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Legal Steroids – Top 4 Brands Ranked Based On Unbiased Reviews (Best Buyer’s Guide)

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Legal Steroids – Top 4 Brands Ranked Based On Unbiased Reviews (Best Buyer’s Guide)

Below you will find detailed information about each of the above mentioned brands and why have we chosen them. All the information below is researched and based on the customer reviews found online and offline.

CRAZY BULK Legal Steroids
CRAZY BULK Legal Steroids

Wondering how to find the best legal steroids in the market? Then take a look at our unbiased reviews of the best legal steroids that money can buy.

Gaining the proper muscle mass is one of the major goals for men the world over. Yet, very few can stick to the required, tough exercise regime.

Here are our top picks for legal steroids for muscle gain:

CRAZY BULK – Legal Steroids


D BAL MAX – Natural Dianabol Alternative (Buy 3 Get 2 Free)


Below you will find detailed information about each of the above mentioned brands and why have we chosen them. All the information below is researched and based on the customer reviews found online and offline.

Best Legal Steroids: For Massive Gains & Strenght

That’s why many men turn to anabolic steroids for quick and easy muscle building. The trouble is, these can have harmful side effects.

Legal steroids are safer alternatives that have better action without adverse effects. Today, we’re going to take a look at five of the best options out there.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Crazy Bulk (Best Supplements)

1. D-Bal

The first item we are going to take a look at is D-Bal from Crazy Bulk. Manufactured as an alternative for Dianabol, D-Bal is made from 100% natural components and doesn’t have any side effects. Long story short, it allows you to bulk up within a short time with ease.

Why Buy This Product?

D-Bal is an entirely natural alternative to Dianabol, which is banned in many countries on account of its negative side effects. D-Bal, on the other hand, is 100% safe and side-effect free. We like this product because of the following benefits it provides.

Entirely Safe And Legal

The best thing about D-Bal is that it’s an entirely legal substance. Each capsule contains natural ingredients such as whey protein and amino acids, which help you bulk up faster and without any side effects. What’s more, D-Bal even enables your muscles to recover more quickly after a workout, leading to a shorter recovery period.

Longer Lasting Muscle Gains

Unlike other steroids which only work on the bulk as long as you continue taking them, D-Bal gives you permanent muscle mass. Even after you stop taking the supplement, you’ll be able to build upon the body structure through regular workout and a strict dietary regime. Thus, D-Bal delivers a long term advantage that most products fail to provide.

Enhances Nitrogen Retention

As anyone who’s into bodybuilding knows (at least should know), nitrogen is one of the essential components for building a lean, mean muscle mass. D-Bal works by helping your body retain the right amount of nitrogen, thus enhancing muscular strength and growth. This allows your body to get into shape faster, and with no side effects.

Overall Physical Boost

Finally, D-Bal helps you by providing your body with greater strength and energy, increased focus, and improved libido levels. This way, the supplement allows you to be healthier, leaner, and lose weight faster. Not to mention perform better in the sack.

What Could’ve Been Better?

The only gripe we have with D-Bal is its price, which is rather high, in our opinion. Also, it is only available on Crazy Bulk’s official website, which means you can’t get it at your neighborhood drug store or any other e-commerce website.


  • Helps build muscle mass more quickly
  • Zero side effects
  • Enhanced energy, focus and endurance
  • Improves fat loss and builds a lean body


  • Rather expensive product
  • Available only on the official website

2. Testo-Max

The next product that we have for you is Testo-Max, a natural testosterone booster from Crazy Bulk. Testo-Max is a safe alternative to hormonal replacement therapies that resort to anabolic steroids for increasing testosterone. Completely safe and legal, Testo-Max can help boost your T-levels and get you into lean shape fast.

Why Buy This Product?

One of the primary reasons why we prefer Testo-Max is that it is 100% legal. Unlike performance-enhancing drugs that are banned, Testo-Max is a complete over the counter supplement that boosts testosterone naturally. The following are some reasons why we recommend it.

Completely Safe Product

Anabolic, illegal steroids often increase testosterone initially, but they also lead to several health issues in the long run. Prolonged use can lead to liver, kidney, and reproductive problems. Testo-Max, being completely natural, doesn’t have any such adverse side effects. It works by boosting your natural T-production system and enhancing overall well being.

Made From Natural Ingredients

Testo-Max is made from entirely natural ingredients such as fenugreek, riboflavin, and nettle leaf extracts. The all-natural composition of the supplement ensures that it increases your testosterone levels in an altogether effective manner, while also paving the way for faster muscle recovery.

Increased Physical Strength

Testo-Max contains a potent combination of fenugreek and magnesium, which work together to give you enhanced physical strength. It also increases bone density and prevents the onset of diseases such as osteoporosis. This leads to better stamina, improved productivity, and higher performance levels.

Enhanced Libido

As men get on the wrong side of thirty, their sexual appetite begins to wane. This is on account of lower testosterone levels. Testo-Max works to improve your sex life by enhancing T-levels and giving your libido a significant boost. It also provides you with better energy to perform and gives your sex life a considerable fillip.

What Could’ve Been Better?

As usual, we don’t like the fact that Testo-Max can only be bought from Crazy Bulk’s official website. Also, since the product contains fenugreek, it may lead to an imbalance in the blood sugar levels. Hence it’s not recommended for people with diabetic complications.


  • Improves physical and mental well being
  • Little to no side effects
  • Completely legal product
  • Made from 100% natural ingredients


  • Available only from the Crazy Bulk website
  • Not recommended for diabetics


Up next, we have for you Testogen, one of the new-age T-boosters that have taken the world by storm. A safe and completely legal alternative to harmful anabolic steroids, Testogen contains a potent combination of herbs, minerals, and vitamins that boost your natural testosterone production system.

Why Buy This Product?

Since Testogen doesn’t contain any banned substances, it’s an entirely safe way to increase your muscle mass. What’s more, it leads to a range of other benefits such as increased stamina, enhanced mental clarity, and better libido. It also has several other positives, as discussed below.

Produces Testosterone Naturally

One of the major reasons we like Testogen is that it doesn’t provide testosterone as a supplement. Instead, it boosts your body’s natural testosterone production system to produce testosterone naturally. This means the product doesn’t have any adverse or artificial effects on your physiological system.

Potent Ingredients

The reason behind Testogen’s efficacy is the potent list of ingredients it contains. Fenugreek, D-Aspartic Acid, and Korean red ginseng all work together to enhance T-levels, boost libido, and give rock-hard erections. The combination of eleven such ingredients helps to fight physical and mental fatigue and improves the efficacy of workout sessions.

Increases Mental Clarity And Focus

One of the best things about Testogen is that it not only works to give you a lean and muscular body but also improves your mental clarity. Using ingredients such as Korean red ginseng and magnesium helps enhance cognitive function, provide you with better focus, and pave the way for improved mental performance.

No Side Effects

Finally, we must mention that since all ingredients used in the product are natural, they don’t have any side effects for healthy adults. This means unless you have any medical complications, Testogen can be used without worry.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Since this is a rather premium product, the prices are a bit high, making it less affordable for the average user. Also, it takes a few months for the product to show results, which means you’ll have to be consistent and patient with the dosage to see improvements.


  • Better stamina during workouts
  • Fast fat burning capability
  • Improved mental performance
  • Enhanced sex drive


  • High price
  • Doesn’t have an immediate effect

4. Anvarol

To cut a long story short, Anvarol by Crazy Bulk is a legal alternative to Anavar, an anabolic steroid that’s banned due to adverse side effects. Anvarol, on the other hand, is manufactured from safe and natural ingredients like Soy and Whey Proteins, Yam roots, and naturally produced amino acids. This makes it a legal supplement that boosts performance.

Why Buy This Product?

The most significant advantage of using Anvarol is that it works to boost phosphocreatine synthesis. This leads to a generation of greater Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), which is responsible for better cellular energy. Plus, it also has other advantages, as listed below.

Provides Lean Muscle Mass

Unlike other supplements that work by bloating up your physique, Anvarol provides you with lean muscle mass. This is achieved by eliminating excess fat and improving the efficacy of your exercise regime. Plus, Anvarol contains Soy proteins, which lead to better muscle growth and recovery.

Good Source Of BCAAs

Anvarol is a good source of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), which are essential for muscle growth. Also, these amino acids help in post-workout recovery and prevent the wasting of muscle tissue. When using Anvarol, you can burn excess body fat while gaining extra muscle mass in the process.

Stops Muscular Water Retention

One of the major problems that users face with illegal steroids is that these lead to water retention in the body. Anvarol, on the other hand, prevents bloating by eliminating excess water from your muscles. This means you’ll get a hard and tough body, and not just a pumped-up physique that’s hollow on the inside.

Boosts T-Levels

Finally, one of the significant benefits of Anvarol’s composition is that it increases testosterone levels. And as anyone interested in bodybuilding knows, testosterone is essential for enhancing the efficacy of workouts. Thus, Anvarol works to improve your workout routine as well.

What Could’ve Been Better?

The only pain point with Anvarol is that as it’s made from entirely natural ingredients, it takes considerable time to show effects. This means you won’t get as fast results as you’d get with anabolic steroids. However, since Anvarol doesn’t have any of the adverse effects of illegal steroids, we’re not complaining!


  • Made from all-natural ingredients
  • Doesn’t have any adverse side effects
  • Helps to build a lean and muscular physique
  • Boosts testosterone levels


  • It takes considerable time to work

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5. Crazy Bulk Stacks (Bulking, Cutting & Strength)

Finally, we’re going to introduce Crazy Bulk Stacks for Bulking, Cutting, And Strength. Comprising combinations of Crazy Bulk legal steroids, these stacks can help you gain the physique of your dreams. Let’s take a look at them and see why you should get them.

Why Buy This Product?

The Crazy Bulk Stacks are essential for giving you the ideal body shape with the right amount of strength. Currently, Crazy Bulk offers three separate stacks, each with a unique combination. The following is a brief introduction to the same.

Bulking Stack

If you’re looking to build up muscle mass fast and bulk up, go with the Crazy Bulk bulking stack. The bulking stack consists of D-Bal, Trenorol, Testo-Max, and Decaduro, all potent legal steroids that work to enhance musculature. Keep in mind that you need to accompany this stack with a protein-rich diet to enhance the bulking process.

Cutting Stack

The Crazy Bulk cutting stack consists of Anvarol, Clenbuterol, Winsol, and Testo-Max. This combination aims to preserve lean muscle mass and eliminate unwanted fat deposition. This leads to a more muscular, sculpted physique. What’s more, it also works to convert fats to energy, thus providing you with a higher drive to perform.

Strength Stack

In case you’re looking to possess extreme physical strength, gain massive muscle mass, and overall performance gains, you have to try the Strength Stack from Crazy Bulk. Comprising Testo-Max, Trenorol, Anvarol, and D-Bal, this stack provides you with long-term strength and increased core fitness.

Completely Safe And Natural

The major benefit of the above stacks is that they are entirely safe and contain only natural ingredients. This makes them free from any form of side effects and ensures they can be combined effectively for the best results.

What Could’ve Been Better?

As can be easily understood, these stacks don’t come cheap, and combining them can cost you a pretty penny. Also, they can only be bought from the Crazy Bulk Official Website.


  • Legal and safe
  • Free worldwide delivery
  • No need for injections
  • Guaranteed effects


  • Rather expensive products
  • Available only from the Crazy Bulk website

Buyers’ Guide For Legal Steroids

Now that we’ve taken a look at the best legal steroids and stacks, you might think it’s time you can order. However, we suggest you wait a while, for we’re not really out of the woods yet.

Legal steroids are perfectly safe and natural; however, there are still quite a number of things that you need to be aware of before starting on a regime. Also, there are many steroids available in the market that purport to be legal but aren’t.

Which means you can’t just go and buy any supplement with your eyes closed. This can have severe implications for your physical as well as mental health. That’s why, it’s necessary to be extra careful while making the purchase decision.

In this section, we present you with a buyers’ guide that lists all the facets that must be kept in mind while shopping for legal steroids. By combining this guide with the above list, you can make the best decision regarding which steroids to buy. We’ve even gone ahead and included a Q&A section to answer common queries.

Let’s begin.

1. Product Quality And Efficacy

The first factor that you need to keep in mind when buying legal steroids is whether the product is of standard quality or not. There are many T-boosters and performance enhancers available in the market, and most of them promise a lot.

The trouble is, they deliver very little, and hence people lose confidence in even genuine products. That’s why, when buying a legal steroid, make sure to check out the online reviews for the same.

Once you’ve settled on a particular brand, do some research regarding the company, it’s brand history and product efficacy. If possible, make sure to ask a few of those who’ve used the product to ascertain its effectiveness.

2. Ingredient List

This is something that you need to pay special attention to. The ingredients that a particular legal steroid contains goes a long way towards ensuring its potency. What’s more, it’s the ingredient list that determines whether the product has any side effects.

As a general rule, always go for products with all-natural ingredients such as fenugreek, D-Aspartic acid, and ginseng. Natural components have minimal risk of reacting with your metabolic system and hence are considered safe.

Still, if you find you have an allergy to any component (for example, Bioperine) that’s present in the product, we suggest avoiding it. And if you feel ill after taking any supplement, be sure to contact your local doctor immediately.

3. Dosage And Cost

The next factor to consider is the dosage, which is an essential determinant of the product’s cost. Supplements that need to be taken in higher quantities will require you to buy a greater supply. Hence, before committing to one, you need to make sure that it will suit your budget.

Keep in mind, however, that going for the cheapest product can actually cost you more in the long run. While safe and natural steroids are usually more expensive, nevertheless, they pay back better in terms of effects. So always stick to quality when making the choice.

4. Time Required

Legal steroids are called legal because they don’t pump your body with artificial, lab-made components. Instead, they help your body’s natural systems to provide the required performance boost.

This means that these components take considerable time to interact with your physical system. That’s why, don’t expect overnight results when trying out legal steroids. Give them the required time, stick to the regime, and results will come.

5. Proper Workouts And Balanced Diets

Finally, when opting for legal steroids, remember one thing: these aren’t magic pills that can bulk you up in a jiffy. Instead, they help your body to build itself over time. Which means you’ll have to accompany the regime with regular, disciplined workout sessions.

Plus, diet is a significant factor. Make sure you follow a strict and healthy diet along with these supplements. Only then will you be able to reap the full benefits of these products.


Now that you have the above guide in your hands, let’s try and answer some common queries regarding legal steroids.

1. Are Legal Steroids Safe?

Legal steroids that contain only natural ingredients, such as the ones in our list above, are entirely safe and harmless. These have little to no side effects and can be taken by any healthy adult.

That being said, in case you have an allergic reaction with any of the ingredients or are taking medicines for a condition, it’s best to be cautious. In such a case, we recommend talking with a registered medical practitioner before taking the plunge.

2. Do I Need To Work Out While Taking Legal Steroids?

Of course! Legal steroids are merely biochemical boosters that enhance your body’s natural muscle building capacity. Hence you need to accompany these supplements with a strict workout and dietary regime to get proper results.

3. Can Women Take These Supplements As Well?

Women looking for a toned and lean body can opt to take these supplements as well. We recommend doing the required research before settling on a product.

4. Where Can I Buy Legal Steroids?

Legal steroids are usually available from the official website of the respective brands.


So, should you go for legal steroids?

If you’re willing to put in the required workout, maintain dietary restrictions and are ready to stick to the regime, then why not! Everyone desires a lean and mean body, and legal steroids can be your best bet in this regard.

Just be sure that the product you’re using is all-natural and safe. Use the above guide and list to help you, and that way, you’ll be sure to end up with the right product.

That’s all for now. Till next time!

(Disclaimer: The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook editorial.)