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Weight Loss SARMs For Get Lean Muscle And Ripped Body – I Tried It For 30 Days! Here's My Results

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Weight Loss SARMs For Get Lean Muscle And Ripped Body – I Tried It For 30 Days! Here's My Results

Today I am going to show you what SARMs for weight loss really are, how they work, and what before and after results you could expect from them.

Weight Loss SARMs
Weight Loss SARMs

After asking which SARM is best for lean muscle, I got some very interesting options but it was one or two at max for the cutting cycle. Steroids are very dangerous unless prescribed by your doctor and I had this thing in mind if anything goes south I’ll be discontinuing the cycle. Click Here to Buy SARMs for lean and ripped body 

About My Personal Review on Weight Loss SARMs 

If you are new to losing weight, then SARMs aren’t for you! Because SARMs are not the textbook approach for weight loss and thus it could be dangerous at the time. The first question is, what are SARMs actually?  

To answer this question, they are Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators designed not so long ago as alternatives to anabolic steroids. Treatment of some life-threatening diseases with anabolic steroids is not common anymore because of the side effects. SARMs are currently investigational compounds that have the least side effects but they are not completely safe.  

I started using SARMs when they were just introduced in the bodybuilding market.  

Correction, SARMs were never allowed to use for bodybuilding but there is a cautious way to perform the cutting cycle. I know many people would say otherwise but I was struggling with losing weight for a long time and SARMs showed me the way less threatening than steroids.  

Introduction to Weight Loss SARMs 

Comparing steroids vs SARMs, SARMs are better for cutting and bulking cycles because of fewer or no side effects. The most driving factor was SARMs for cutting are highly endorsed by professional bodybuilders around the world and even some underrated celebrities who shall remain nameless. Click Here to visit Official Weight Loss Sarms website 

Anyways, without the risks and certain flaws, weight loss SARMs are more popular than clenbuterol and Winstrol – two very common steroids for cutting and losing weight.  

One thing you should know is, SARMs haven’t been passed for human consumption and are still under many investigations. They are still illegal in many states but you can also buy them on some websites that are approved by governmental laws and regulated under FDA supervision.  

What are the Strongest Cutting SARMs in 2022? 

The most powerful SARMs for cutting cycle are the ones that act on the body’s metabolism and thereby increase its rate of burning fat cells.  

In my view, these two are the strongest SARMs for cutting in 2022.  

  • Ostarine MK-2866 

Ostarine, MK-2866, EnoboSARM is considered the best SARM for cutting because of its formula. Initially, Ostarine was designed to overcome muscle wasting disease but later it was found that its selective binding to the androgen receptors is associated with fat loss. For cutting cycle the preservation of lean muscle mass is of utmost importance and Ostarine MK-2866 does this quite easily.  

Ostarine before and after results involves vascular, stronger, and lean physique which somehow captivated me because I was looking for the same thing. Another best thing about MK-2866 Ostarine is it acts mildly and produces cuts without having any obnoxious side effects. The dosage is taken every day for 8-12 weeks and if requires, you can also add the Post Cycle Therapy option because ostarine might be causing mild testosterone suppression in users.  

  • Cardarine GW-501516 

Cardarine is the most demanded SARM in the black market due to its rapid onset of action. As a performance enhancement drug, the use of Cardarine GW-501516 in bodybuilding is years old and the users simply adore it for its elusive effects.  

Cardarine is unique because it allows users to experience an exclusive type of stamina and endurance, more like the Clenbuterol compound. The significant elevation in stamina leads to weight loss if combined with a restrictive diet and regular exercise programs. Both Cardarine and Ostarine are stacked with one another and the dosage for both is almost the same.  

Weight Loss SARMs Results – My Personal SARMs Review to Get Ripped 

Before elucidating my before and after results went with SARMs, I’d like to mention I have done a whole 16 weeks cycle with Ostarine MK-2866.  

Days before starting my cycle, I also got recommendations from some bodybuilders regarding its dosage and types of exercise I should perform to get maximum benefits.  

Cutting cycle is harder than bulking cycle because you’re looking for marginally higher stamina so you can burn maximum fats inside. My ambition was to have at least 22 pounds reduction that can help me become leaner, ripped, and less chubby.  

Let’s see what weight loss SARMs before and after results look like.  

  • Weight Loss SARM Results after 30 Days 

Without stacking Ostarine with other SARMs, I started taking a 10-20mg/day dosage and within the first month, my energy levels went through the roof. Its true Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators are extremely effective on ATP production and calcium influx in the muscles which give you ten times more energy than normal. I found that performing cardio was the best thing I could do to have cuts and it burns fat faster than usual.  

During the first 30 days with weight loss SARMs, I didn’t experience any form of side effects.  

  • SARMs for Weight Loss Results After 60 Days 

Many guys that I saw using SARMs lost around a few pounds at this point. Using Ostarine for 2 months is a big deal and like many, I lost around 10 pounds of body weight which were surprisingly overwhelming. Unlike those users, I didn’t notice any negative effects like many Ostarine users develops acne during this time.  

After 60 days, I decided to add another compound with it, not the Cardarine but I went with Andarine which works for protecting the gains and improves lipolysis. I could have also gone for Ligandrol but since its way too potent for my taste, I went with the lite weighted Andarine S4.  

  • SARMs for Cutting Results Before and After 120 Days 

After 60 days, I increased the Ostarine dosage to 15mg/day and Andarine to 40mg/day. Let me tell you what their combination looks like, it’s more like having a massive amount of testosterone rushing in your body and it’s simply amazing. Unlike steroids, SARMs do not get aromatized which means the chances of you having estrogen levels in your blood are very less.  

I am not going to lie but yes I have received some of the side effects but they were secondary to the results that I got. After 120 days, of completing the entire SARMs cycle for weight loss, I noticed my weight was 22 pounds down than what I saw before the cycle. With maximum muscle growth at the shoulder site, I also experienced my abs are revealing because of this now I could wear tight t-shirts. You can guess within 120 days, losing 22 pounds is something very special, not when you have to face more side effects than benefits.  

How do Weight Loss SARMs work? 

SARMs for fat loss and muscle gain work simultaneously to lose fat and preserve body muscles.  

The best SARMs for cutting cycle accelerates glucose metabolism which allows the foods particle to break down instantly without getting stored as a fat reservoir. SARMs are always up for thermogenesis which is a natural process for maximizing heat signatures in the body. Unlimited stamina and excessive endurance is the end result of thermogenesis that many SARM users don’t even know yet.  

SARMs for Fat Loss – Pros and Cons 

If you are using natural SARMs, then you do have to worry about the cons. Weight loss SARMs are associated with the following pros and cons.  


  • SARMs for cutting work faster than anabolic steroids and they target mainly subcutaneous fats in the body.  

  • Weight loss SARMs are highly effective cutting cycle aid that boosts strength and power in the body by allowing thermogenesis and production of testosterone.  

  • You can see the difference in your body strength and composition in less than 3 weeks.  

  • While some users look for cutting SARMs, they might not know SARMs like Cardarine and Ostarine escalate muscle recovery, giving them the upper hand over other SARMs for cutting.  


  • You cannot find SARMs legally without a prescription 

  • Choosing SARMs for cutting might be a new experience for you with agitation and other side effects 

  • Cannot buy SARMs out in the open, you must have underground channels 

SARMs for Cutting Side Effects 

Ignoring SARMs side effects is something you cannot simply do, that’s because SARMs may not work every time as you predicted.  

Some expected side effects of cutting SARMs are: 

  • Hair Loss 

The first side effect that I personally noticed is a slight hair loss those SARMs are known to cause in males. SARMs are different in composition and some of them reduce the number of hormones responsible for hair growth. Once the reduced levels of male hormone affect the hair follicles, it will come in a form of receding hairline and hair loss during the shower. To overcome this, SARMs for cutting must be used in small doses.  

  • Gynecomastia 

Not the side effect that I experienced but yes few SARMs are responsible for causing man-boobs. Usually, it happens because of the excessive use of cutting SARMs which converts testosterone into estrogen. Now, this particular effect is noticed in males where high levels of estrogen lead to the enlargement of male breast tissues.  

  • Liver Damage 

In some studies, it was elucidated that a few cutting SARMs could harm the liver in humans similar to anabolic steroids. Liver injury is common in SARM users, elevated liver enzymes may also result in jaundice which demands discontinuing the cycle. Regular intake of SARMs among athletes noticeably affects liver functions; even recreational use may sometime cause liver injury.  

  • Testosterone Hormone Suppression 

After 90 days, I noticed slight changes like lethargy and physical weakness which was due to testosterone hormone suppression. Keep in mind, the PCT option is the best thing after the SARMs cutting cycle which replenishes the natural flow of testosterone back again.  

  • Acne 

SARMs encourage excessive sebum which is the reason for acne on the body. Frequent use of SARMs is known to cause higher testosterone levels which in males appear as acne on the back and the face.  

Weight Loss SARMs Dosages 

Never make the dosages complications like many SARM users did and they all ended up experiencing nasty side effects.  

Cycle length and duration is also important to remember, I performed a 16 weeks cycle of Ostarine during which I started taking it in a 10mg/day dosage. Following this cycle, I increased the dosage to 15mg/day after 60 days and finally took 20mg/day Ostarine dosage in the 15th and 16th week.  

The dosage for cutting SARMs like Andarine is normally 50mg/day but to be cautious I chose a 40mg/day dose so it shouldn’t be harming my vital organs. After following the SARMs for the cutting cycle, I didn’t need to buy and use Clomid or Novaldex which are PCT supplements.  

Normally, these PCT supplements are for those who vigorously go through testosterone suppression – one of the common side effects of SARMs.  

Weight Loss SARMs Benefits 

Not every SARM is effective but for some reason, Cutting SARMs are exceedingly beneficial for the obliteration of unwanted body fats – studies claim.  

Ostarine is the type of SARM which is available under many names and once you get the authentic compounds, the following benefits are to be expected. 

  • Better endurance and stamina 

  • Faster fat loss 

  • Muscle mass retention 

  • Reductions in oxidative stress 

  • Improved circulation to the muscle 

Where to Buy Weight Loss SARMs in 2022? 

Before making up your mind about cutting SARMs, you must know SARMs are not dietary supplements that you can find at GNC, Walmart, or Amazon. Click Here to Buy SARMs online 

It takes around months for bodybuilders to find authentic SARMs from the black market and it took me 3 weeks to get my hands on Ostarine. Some of the authentic webpages sell SARMs only for research purposes, although the majority of buyers got them for personal use which is an illegal activity in countries like US, UK, Australia, and Canada.  

When you have plans for cutting cycle supplements, considering SARMs isn’t a bad idea but it’s not a good idea either. Speaking from my personal experience, if you’re buying SARMs to get lean muscle and a ripped body the best way is to buy the legal ones. 

SARMs Cutting Stack for Sale – 100% Legal 

The only SARM you can find in 2022 without prescription and legally is Crazy Bulk SARMS CUTTING STACK. For all I know about this, this SARM Stack is everything cutting cycle enthusiast needs so their body functions at maximum capacity to eradicate unwanted body fat and get them leaner and ripped body. Click Here to Buy Cutting Sarms stack 

Without using injections and seeking a doctor’s advice, Crazy Bulk SARMs Cutting Stack is available as a dietary supplement that brings positive changes in your body without any side effects.  

Inside the Stack, you will find 4 different types of SARMs alternatives.  

  1. C-DINE 501516- Alternative to Cardarine 

  1. STENA 9009 – Alternative to Stenabolic SARM 

  2. IBUTA 677 – Ibutamoren Alternative 

  3. LIGAN 4033 – Ligandrol Alternative  

So are they any good, many users asked. Following the customer reviews and testimonials published in the articles, here is what I found about Crazy Bulk SARM Cutting Stack. 

  • They perform extreme fat burn, usually ideal for users with flabby body mass 

  • Jacked-up body metabolism which converts fat into fuel 

  • Gives high-level strength by improving blood flow 

  • Fast recovery due to the N.O boost 

The price for a legal SARM Stack for Cutting is affordable and lesser than what you’ll spend on an individual SARM for 16 weeks cycle.  

Conclusion – Should You Buy Weight Loss SARMs? 

I am not going to be biased over here because SARMs are effective for cutting and many people already know it. What most don’t know about Cutting SARMs is many side effects haven’t been recognized due to the small number of research available on them.  

It’s good to have a lean and ripped body until you observe serious side effects taking over on your liver and mental health. Safe alternatives to SARMs are the newest thing and let me tell you most of them work like SARMs if you combine them with vigorous exercise and a suitable diet plan.  

In 2022, the best SARM for cutting is from the dietary supplement company called Crazy Bulk which is specialized in manufacturing a wide array of dietary supplements for the bodybuilding cycle.  

As they come in handy and without prescription, you’ll also be amazed to see the price tag on them, affordable with a money-back guarantee offer unlike anything bodybuilders have seen.  


Q1: Do you need SARMS to burn fat? 

No you don’t. If you are a professional athlete who’s on top of their diet, fitness training, and supplementation, you probably don’t need a SARM to help you lose fat. But if you are like most people, then you might find that SARMS can help you lose fat a lot faster. 

Q2: Are SARMS safe? 

Yes, SARMS are safe when used as directed. They are much safer than anabolic steroids, and they have very few side effects. That said, black market SARMS are often counterfeit and may not be safe. So make sure you only buy from a reputable source. 

Q3: Can women use SARMS? 

Yes, women can safely use SARMS. Just make sure you select a SARM that’s designed for women. By the way, all four SARMS listed here are perfect for use by both, men and women. 

Q4: How long can you use SARMS? 

There’s no definite answer to this question. Most people will cycle SARMS for 4-8 weeks, with a 4-week break in between cycles. But there’s no hard and fast rule. You can use these legal SARMS for as long or as short as you want, depending on your goals. 

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