SCO Vs NAM, ICC T20 World Cup: Namibia Beat Scotland For First-ever Super 12 Win - Highlights

Chasing a 110-run target, Namibia reached the target with five balls to spare. Catch highlights of SCO vs NAM, ICC T20 World Cup 2021, Group 2 match.

SCO Vs NAM, ICC T20 World Cup: Namibia Beat Scotland For First-ever Super 12 Win - Highlights

Namibia continued their dream run in the ICC Men's T20 World Cup 2021 with another thrilling win, this time against fellow Associate rivals, Scotland on Wednesday.  Playing their first Super 12 match, Namibia first restricted Scotland to 109/8 with Ruben Trumpelmann taking three wickets in the first over itself at Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi. He was backed by fellow pacer Jan Frylinck, who took a couple of wickets for 10 runs. For Scotland, Michael Leask top-scored with 44 off 27. Namibia endured a wobble before reaching the target with five balls to spare. JJ Smit played an unbeaten knock of 32 off 23.  The win helped Namibia move to third place in Group 2, behind Pakistan and Afghanistan. India and New Zealand are the other teams in the group. Namibia next play Afghanistan on October 31, while Scotland face the Kiwis on November 3. Catch highlights and cricket scores of Namibia vs Scotland, Super 12 match here.

10:48 PM IST: Result

Safyaan Sharif with the final over. JJ Smit hits the first for a six, and a four-wicket win for Namibia. NAM - 115/6 (19.1); SCO - 109/8 (20)

10:46 PM IST: One In Six

Bradley Wheal with the penultimate over. Jan Frylinck takes a single. Namibia, one hit away. A four for JJ Smit to deep extra cover. Two more. A single to mid on. Scores tied. And Frylinck hits straight to MacLeod at midwicket He goes for 2. Pikky Ya France is the new man. Two dots. Six runs from the over. Namibia need 1. NAM - 109/6 (19)

10:38 PM IST: Five Down

Michael Leask returns for his second. A dot, then David Wiese lifts the second for a six. Straight down the ground. A dot. And the Wiese (16 off 14) is out, caught by Leask at short third man. Jan Frylinck is the new man. NAM - 102/5 (17.4)

10:35 PM IST: 14 In 18

Mark Watt on with his final over. Three singles, then three dots. Watt's figures: 1/22. Namibia need 14 runs in 18 balls. NAM - 96/4 (17)

10:30 PM IST: 17 In 24

Chris Greaves on with his final over. JJ Smit launches the first ball, a full toss, over square leg boundary. Two dots, then a double to mid-wicket. Eight from the over. Greaves' figures: 1/22. Namibia need 17 runs in 24 balls. NAM - 93/4 (16)

10:27 PM IST: 25 In 30

Safyaan Sharif returns for his third. First boundary after five overs as JJ Smit cuts it for a four. 10 from the over. Namibia need 25 runs in 30 balls. NAM - 85/4 (15)

10:22 PM IST: 35 In 36

Chris Greaves returns for his third over. Four runs from it.  Namibia need 35 runs in 36 balls. 25 runs and three wickets in the last five. NAM - 75/4 (14)

10:16 PM IST: Four Down

Mark Watt on with his third over. A dot, then a double to point. And one smart stumping by Matthew Cross to end Craig Williams' knock. Watt fires down the leg but Cross produces a neat work. JJ Smit joins David Wiese. NAM - 67/4 (12.3)

10:10 PM IST: Three Down

Michael Leask, offspinner, strikes first ball. Gerhard Erasmus (4 off 6), bowled by a beauty. Turn and bounce leave Namibia skipper off balance. David Wiese joins Craig Williams. NAM - 62/3 (11.3)

10: 08 PM IST: 50 In 54

Mark Watt continues. Gerhard Erasmus takes a single off the second, then a single for Gerhard Erasmus off the fifth. A double to point. Namibia need 50 runs in 54 balls. NAM - 60/2 (11)

10:05 PM IST: 54 In 60

Skipper Gerhard Erasmus is the new man for Namibia. Six runs and a wicket from the over. Namibia need 54 runs in 60 balls. NAM - 56/2 (10)

10:01 PM IST: Two Down

Chris Greaves on with his second over. Strikes with the first ball. Zane Green (9 off 13), caught by at long off. NAM - 50/2 (9.1)


9:58 PM IST: Fifty Up

Mark Watt, left arm spinner, gets his first over. A dot, then a review for LBW against Zane Green. Another dot. Then, a double to deep wicket midwicket with George Munsey saving a boundary. A wide, then a single. Watt launches the last ball for a six, over long on. And fifty. Namibia need 60 runs in 66 balls. NAM - 50/1 (9)

9:52 PM IST: Not Taking Review 

Chris Greaves, legbreak, on with his first over. Zane Green scoops the first for a four, to fine leg boundary. And a huge shout for LBW against Craig Williams off the last ball. Decide not to take the review. Seven from the over. NAM - 40/1 (8)

9:48 PM IST: 77 In 78

Bradley Wheal returns for his third. Four singles from it. His figures so far: 0/8. Namibia need 77 runs in 78 balls. NAM - 33/1 (7)

9:41 PM IST: Breakthrough

Safyaan Sharif continues and first wicket. Michael van Lingen (18 off 24), caught by Berrington at cover. Mistimed and leading edge. Zane Green is the new man. NAM - 28/1 (5.3)


9:37 PM IST: Fours

Josh Davey with his second over. Craig Williams takes a single, then two dots. Michael van Lingen hits the next two for fours, to deep mid-wicket and long on respectively. 10 from the over. NAM - 26/0 (5)

9:33 PM IST: Quiet In Abu Dhabi

Bowling change. Safyaan Sharif, right arm pacer, on. A shout for LBW against Michael van Lingen off the third, but ends up conceding one leg bye. Three runs from the over. NAM - 16/0 (4)

9:28 PM IST: Wheal Keeps It Tight

Bradley Wheal continues. Three dots to Michael van Lingen. Then, a double to extra cover. And two dots. NAM - 13/0 (3)


9:24 PM IST: 99 More

Josh Davey, right arm pacer, shares the new ball with Brad Wheal. Two dots, then two doubles as Michael van Lingen keeps the scoreboard ticking. A single, then good stop at cover to deny Craig Williams a certain four. Five from the over. NAM - 11/0 (2)

9:19 PM IST: 1st Over

A single off the first, then four byes. One more single, off the fourth. Six from the first over.

9:16 PM IST: Chase Begins

Brad Weal, right arm pacer, with the new ball. Craig Williams takes the first strike. Michael van Lingen is his opening partner. Target for Namibia - 110.


9:05 PM IST: Innings Break

David Wiese with the final over. And a quiet one. A single, a double, then two singles. A wide, then a single, and a run out, Chris Greaves (25 off 32). Seven from the over. His figures: 1/22. Josh Davey (5 off 5) returns undefeated. 25 runs and three wickets from the last five. SCO 109/8 (20)

8:59 PM IST: 2/10 For Frylinck 

Jan Frylinck with the penultimate over. He strikes first ball, Mark Watt (3 off 6), caught by Erasmus at long on. Josh Davey joins Chris Greaves. Three singles from the over. Frylinck's figures: 2/10. SCO - 102/7 (19)


8:55 PM IST: Tidy Over

David Wiese returns for his third over. Two singles, then a dot to Mark Wyatt. Three singles from it. Earlier, JJ Smit completed his spell for figures or 1/20. SCO - 99/6 (18)

8:48 PM IST: Leask Out

JJ Smit returns for his final over. A single, then the wicket. Michael Leask's brilliant knock comes to an end. Bowled. He goes for 44 off 27. Mark Wyatt is the new man. SCO - 93/6 (16.2)

8:45 PM IST: Fightback

Pikky Ya France, off-spinner, gets his first over. Michael Leask hits the fifth ball for a four to backward square leg boundary. A double to end the 8-run over. SCO - 92/5 (16)


8:41 PM IST: Leask Survives

Ruben Trumpelmann returns for final over. Chris Greaves hits the first ball a for a four, to square leg boundary. Two dots, then a run out chance. Direct hit from backward point, but Michael Leask survives at the striker's end. Six from the over. SCO - 84/5 (15)

8:37 PM IST: Greaves Gets A Four

Bernard Scholtz returns for his second over. Busy one. Chris Greaves sweeps the fifth for a four. 10 from the over. 39 runs and one wicket in the last five overs. SCO - 78/5 (14)

8:32 PM IST: Leask's 2nd Six 

JJ Smit returns. Michael Leask pulls the fifth ball for a six. 10 from the over. SCO - 68/5 (13)


8:28 PM IST: Five Down

Jan Frylinck on with his third over. And wicket off the first ball. Matthew Cross (19 off 33), bowled. Chris Greaves is the new man. SCO - 57/5 (11.1) 

8:23 PM IST: Big Over

Bowling change. And Michael van Lingen concedes 14 in his first over, including a four and six off the last two balls, hit by Michael Leask. SCO - 57/4 (11)

8:17 PM IST: Drinks

Jan Frylinck returns for his second over. Four singles from it. Matthew Cross (19 off 30) and Michael Leask (15 off 13) in a 25-run stand from 27 balls. SCO - 43/4 (10)


8:13 PM IST: Leask Shows Intent

David Wiese with his second over. A single, then Michael Leask hits the second ball for a four to mid-wicket boundary. Matthew Cross survives a LBW shout off the fourth. Seven runs from the over. SCO - 39/4 (9)

8:08 PM IST: Spin On

Bernard Scholtz, left arm spinner, on. Two singles, then a dot to Michael Leask. Another single, then a double to long on. A single to end the over. Six from it. SCO - 32/4 (8)

8:05 PM IST: Smit Returns

JJ Smit returns for his second over. A dot to Matthew Cross, then four singles. And a dot to end the over. In the previous over, new man Michael Leask hits David Wiese for a four off the fifth ball. SCO - 26/4 (7)


7:58 PM IST: Four Down

David Wiese, right arm pacer, gets his first over. A wide, one leg bye then LBW against Craig Wallace. He walks for 4 off 12. Plump! SCO - 18/4 (5.3)

7:55 PM IST: First Boundary

Ruben Trumpelmann continues. And first boundary of the match, to third man. Outside edge of Matthew Cross' bat and it beats the first slip. And three runs off the last ball as Cross plays it square, with some conviction. Eight runs from the over. SCO - 16/3 (5)

7:52 PM IST: Smit On

Bowling change. JJ Smit, left arm pacer, on. Two singles from it. It's two an over now. SCO - 8/3 (4)


7:48 PM IST: Scots Look To Rebuild

Ruben Trumpelmann continues. Four dots to Craig Wallace, then a single to square leg for his second run in nine balls. One leg bye to end the over. SCO - 6/3 (3)

7:45 PM IST: Tidy Over

Jan Frylinck, left arm pacer, shares the new ball with Ruben Trumpelmann. Craig Wallace survives a run out off the fourth ball. Two runs from the over. SCO - 4/3 (2)

7:40 PM IST: What An Over

New man Craig Wallace survives the remaining two balls. Sensational start from Ruben Trumpelmann. SCO - 2/3 (1).

7:37 PM IST: Three Down


Richie Berrington is the new man, and he's out for a first ball duck too. LBW. Clipping. Ruben Trumpelmann's figures: 3/2 in four balls. On a hat-trick. SCO - 2/3 (0.4)

7:35 PM IST: Two Down

What a start. Two wides later, Ruben Trumpelmann gets another. Two-ball duck for Calum MacLeod, caught by Zane Green. SCO 2/2 (0.3)

7:31 PM IST: Dream Start

Ruben Trumpelmann, left arm pacer, with the new ball. And he strikes first ball. George Munsey goes for first ball duck. Drags on. Little close to play the cut shot for the left-hander. Calum MacLeod joins Matthew Cross in the middle.


7:08 PM IST: Playing XIs

Namibia are unchanged. And one forced change for Scotland. Craig Wallace comes in for injured Kyle Coetzer (finger). Richie Berrington is leading Scotland today. Here are the playing XIs -

Scotland: George Munsey, Matthew Cross (wk), Calum MacLeod, Richie Berrington (c), Craig Wallace, Michael Leask, Chris Greaves, Mark Watt, Josh Davey, Safyaan Sharif, Bradley Wheal.

Namibia: Craig Williams, Zane Green (wk), Gerhard Erasmus (c), David Wiese, Michael van Lingen, JJ Smit, Jan Frylinck, Pikky Ya France, Jan Nicol Loftie-Eaton, Ruben Trumpelmann, Bernard Scholtz.

7:03 PM IST: Toss

Namibia win the toss, and they will bowl first against Scotland.



Scotland: Kyle Coetzer (c), Richie Berrington, Dylan Budge, Matthew Cross, Josh Davey, Alasdair Evans, Chris Greaves, Michael Leask, Calum MacLeod, George Munsey, Safyaan Sharif, Hamza Tahir, Craig Wallace, Mark Watt, Bradley Wheal.

Namibia: Gerhard Erasmus (c), Stephen Baard, Karl Birkenstock. Michau du Preez, Jan Frylinck, Zane Green, Nicol Lofie-Eaton, Bernard Scholtz, Ben Shikongo, JJ Smit, Ruben Trumpelmann, Michael van Lingen, David Wiese, Craig Williams and Pikky Ya France.