After Pakistan, New Zealand Rout India In ICC T20 World Cup 2021 - Highlights

New Zealand crushed India by eight wickets to record their first win in Super 12. This is India's second straight loss in the ICC T20 World Cup. Catch highlights.

After Pakistan, New Zealand Rout India In ICC T20 World Cup 2021 - Highlights

Another humiliating defeat for India as New Zealand thrashed a clueless Virat Kohli & Co by eight wickets with 33 balls to spare in their second Super 12 match of ICC T20 World Cup 2021. Seven days after suffering a 10-wicket hammering at the hands of arch-rivals in Dubai, a reluctant, hesitant India lost the plot against the Kiwis at the same venue on Sunday for a second straight defeat. Meaning, India's chances of making the last four now are out of their hands. India lost the toss, then struggled to score runs freely. Ravindra Jadeja top-scored for India with a 19-ball 26. Trent Boult (3/20) led the Kiwi attack with a brilliant spell of pace bowling. Then, Martin Guptill (20 off 17), Daryl Mitchell (49 off 35) and Kane Williamson (33 not out off 31) played good knocks. India made a couple of changes, bringing in flamboyant Ishan Kishan for unfit Suryakumar Yadav and 'on-demand'  Shardul Thakur of Bhuvneshwar Kumar. But nothing worked for the Men in Blue, even with Hardik Pandya playing as a pure all-rounder. India will now take on Afghanistan (November 3), Scotland (November 5) and Namibia (November 8) -- all minnows, and they can still have six points to push for a semi-final spot. But the Kiwis are also playing the same three. They next face Scotland on November 3. In fact, New Zealand are not out of the wood yet. Afghanistan, who earlier in the day, hammered debutants Namibia, will be difficult to contain. They face off on November 7. For the record, India have lost all three T20 World Cup matches against New Zealand. And in ICC events, it's 1-8. May be, some 'mauka' is here. Catch highlights and cricket scores of IND vs NZ, T20 World Cup match here:

10:40 PM IST:  Virat Kohli sums up India's performance. And it's brutal. "I don't think we were brave enough with bat, ball, or our body language."

10:27 PM IST: Result

Shardul Thakur with his second over. And two singles, then another one as Kane Williamson hits the third to deep mi-wicket for a massive win. New Zealand win by eight wickets. NZ - 111/2 (14.3); IND - 110/7 (20)

10:24 PM IST:  3 In 36

Hardik Pandya with his second over. Kane Williamson plays a sensational ramp shot, over Rishabh Pant off the fourth ball, and four to fine leg. A wide, then a four, through cover. Four needed. A single to end the over. 12 from the over. New Zealand need three in 36. NZ - 108/2 (14)

10:19 PM IST: 2/19 For Bumrah

Jasprit Bumrah completes his spell, for figures of 2/19. And clearly not enough to help India to defend 110. New Zealand need 15 runs in 42 balls. NZ - 96/2 (13)

10:16 PM IST: Second For Bumrah

Jasprit Bumrah with his final over. And second wicket for him tonight. Daryl Mitchell, on 49, goes for the glory shot but ends up offering an easy catch for KL Rahul at long on. Devon Conway is the new man. NZ - 96/2 (12.4)

10:12 PM IST:  17 In 48

Well, Hardik Pandya is fit to bowl. A dot to Kane Williamson. Then five singles. New Zealand need 17 runs in 48 balls. NZ - 94/1 (12)

10:09 PM IST:  22 In 54

Jasprit Bumrah returns for his third over. Two singles, then a dot to Kane Williamson. Another one as a diving Virat Kohli stops one at cover. A couple to deep mid-wicket. A wide for height. One extra ball to bowl. A single to third man. Six from the over. New Zealand need 22 runs in 54 balls. 45 runs in the last five overs. An 65-run stand for Daryl Mitchell (47 off 31) and Williamson (17 off 18) in 44 balls. NZ - 89/1 (11)

10:01 PM IST:  28 In 60

Bowling change. Shardul Thakur on. A dot to Daryl Mitchell, then the Kiwi opener hits a six off the second, over cow corner. A dot, then back-to-back fours. 14 from the over. New Zealand need 28 runs in 60 balls. NZ - 83/1 (10)

9:55 PM IST: 0/23 For Varun

Varun Chakaravarthy returns for his final over. A dot to Daryl Mitchell, then five singles. His figures: 0/23.  New Zealand need 42 runs in 66 balls. NZ - 69/1 (9)

9:52 PM IST: Delicate

Ravindra Jadeja continues. A single off the first, then Kane Williamson delicately guides the second for a four to third man. Nine from the over. NZ - 64/1 (8)

9:48 PM IST: 50 Up For The Kiwis

Bowling change. Mohammed Shami on. Two singles, then a wide. Kane Williamson takes a single to cover. A dot, then Daryl Mitchell hits the fifth ball for a six, over square leg boundary. A single to end the over. 11 from the over. NZ - 55/1 (7)

9:42 PM IST: Powerplay Over

Bowling change. Ravindra Jadeja on. A single, then Daryl Mitchell connects the second for a six, over long-on. A dot, then a four to mid-wicket. Another four, this time to sweeper cover. 14 from the over. NZ - 44/1 (6)

9:39 PM IST:  2 From The Over

Varun Chakaravarthy continues. A dot to Kane Williamson, then a single to short third man. Another dot, then a single, to long on as Daryl Mitchell rotates the strike. To dots to the Kiwi skipper. Two runs from the over. NZ - 30/1 (5)

9:32 PM IST: Bumrah Strikes

Jasprit Bumrah continues. Two wides, down the leg. Two dots, then a four to log-off as Martin Guptill plays a lofted drive over Hardik Pandya at mid-off. Bumrah gives India the breakthrough. Mistime shot from Guptil and Shardul Thakur takes the catch at mid-on. Guptil goes for 20 off 17. Kane Williamson is the new man. NZ - 24/1 (3.4)

9:29 PM IST: Big Over

Varun Chakaravarthy continues. A dot, then Martin Guptill hits the next two balls for fours. 12 from the over. NZ - 18/0 (3)

9:27 PM IST: Bumrah On

Jasprit Bumrah shares the new ball. A single, off the fourth, as Martin Guptill plays it to mid on. Two dots to Daryl Mitchell. NZ - 6/0 (2)

9:21 PM IST: Chase Begins

Varun Chakaravarthy with the first over. Martin Guptill takes a double off the first ball, square leg. Two singles and one leg bye. Five from the over. Target for New Zealand - 111 runs.


9:09 PM IST: Innings Break

Tim Southee on with the final over. Ravindra Jadeja hits the third ball for a six, over mid-wicket boundary. 11 from the over. Southee's figures: 1/26. Trent Boult conceded five runs, including a four off the fourth ball, for two wickets in the previous over. His figures: 3/20. 37 runs in the last five overs. IND - 110/7 (20)

9:02 PM IST: Thakur Goes

Three balls later, Trent Boult strikes again. 50th wicket for Boult. Shardul Thakur holes out, another catch for Martin Guptill. Thakur goes for three-ball duck. Mohammed Shami is the new man. IND - 94/7 (18.4)


9:00 PM IST: Pandya Out

Trent Boult on with his final over. Hardik Pandya goes for a lofted shot, and he finds Martin Guptill at long-off. He goes for 23 off 24. Shardul Thakur is the new man. IND - 94/6 (18.1)

8:57 PM IST:  1/30 For Milne

Adam Milne returns for his final over. Ravindra Jadeja takes a single, then a dot to Hardik Pandya. Three singles, all to long on. A four, through the cordon as Jadeja delicately guides it. Or, a fine nick. Eight from the over. Milne's figures: 1/30. 32 runs in the last five. IND - 94/5 (18).


8:52 PM IST: Welcome Four

Trent Boult returns. Hardik Pandya takes a single. Swing and miss from Ravindra Jadeja. A single to long on. Two more singles. A short and wide delivery and Pandya slaps it over backward point. A welcome boundary. Eight runs from the over. IND - 86/5 (17)

8:48 PM IST: India's Unwanted Feat

Ish Sodhi completes his spell. Five runs from his last, for figures of 2/17. No boundary between overs 7 to 15, a first in this tournament. Make it 7 to 16. IND - 78/5 (16) 

8:45 PM IST: New Zealand Lose Review

New man Ravindra Jadeja survives. Hit bove the knee roll but the Kiwis take the review, only to lose it. Six from Adam Milne's third over. IND - 73/5 (15)


8:40 PM IST: Pant, What Have You Done

Adam Milne back for his third. Two singles, then a wide. Then timbers. One expansive swing and Rishabh Pant is gone. Bowled. He goes for 12 off 19. Ravindra Jadeja is the new batter. IND - 70/5 (14.3)

8:36 PM IST: Stunner From Neesham

Ish Sodhi returns. A single to long on. And Jimmy Neesham converts a certain six to a single with a flying effort at deep backward square after Hardik Pandya gets a huge top-edge. A dot, then two singles. One leg bye to end the over. Five from the over. IND - 67/4 (14)


8:32 PM IST: Pant, Pandya Not Taking Risks

Tim Southee with his third over. Four singles. Rishabh Pant and Hardik Pandya not taking risks. 21 runs in the last five overs. No boundaries in the last six overs. IND - 62/4 (13)

8:27 PM IST: 0/15 For Santner

Mitchell Santner with his final over. Another quiet one. Six from it. His figures: 0/15. In the previous over, Ish Sodhi conceded four singles for Virat Kohli's wicket. IND - 58/4 (12)

8:23 PM IST: Kohli Goes

Ish Sodhi on with his second. Virat Kohli goes for a biggie, but ends up offering a catch to Trent Boult at long on. And Boult accepts gleefully. Kohli goes for 9 off 17. Hardik Pandya is the new man. IND - 48/4 (10.1)


8:17 PM IST: Drinks

Mitchell Santner with his third over. Two dots to Virat Kohli, then two singles. Kohli plays the fifth ball to sweeper cover. A single to end the over. Five from it. 29 runs in the first five overs, and 19 in the next five. IND - 48/3 (10)

8:13 PM IST: 29 Runs In 30 Balls

Adam Milne returns for his second. Two singles, off the third and sixth. 29 runs and two wickets in the last 30 balls. IND - 43/3 (9)

8:07 PM IST: Rohit Too

Bowling change. Ish Sodhi on. Virat Kohli takes a single off the first, to long on. A single, then a dot to Rohit Sharma. Rohit goes big but ends up giving a catch to Martin Guptill at long on. Rohit goes for 14 off 14. Rishabh Pant is the new man. IND - 40/3 (7.4)


8:04 PM IST: Tidy Over

Another tidy over from Mitchell Santner. Two singles, off the first and last. IND - 37/2 (7)

8:00 PM IST: Rahul Goes

Tim Southee returns for his second over. KL Rahul welcomes back him with a four, to fine leg. But Southee exacts his revenge. Rahul holes out at deep square leg with Daryl Mitchell taking another catch. Rahul goes for 18 off 16. Virat Kohli is the new man. IND - 35/2 (5.5)

7:56 PM IST: Big Over

Double bowling change. Adam Milne on. KL Rahul hits the first ball for a four, past point fielder. A single, then a dot. Rohit Sharma hits the fifth ball for a four, to backward point. And a six, over backward square leg, to end the over. 15 from it. IND - 29/1 (5)


7:49 PM IST: Spin On

Bowling change. Mitchell Santner on. And singles off the second and third balls. IND - 14/1 (4)

7:47 PM IST: Rohit Survives

Two in two, almost, for Trent Boult. Rohit Sharma takes on his Mumbai Indians team-mate but he hits straight to Adam Milne at long on. And dropped. A sitter. Six runs and a wicket from the over. IND - 12/1 (3)

7:44 PM IST: Kishan Departs

Trent Boult continues. Ishan Kishan hits the second ball for a four, but the Kiwi pacer gets him. Kishan (4 off 8) holes out at deep, caught by Daryl Mitchell. IND - 11/1 (2.5)


7:39 PM IST: Southee On

Tim Southee shares the new ball with Trent Boult. Three dots, then KL Rahul beats mid-on fielder with a lofted drive for a four. Five from the over. IND - 6/0 (2)

7:34 PM IST: Kishan Survives

A single off the second ball, and Ishan Kishan survives a LBW shout off the fourth. 

7:29 PM IST: Ready For Action

Players take the knee and KL Rahul to take the strike. His opening partner is Ishan Kishan. Trent Boult with the new ball.

7:08 PM IST: Playing XIs

One change for New Zealand. Adam Milne comes in for Tim Seifert, and Devon Conway will keep for the Kiwis. A couple of changes for India. Virat Kohli reveals that Suryakumar Yadav is having a back spasm. In comes Ishan Kishan. Also, Shardul Thakur replaces Bhuvneshwar Kumar. Meaning, Hardik Pandya starts.


Kohli not happy with the scheduling though. Says "it's ridiculous, we are playing twice in 10 days. too long a break."

Here are the playing XIs

India: Ishan Kishan, Rohit Sharma, KL Rahul, Virat Kohli (c), Rishabh Pant (wk), Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja, Shardul Thakur, Mohammed Shami, Varun Chakaravarthy, Jasprit Bumrah.

New Zealand: Martin Guptill, Daryl Mitchell, Kane Williamson (c), James Neesham, Devon Conway (wk), Glenn Phillips, Mitchell Santner, Ish Sodhi, Tim Southee, Adam Milne, Trent Boult

7:03 PM IST: Toss

New Zealand win the toss and bowl first against India. Kane Williamson says, because of the dew factor.

6:27 PM IST: Afghans Win


In Abu Dhabi, Afghanistan defeated Namibia by 62 runs for their second win. The match is also former captain Asghar Afghan' final match.

6:26 PM IST: That Hat-trick!

On this day, 34 years ago, Chetan Sharma took a hat-trick against New Zealand in Nagpur during a 1987 World Cup group match. Same opponents tonight, and India need a win to keep their hopes alive.

Relive the moment here:

6:03 PM IST: The Rivalry

The T20 rivalry started with their first-ever meeting in the 2007 World Cup. New Zealand won by 10 wickets at Wanderers. It took nearly a decade and six matches for India to taste a win against the Kiwis. But, India are on a roll in this fixture, winning the last five, including two Super Overs. Tonight, they are meeting for the 17th time, and the head-to-head record is inseparable: 8-8. Then again, the Kiwis have a 2-0 in the World Cups. India lost the Nagpur clash by 47 runs in the 2016 World Cup.



India: Virat Kohli (c), Rohit Sharma, KL Rahul, Suryakumar Yadav, Rishabh Pant (wk), Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammed Shami, Jasprit Bumrah, Varun Chakravarthy, Shardul Thakur, Ravichandran Ashwin, Ishan Kishan, Rahul Chahar

New Zealand: Kane Williamson (c), Martin Guptill, Daryl Mitchell, Devon Conway, Tim Seifert (wk), James Neesham, Glenn Phillips, Mitchell Santner, Ish Sodhi, Trent Boult, Tim Southee, Mark Chapman, Adam Milne, Kyle Jamieson, Todd Astle.