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5 Promising New Cryptos To Buy During The Bear Market

It is important to think about investing in $D2T, $TARO, $IMPT, and $RIA before they complete their respective presale stages.


5 Promising New Cryptos

Crypto Market has suffered a significant loss lately. However, there are still some good new and promising projects to invest in.. That being said, let’s take a look at some popular cryptocurrencies falling under this category, such as Dash 2 Trade , RobotEra, IMPT.io, and Calvaria.

RobotEra – Sandbox-like Planetary Reconstruction Metaverse

RobotEra is a new entrant into the sandbox-style metaverse domain. Players have to control a robot, build planets, mine resources, manage land, and do a host of other activities. Players are able to create their own world with unique rules, geography, and mechanics with just a robot and Land NFT. RobotEra also provides a shared multiverse where anyone can access theme parks, concerts, museums, and more.


RobotEra provides a host of gameplay features, such as the following.

Creating plots of land

The core gameplay feature of the game is land creation, and players have access to a land editor. This tool can be used by players to create buildings and other kinds of infrastructure.

DAO Governance

Similar to the Sandbox, RobotEra also has a DAO where players can come together and participate by pledging their TARO tokens. The player who pledges the most tokens becomes the manager and has a say in the future development of the ecosystem. The manager's decision must align with the majority of community members.


Play-to-earn mechanic

RobotEra’s unique play-to-earn mechanic is based on 4 activities – mining, exploration, battling, and creation. All of these activities reward players with TARO tokens, which can also be sold on cryptocurrency exchanges for a profit.

A full list of opportunities for players to earn from RobotEra is given below.

By trading NFTs

Players who own their own plot of land can create NFTs within their virtual world and sell them. These include land, robot components, robot companions, robot components, artwork, and more.

Staking TARO tokens

Players can stake or “pledge” TARO tokens to generate some passive income.

Benefits from events

Brands that own their own robots can hold events within the independent continents of TARO.


Each plot of land inside RobotEra is rich with resources and can be mined for raw materials to create NFTs. Players can also earn by exploring the lands.

Market transactions

All assets mined or created by players are tradeable in the in-game marketplace.

At the time of writing, RobotEra had raised $118,535 out of a target of $1,800,000.

Dash 2 Trade – Crypto Analytics and Insights Platform

Dash 2 Trade is a newly launched cryptocurrency analytics and intelligence platform that offers traders and investors trading signals, predictions, and social analysis. However, it plans on offering more than a typical crypto analytics platform. It also provides an array of extra features, such as extracting on-chain data, tracking the latest crypto news, and creating and testing strategies.


Dash 2 Trade offers unique social indicators besides the normal technical indicators. By providing social and on-chain analytic insights, the platform helps users spot specific coins that are expected to break out. This feature tracks insights such as the social media activity of the project, sentiment around the token, and related developer activities.

Dash 2 Trade is fueled by the native D2T token, which serves a variety of use cases in the ecosystem. Apart from giving some other benefits, the D2T token is required to access all of Dash 2 Trade’s core features. Subscriptions for the platform are of three types – free, starter, and premium. Dash 2 Trade will launch its platform in full force next year, when it will start offering real-time event streams, customizable watch lists, news feeds, new listing announcements, social metrics data, technical indicators, presale insights, and scoring.


Calvaria – P2E Card Battling Game

Calvaria is a new and upcoming blockchain-based game following a P2E model. Set to take place in an afterlife-themed universe where players must purchase NFTs that represent different characters. They are divided into different categories and can be traded or sold if the player wishes. The main objective of the game is to create an NFT deck and use it to battle with other players for a chance to win tokens as rewards.

The game has two tokens – RIA and eRIA. The RIA token is the native token of the platform, which ensures the stability of the whole ecosystem. RIA allows players to purchase across Calvaria’s NFT marketplace and can also be staked to participate in Calvaria’s DAO. Unlike many other blockchain-based games, Calvaria also allows players to earn by not playing the game. They can take part in the many initiatives and competitions that Calvaria will hold throughout the year.


IMPT.io – Environment-focused NFT Project

IMPT.io is an environmentally-conscious cryptocurrency that aims to make the process of carbon offsetting simpler. It has created an ecosystem that connects socially responsible brands with businesses and individuals who want to reduce their carbon footprint. By leveraging blockchain technology, IMPT.io allows participants to buy, sell, or retire carbon credits in a safe and secure way.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity lets players buy, trade, and battle creatures called Axies inside a virtual world. These Axies are represented as NFTs, and players require at least three to start playing. The game became quite popular last year as players could earn AXS gaming tokens for playing. While the value of Axie Infinity has cooled off a bit since last year's Bull Run, Axie Infinity still manages to retain the majority of its customers who play the game on a daily basis.



It is important to think about investing in $D2T, $TARO, $IMPT, and $RIA before they complete their respective presale stages. When they enter the market and provide long-term future gains, they can soar to the moon.