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Eastern European Women

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Eastern European Women

If your relationship goal is finding Eastern European women, check the top dating sites and apps with these females! Learn the tips on dating these girls and check sources to find a perfect match.

Eastern European Women
Eastern European Women

The east and west parts of the world come closer each year thanks to the rising popularity of the Internet. It's applied to the international dating industry, too: online dating sites unite the hearts of people from different cultures and religions.

Do you also want to meet an Eastern European woman? Check the best European dating sites where you will encounter females ready to start meaningful relationships with Western men.

Top 5 Eastern European Women Dating Sites and Apps

  1. SofiaDate — Best for building serious relationships with Eastern European females ➡️
  2. BravoDate — Best for starting European dating with free 20 credits and a variety of unpaid features ➡️
  3. TheLuckyDate — Best for meeting Slavic women both via website and app ➡️
  4. UkraineBride4you — Best for encountering gorgeous Ukrainian girls for mature dating ➡️
  5. AmourFactory — Best for pleasant, no-ad chatting experience with Slavic females ➡️

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SofiaDate is one of the most popular European dating sites, which earned this title for its easy sign-up procedure, affordable pricing, and quality profiles. Moreover, when you register, you are suggested to pass a personality test, which will let the platform select the best matches for you. You also receive a 20-credit welcome package — this plan will be enough for you to chat with people for 10 minutes.

SofiaDate also lets you send email letters for which you need to pay only 20 credits/email.

  • The best features:
  • 👤 Detailed profiles of users
  • 💰 Free credits for first-comers
  • 🔓 A variety of unpaid features, such as browsing, liking photos, and watching introductory videos
  • 💬 Multiple communication options: chat, email, audio recording, stickers, virtual gifts, and requesting the contact
  • 🔍 Detailed filters, which allow you to not only mention desired region and age but also such things as eye color, profession, and even bad habits
  • 👁️‍🗨️ Each profile is checked manually by the SofiaDate team

The worst features:

  • 📱🚫No mobile application

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The BravoDate platform can be considered the best European dating site not only for its large pool of girls but also for the characteristics that can enhance your user experience. Convenient filters, welcome 20 credits, no ads spoiling your browsing process — these are only the smallest pleasant features on this website.

This European dating website also provides credit packages to purchase for different budgets. Thus, for example, 20 credits — a starting package — cost $9.99, the standard one with 125 credits is $44.99, while the premium plan with 750 credits will require $149.99. A minute of texting on BravoDate will cost you only two credits. You can also organize an in-person date with a partner. However, it will cost 625 credits through this web.

The best features:

  • 🌍 Variety of Eastern European profiles
  • 🚀 Quick sign-up process
  • 📞 Responsive customer support 24/7
  • 🔍 Advanced filtering system, which can be upgraded for an additional cost
  • 💬 Numerous communication tools, such as video chat, texting, mailing, sending virtual gifts, and photos
  • 📰 Additional features: Newsfeed and a Let's Talk message initiator

The worst features:

  • 📱🚫No mobile application

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If you are a single man curious to meet a Slavic woman online, TheLuckyDate can give you many chances of finding a perfect match to your preferences. With its easy registration and relatively affordable price rate, you will enjoy the website's (and app's) features, which will enhance your online dating experience.

In terms of price: the cost of this dating service is relatively low. The initial 2,000 credits on this platform cost only $2.99. There are also bigger credit plans. For example, the largest with 75,000 credits will cost $149.99. Meanwhile, one minute of chatting on this European dating platform costs 200 credits, which is why you may spend your first 2,000 credits very quickly.

The best features:

  • 🌟 Multimillion profile count with gorgeous females from different countries
  • 🌙 Night mode can be activated both for a website and an app
  • 💬 Chat and email communication
  • 📋 Favorite lists and hiding profiles from public features
  • 🎁 Stickers, virtual gifts, and templates to diversify your chatting
  • 💰 Discounts are often available for first-comers

The worst features:

  • 📵💬 No free texting
  • 🧐🔍 The search filters have only two options

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Whether you are looking for serious relationships or one-night stand meetings with single European women from Ukraine — UkraineBride4you is up for it.

Registration at this European dating site is pretty simple: you only need to enter your name, age, birth date, and email.

The prices are also impressive. The newbie clients on UkraineBride4you pay $3.99 for 20 credits — the cheapest package available. If you try this package, you can receive a free bonus package for just $9.99.

Five minutes of chatting is equal to 0.5 credits on this platform, by the way.

The best features:

  • 🖥️ Simple-in-navigation website design
  • 👩‍🦰👩‍🦱 Multiple female users in the catalog
  • 📱 Availability of a mobile application in the App Store and Play Market
  • 🆓 Free "Hi" messages vouchers and wink sending for newcomers and bonus points to earn and spend on sending SMS
  • 🔎 Smart Matcher feature for a quick search of a Ukrainian girl and advanced filters with the ability to mention preferred age, region/country, and interests (top paid search tools even let you add the education, profession, and religion you want to see in a potential partner)
  • 💎 Excellent paid features, such as virtual gifts and gift delivery, video and phone calls

The worst features:

  • 💰🔒 The website isn't fully free
  • ⏳👥 You might wait a bit longer until the company approves your profile and lets you join the community

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AmourFactory became a popular international dating site for its various services and numerous profiles. This platform ensures not only convenient use but also a high opportunity to find and organize an in-person meeting with a gorgeous female from the Eastern part of Europe.

You will benefit not only from pleasant features but also from the pricing policy this European dating service provides. AmourFactory offers six packages (5 packages, namely, because the first initial package — 20 credits/$2.99 — is the discounted version of the second package — 20 credits/$9.99). There are other credit plans with 50, 125, and 250 credits, while the last one with 750 credits costs $149.99.

These credits allow you to chat, email, open photos and videos, and ask for a real-life date with your e-partner.

The best features:

  • ⏰ Timesaving registration
  • 👦👧 Variety of young users on the platform
  • 📰 Additional NewsFeed and People features
  • 💬 Multiple contact options, such as chatting, emailing, sending stickers and winks, and presenting virtual gifts
  • 👁️‍🗨️ The "Who View You" button
  • 🚫 No ads banners

The worst features:

  • 📱🚫 Mobile application is absent

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Features of Girls from Eastern Europe

Stunning women from Eastern Europe have many features which make them an excellent choice for serious relationships.

  • Multilingualism. In many Eastern European countries, people are often fluent in multiple languages, including English and German. It's important for relationships because it will ensure the easy overcoming of linguistic barriers: your Eastern European wife will definitely understand you!
  • Family-centered. Although Eastern European girls also get an education and career, still, many of them still value family. That's why, when you decide to try dating Eastern European women, you can be sure they will be interested in a long-lasting commitment with the promises of a shared future.
  • Resilience. Unfortunately, the Eastern part of Europe suffered and still suffers much from political turmoil, war, and economic hardships. It made many people, including females, quite resilient, which means your Eastern European partner will be supportive when you face challenges.
  • Hospitality. It may sound stereotypic, but Eastern European people are quite hospitable. Girls are often taught to be welcoming hosts and polite persons, which is why your potential soulmate from this part of Europe will be caring and tender.

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How to Meet Eastern European Women?

It's no secret that countries in Eastern Europe are less progressive than Western countries and the USA. Tense political situations and not very high salaries make a great abyss between these two worlds. However, many people, including females, do travel outside their countries as tourists, students, or workers. Globalization and the availability of free access to travel make people much closer than it was years ago. That's why you can even come across these females in the USA, Germany, France, and other developed countries.

Or vice versa: YOU can go to these countries to meet these beautiful women. Such an adventure is also beneficial for traveling. First of all, these countries have quite a low crime rate. For example, Slovenia and Slovakia are on the list of top 20 safest countries in the world. Secondly, these countries are relatively cheap: you can find a good hotel for as low as $10/night. The last perk of visiting these countries for dating is that they are small. And there are many of them. So there are many women with different tastes.

If you don't have money and emotional resources for traveling — try reputable dating sites. The girls from this region often use online dating sites to find a partner and are very open to foreign men. Virtual communication is the best option for the first interaction. It will let you understand whether the person is right for you without investments in resources. Besides, it will be easier to find a perfect match because there is a pool of women present on online dating websites eager to meet you.

Stereotypes About Girls from Eastern Europe

Media created many stereotypes about females from Eastern Europe, which are often not true.

  • The very first stereotype is that these females are gold-diggers. Probably, it's connected with the female's desire to find a man abroad. But this desire is not connected with gold-digging. Many women want to find a foreign man just because they want better treatment in a relationship since Eastern European men are often not very polite and caring.
  • The second stereotype is now a nonsense — language barrier. It's far from reality because learning English and other languages is not only popular, it's a demand for the society in Eastern Europe.
  • The third stereotype might be true, but not completely. Many assume that Eastern European females are submissive or passive in relationships. It may be true to some extent — these women are tender, but they are not as obeying as, for example, females from Muslim countries. Eastern European females can be independent and express their opinions freely.

Why Do Men from all over the World Consider Slavic Girls the Most Beautiful?

Beauty is subjective, of course, and every nation has its beautiful women. But, when it comes to international dating, many men opt to look for a partner from Eastern European countries. Why is it like this? Is that because Eastern European dating sites nailed advertising these women? The explanation is quite logical:

  1. People from different cultures have different standards of beauty. That's why when they see someone exotic, or different, they can consider them beautiful.
  2. Slavic women and women from the Eastern part of Europe often invest more in their appearance than Western females. Therefore, many Western men find Eastern European ladies a bit more appealing.
  3. Media representation also plays its role. It doesn't go without stereotypes about mesmerizing blond, blue-eyed Slavic females, which Western television likes to portray. Moreover, there are many models and actresses of unearthly beauty, appearing in the international media. That's why men, seeing them, think that these females are almost all like this.

Comparison of Eastern European Girls and American Women

Do Western women differ from Eastern European ladies? Definitely. Although some countries in this region integrate into Western society, and people here tend to behave in a Western manner, many females still preserve their traditional worldview.

  • How about family values?

Many women from Eastern Europe put a strong emphasis on building a family, considering it the ultimate goal of their life. Meanwhile, American females often prefer careers over building a family. Probably, it's the main reason why American males decide to find a partner from Eastern Europe — they want someone who would care about family. That can be explained by the dominance of traditional gender roles in Eastern Europe: women are often stay-at-home wives, while men provide.

  • There are courtship demands

Eastern European women often expect their partner to be a gentleman and show it in the form of flowers, gifts, and dating in nice places. Meanwhile, American girls are not that demanding. Moreover, Eastern girls focus primarily on serious relationships that promise a future together. Casual dating and hookups are not for them, although there are exceptions.

  • Education level differs

It's worth saying that education in Eastern countries is more affordable than in the USA, that's why there is a bigger percentage of females with higher education there than in America.

Are Eastern European Girls Good Wives?

The ethnicity of your partner never defines the compatibility with them and how good spouses they will make. However, the mindset of people is largely formed by their surroundings. When it comes to Eastern European females, the answer to the question, "Are Eastern Europe females good wives?", will be YES.

  • Firstly, the beauty industry in this region is much more developed than in the West. Moreover, it's much more affordable and quality. That's why many women there can access these procedures and take care of their looks.
  • Secondly, they are not hard to get as they don't play games (even if they do, they are only short). Therefore, in a marriage with such a woman, you will definitely feel comfortable.
  • Thirdly, they have a homely nature, meaning they like doing household stuff and let the man play the leading role in the family. It will make you feel like a true man with such a woman.

In Which Countries from Eastern Europe Is It Best to Look for a Girlfriend?

Are some countries better than others to find an Eastern European girl? While all women in these countries are beautiful souls, some are the better search options on European dating sites. You may wonder why it's like this. The answer is simple: the girls from the following countries preserve their femininity, which Western females might lack. Also, these countries were selected based on the unstoppable Westernization happening there. It's a good feature because it means you will easily overcome language and mentality barriers as the East becomes closer to the West.

  • Slovakia 🇸🇰

Although there are not many females from Slovakia on European dating websites because the country itself is quite small, still, its females can be perfect for online dating. Firstly, they impress with their Slavic charm of light hair and brown eyes. Secondly, these females combine the resilience and obedience they learned from the country's past as a Soviet republic and the progressive worldview they got from the Western-world mentality.

  • Romania 🇷🇴

Romanian girls are very passionate and free-loving women who have a romantic spirit in their souls. They are also quite interesting personalities because of their romantic culture, which contains a lot of colorful traditions. Moreover, these, usually dark-haired brown-eyed females, are fluent in English and can easily understand and support you.

  • Ukraine 🇺🇦

Ukrainian women are considered one of the most beautiful females in Eastern Europe and are top searched on European dating sites. These brave hearts have striking looks, with fair skin and light eyes. Most women here are very adaptable and open-minded, which is why they easily accommodate the customs of Western Europe.

Ukrainian females are also family-oriented yet hard-working: they often combine keeping the home with their job (although it doesn't mean they won't need your help)

  • Bulgaria 🇧🇬

It's no wonder that Bulgarian females often figure on European dating sites: their hot temper and positive worldview are the key features that attract foreign men. They are cheerful and tolerant, which can guarantee a joyful and serious relationship with such a girl.

In addition, although these beautiful females have a hot temper, they are still well-mannered. They can stay calm in stressful situations without taking out their negative feelings on others.

  • Poland 🇵🇱

When you visit European dating sites, you can often see the profiles of Polish girls. They are one of the top European dating choices because of their honesty. They don't hide or minimize the truth and try to be open about their true feelings and desires. It also makes up their self-worth, which is reflected in their desire to be well-educated and have a career. However, it doesn't mean they don't value family bonds: Polish girls can sacrifice for their family if it's needed.


The opportunities dating sites offer are numerous, especially when it comes to finding an authentic girl from the east part of Europe because these females count as one of the largest ethnic groups on virtual dating sites.

If you decide to use the best European dating websites, which also count the ones we covered today, you will get a jackpot. The top European dating sites not only have a variety of dating options and numerous characteristics that speed up your search for Eastern Europeans but also take security measures to protect your personality.

"What do Eastern European women look like?" "How does European dating work?" If you come to this point in the article, you can surely answer these questions and start your romantic relationship journey of meeting beautiful Eastern European women with the best dating sites!

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