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This Metaverse Crypto Hits $200,000 in One Week –  Stage One Ending Soon

The play-to-earn industry has witnessed how crypto platforms reward users with crypto for engaging in feature-rich games with other players. However, these P2E platforms focus intensely on earning instead of sustainable and satisfying gaming sessions. 

Meta Masters Guild

The 2023 crypto market year provides unique opportunities to invest in cryptos, especially during their presale event. Meta Masters Guild is one such crypto gaining momentum in its ongoing presale, having raised over $400,000 in capital. 

The MEMAG platform runs a seven-staged presale event with prices ranging from $0.007 to $0.023. The first stage is almost over, and the price for its token, MEMAG, will increase in subsequent stages. It is noteworthy that after its seven stages, first-stage investors will record at least 300% gains in their investment before exchange listings. 

Therefore, it is crucial to take this investment opportunity offered by Meta Masters Guilds eriously to enjoy attractive profits in the market. In today’s post, we’ll provide an overview of MEMAG and the reasons you should key into this viable crypto early on and make more money in the market. 

Overview of Meta Masters Guild

The play-to-earn industry has witnessed how crypto platforms reward users with crypto for engaging in feature-rich games with other players. However, these P2E platforms focus intensely on earning instead of sustainable and satisfying gaming sessions. 

As a result of this imbalance between earning and gaming, many P2E platforms start well. Then, early users accumulate crypto rewards, sell off, make money and exit the venue. This situation is commonplace in the P2E space, as many cryptos can no longer provide gains to their users and investors.

The Meta Masters Guild notes all the inadequacies and imbalances happening in the P2E crypto space and offers a better structure. The MEMAG platform introduces a play-and-earn model in its mobile games. 

This model enables users to enjoy longer gaming sessions rather than focusing on earning crypto rewards, thus providing a perfect balance between gaming and earning.

Why You Should Consider Meta Masters Guild, a Unique Gaming Ecosystem

If you’re unsure about whether or not to invest in Meta Masters Guild, here are some vital reasons for you to consider:

●    Meta Masters Guild is Introducing Revolutionary Mobile Games

Aligning with its new play and earn model, Meta Masters Guild is developing three mobile games that delight its enthusiastic user base. They are Meta Karts, Raid NFTs, and Meta Masters World. 

Meta Masters Guild will release its first mobile game after it completes its presale event and starts listing on crypto exchanges. 

Meta Karts is a player vs. player (PvP) game where you compete in different modes to edge other players. As you enjoy long gaming sessions, you earn GEM, the in-game currency you can use to upgrade your Karts and purchase powerups. 

As MEMAG grows in the coming months, it will release the other two NFT games to provide an immersive mobile gaming experience while rewarding its users. 

●    Meta Masters Guild Excellent Rewards Structure and Tokenomics

As a play-and-earn platform, the MEMAG platform incorporates rewards in GEM you can use to buy in-game assets. Built on blockchain technology, all resources and assets earned or purchased by you are yours; thus, no one can transfer them without prior knowledge. 

While GEM cannot be used outside the MEMAG games, the platform issues its native token, MEMAG. There is a limited supply of one (1) billion MEMAG tokens in the Meta Masters Guild ecosystem.  


This MEMAG token is used in trading and staking NFT assets at the MEMAG marketplace for a chance to earn more money. In addition, MEMAG is built on the Ethereum network, enabling you to trade and own assets in the MEMAG community. You can also convert your in-game rewards (GEMS) to MEMAG tokens. 

●    Meta Masters Guild Presale Event

The use cases of Meta Masters Guild are undoubtedly fascinating, and even more is its presale event. MEMAG introduces seven stages that will increase its price from $0.007 to $0.0213 within a few weeks. 

The first stage starts at $0.007 per MEMAG, and you can purchase it before others get ahold of it or increase to the next presale stage of $0.01. If MEMAG goes on to the next stage in a few days, early birds are assured of at least a 40% gain in their initial investments. 

As each stage progresses, MEMAG becomes expensive, and the final stage affords you upwards of 300% gains before market listings. So, there is an urgent need to take an active part in this revolutionary crypto project before it soars in price when exchange listings commence.

The Meta Master Guild presale event accepts the purchase of MEMAG using Ethereum and Tether. If you do not have ETH or USDT in your wallet, you can purchase using your credit card on the MEMAG presale website. Based on the road map, MEMAG will list on a centralized exchange by the second quarter of 2023. 


Final Thoughts

Despite the crypto winter, there seem to be increased trading opportunities in the market. Many cryptos have reached significant highs in the last bullish run and are poised to do so when market conditions improve. Until the market sentiments turn bullish, you should endeavor to participate in Meta Masters Guild’s presale.

Not only are you investing in its lowest price possible, but its use cases assure you of massive gains in the long run. 

Finally, if you are an avid mobile gamer, pay attention to MEMAG's soon-to-release games and enjoy longer gaming sessions while earning crypto. The year is just starting, do not miss out on Meta Masters Guild, an amazing play-and-earn project in the market.

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