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10 Best Collagen Pills in 2023

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10 Best Collagen Pills in 2023

Collagen is a natural protein your body produces to keep your joints, hair and nails healthy. Collagen pills contain essential amino acids to help your body produce collagen. There are many reasons these pills can be beneficial.

Best Collagen Pills
Best Collagen Pills

Global consumers spent nearly $5.8 billion on collagen products last year. The growing demand for collagen capsules and other supplements is not surprising, since these supplements have so many benefits. 

What are the benefits of taking collagen pills? 

Collagen is a natural protein your body produces to keep your joints, hair and nails healthy. Collagen pills contain essential amino acids to help your body produce collagen. There are many reasons these pills can be beneficial. 

Collagen pills can produce vibrant, healthy and youthful looking skin. One meta-analysis published in the Journal of Drugs and Dermatology analyzed 11 studies and found collagen supplements improve skin quality, maintain skin elasticity and offer anti-aging benefits. Other studies indicate that collagen might be helpful for hair health as well. 

Collagen might also help people with joint issues. A 2018 study from Mexico shows that collagen helps patients with osteoarthritis manage their symptoms. 

Finally, collagen might support weight loss efforts. Unfortunately, scientists have not studied the benefits of using collagen for weight loss in much depth. However, research collagen boosts mobility by improving joint health, which helps people stay more active and burn calories. In addition, collagen can improve satiety and curb your appetite, since it is a protein. 

What are the Risks and Side Effects of Taking Collagen Pills? 

Collagen is a natural protein that your body produces. Collagen pills contain natural amino acids that produce collagen proteins. Therefore, they are naturally safe and healthy. 

However, they still have some possible side effects. These include bloating, heartburn and feelings of fullness. The feelings of fullness could be a good thing if you are taking collagen pills to lose weight, since they will reduce cravings for other foods. 

How Do You Take Collagen Pills? 

You should always carefully follow the recommendations of any collagen pills before taking them. However, they don’t usually have any strict requirements that you need to follow. You can usually take them anytime during the day, because they don’t cause drowsiness. Also, you can take collagen pills with or without food.  

Taking collagen pills is a little different from using collagen powders. Collagen powders are often tasteless and need to be added to shakes or smoothies to be consumed. Collagen pills are easier to consume, but you can still take them with food if you like. Some are flavored, while others are not.  

What are the best collagen pills on the market? 

Collagen pills offer some important benefits. However, it is important to do your due diligence and take the right ones. Here are 10 of the best collagen pills available. 

Elm And Rye Collagen Capsules 



Elm and Rye is an up-and-coming company in the health supplement industry. The company was founded in December, 2020, but it has already earned a stellar reputation for creating some of the best supplements on the market. The products have been praised in many publications, including Discover Magazine and Men’s Journal. Discover Magazine claims these products will bring you as close to being superhuman as possible. 

Elm and Rye sells both collagen capsules and gummies. The collagen is derived from hydrolyzed bovine. The formula is backed by extensive clinical research. These capsules help promote healthy skin, hair, nails, joints, and bones. 

Elm and Rye is committed to following science-based processes when developing their products. As a result, they have licensed pharmacists and scientists on their advisory panel. 

The company is also dedicated to transparency. All of their products are tested by independent third-party laboratories. You can find the lab results on the product page. 

You can save 25% off your purchase if you subscribe. In addition, you will receive a new shipment every 30 days as a subscriber. 

Beyond Collagen by Live Conscious 


Live Conscious is a holistic wellness company with an admirable social mission. The company creates some of the best wellness products on the market. However, Live Conscious has other objectives as well. It participates in many philanthropic activities. For example, the company has partnered with the Eden Reforestation project and pledged to help plant a million trees. 

This company sells different a line of collagen pills called Beyond Collagen. These capsules include collagen types one, two, three, five and ten. There are 1,300 mg of collagen in every serving can help with skin, hair, nail and joint health. 

Live Conscious offers a 365-day money-back guarantee on these collagen capsules. Few companies offer such generous guarantees. 

These capsules are keto-friendly and do not contain sugar, dairy, gluten, GMOs, soy, peanuts, shellfish or preservatives. The product is certified by GMP. 

Nature made collagen gummies 


Nature Made is a vitamin and supplement brand founded in 1971. Over the past 50 years, the company has earned a reputation for selling some of the best vitamins and supplements. In addition, this company only uses ingredients backed by decades of thorough clinical research, which is a testament to the quality of the products they sell. 

Nature Made sells a line of collagen gummies that many pharmacists recommend. These gummies contain Vitamin C, Vitamin E, biotin and zinc. They also use collagen types one and three. These nutrients are all very important for skin health. 

Many customers also love the tasty lemon flavor of these gummies. But, of course, their primary selling point is their exceptional nutritional value. 

Alaya Naturals Multi Collagen Capsules 


Alaya Naturals is a relatively new health and wellness company. Founded by Shauna Reiter in 2018, this company is already earning a reputation for creating stellar products. Reiter was born with an autoimmune disorder, so she understands the challenges others face firsthand. She built her company around the philosophy that wellness products should be beneficial and pleasant. 

Alaya Naturals sells a multi-collagen peptide blend with types one, two, three, five and ten. Previously, Alaya Naturals only sold these peptides in powder form. 

However, the company now sells them as capsules. These collagen peptide capsules use the highest quality collagen derived from eggs, chicken, bovine and fish. The fish are wild caught and the other animals were raised with free range practices. Alaya Naturals does not give hormones to their animals. 

Multi Collagen by Ancient Nutrition 


Two natural health experts founded Ancient Nutrition. They were personally invested in creating quality health supplements. One of the founders, Jordan Ruben, suffered from Crohn’s disease when he was a freshman in college. Ruben and his family worked tirelessly to develop a holistic medical regimen to treat his problems. He would later work with Dr. Axe to found Ancient Nutrition to help others with similar challenges. 

Ancient Nutrition is probably best known for its collagen peptides and proteins. Their multi-collagen capsules contain ten different types of collagen. These collagen capsules are made with four different sources of real food. The two most important ingredients are wild caught fish and fermented eggshell membranes. 

In addition to offering excellent products, Ancient Nutrition has very generous discounts. They offer 15% off your first subscription order. They also offer free shipping on orders over $49 and a 60-day moneyback guarantee. 

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