 8 per cent from 15 per cent and also abolished seven other taxes

Sri Lanka's Fuel Supplies In Crisis With Last Shipments Under Indian Credit Line To Arrive This Month

Sri Lanka’s fuel purchases have been totally dependent on the ILC - a USD 500 million credit line initially which was supplemented with another USD 200 million later

11 June 2022

Sri Lanka Seeks $500-Million Loan From India For Fuel Purchases Amid Forex Crisis

Sri Lanka has been mulling different options to facilitate measures to prevent fuel pumps from going dry, as the country faces a severe foreign exchange crisis to pay for its imports

Sri Lanka PM Mahinda Rajapaksa Says He Won't Resign, Denies Reports Of Rift With President Gotabaya

Sri Lanka is currently going through its worst financial crisis caused by an acute shortage of foreign exchange.

27 April 2022

India Sends One More Consignment Of 40,000 Metric Tonnes Of Diesel To Crisis-Hit Sri Lanka

India extended an additional $500 million credit line to Sri Lanka last month to help the neighbouring country import fuel as it has been struggling to pay for imports after its foreign exchange reserves plummeted sharply in...

31 May 2022


India Extends Additional $500 Million Credit Line To Sri Lanka For Purchasing Fuel

Sri Lanka has been struggling to pay for imports after its foreign exchange reserves plummeted sharply in recent times, causing a devaluation of its currency and spiralling inflation

23 April 2022