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Best Countries To Find A Wife: The First-Rate Locations For Meeting Mail Order Brides

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Best Countries To Find A Wife: The First-Rate Locations For Meeting Mail Order Brides

Wondering about the best country to find a wife? Here you will find info about the most popular countries for mail order brides: Asian, Slavic and Latin destinations. This article will help you choose the ultimate location!

Best Countries For Mail Order Brides
Best Countries For Mail Order Brides

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The concept of mail order brides is becoming more popular nowadays because there's an abundance of sites on which you can meet foreign women. In 2015, there were about 11 million people who were intermarried, which proves the fact that mail order bride services are gaining momentum. Online dating offers a bunch of opportunities and significantly increases men's chances of meeting the women of their dreams. Besides, it's more time-effective because you don't even have to leave your house to get a wife overseas. 

There are thousands of foreign women for marriage who eagerly communicate with Western men and build healthy relationships with them. So, below you'll find a comprehensive overview of the most popular countries for finding mail order brides! 

Top dating sites to find foreign women 


Most people know that there is an abundance of mail order brides services nowadays, but only a few are aware that this industry has its roots back in the 1880s, when the highest number of mail order bride marriages occurred. Marital immigration was sought-after because it gave women a chance to live better lives, while men got the opportunity to focus on their work while their wives took care of the household duties and children. Yet, it wasn't about love because such marriages were considered win-win deals, and only some couples were lucky enough to actually marry people with whom they had something in common. 

But nowadays, the situation is contrasting because you can choose a mail order bride who perfectly fits your preferences and is ready for a serious relationship. On a dating site, you can select the qualities you're looking for, leverage an abundance of communication tools, and understand what the woman looks like in real life by scrolling through her photos. 

Since international dating sites offer multiple destinations for finding mail order brides, it's easy to get lost in all of them. But we have your back! Let's take a closer look at the top-rated countries for meeting foreign wives. 

What is the best Asian country to find a wife? 



In Asia, four countries are the most popular among men looking for Asian mail order wife. We have selected four locations among the best mail order bride countries to make the review clearer and understand that this region has advanced countries with Asian brides because you can easily find a girl who'll match your preferences. 

Mail order marriages with Asian women are among the most popular choices for Western men because it's easy to find a common language with them despite contrasting cultural backgrounds. You can access practically any dating service and see an abundance of local girls ready to embark on online dating. It's fair to say that you'll be amazed by the hard-working personalities of Asian women because they never give up halfway through. They achieve their goals no matter what it takes. 

Also, an Asian mail order wife will be your greatest supporter because she'll know the right words to say to inspire you to strive for more. Getting a foreign bride from this region will feel like winning the lottery because local ladies have breathtaking appearances and seem to know everything about managing the household, raising children, and keeping the spark alive in the relationships. 

Best sites to meet Asian girls for marriage 

Eastern Honeys — is one of the largest Asian dating websites, which has the most extensive Asian women database. EasternHoneys boasts a wide range of communication services and features that facilitate the connection with Asian ladies online. Here, you can quickly find Korean women, as well as the best wives from Vietnam, Thailand, and other Asian countries. 

AsianMelodies — if you're into Asian women, you have to give this site a try because that's where Western men meet their soulmates. The platform offers various international dating services that significantly improve the user experience and make it easier for men to meet their lovers. Besides, women on this online dating site are ready for flirting, casual dating, and serious relationships. So, whatever your preferences are, you can find the right lady there. 

TheLuckyDate — finding a user-friendly and affordable online dating site might be challenging, but this platform will make your search easier. It's known for being the reason for hundreds of mail order marriages because it helped a lot of people find each other and build relationships without being afraid of long distances. This mail order brides service is credit-based and has an extensive female user database, and these are the characteristics of a credible site. 

Top 5 Asian countries to meet a wife 

Brides from The Philippines 

Mail order bride sites are full of Filipina girls' profiles, and it's not surprising because it's hard to resist the charm of these ladies. They are easy to communicate with, and you'll feel like you've known them for a while, even though you've been chatting for a couple of days. Filipina mail order brides are ready for serious relationships, but they are okay with dating as well. A local wife online will teach you to get the best out of every moment and seize the opportunities. 

Filipina young girls are great at finding balance between personal and professional lives. They put their families first, but they don't want to give up on their careers too. So, your Filipina mail order bride online will make sure to spend enough time with you and keep your relationship healthy while putting effort into her professional growth. Also, get ready for new experiences because Filipina mail order brides rarely reject the opportunities to try new things. 

Besides, most mail order bride sites have filters thanks to which you can select the desired country and focus on Filipina girls only. They're worth your attention, and an abundance of marriages between American men and Filipina mail order brides prove this. Local women obtain a set of qualities a guy could ask for, from being gorgeous to being incredibly intelligent. 

Chinese brides 

China is often included in the top 15 countries to meet a wife because it boasts breathtakingly gorgeous women who can make you feel butterflies the moment you see them. A Chinese woman knows how to take care of her loved ones and will always be by your side when you need her support. Chinese mail order brides are some of the most emotionally intelligent people you'll ever meet because these girls understand others without words. You can count on your Chinese woman in any situation because she'll always find the right words to make you feel better. 

Thailand women for marriage 

Although some guys are worried about having different cultural backgrounds with Thailand mail order brides, they can leave all these worries behind because local ladies are Westernized and understand the values American men have. It's easy for them to adapt to the foreign culture, and you'll find it amazing how much you have in common. When using a mail order bride site, you can communicate with Thai women to understand whether they match your taste, but it's fair to say that it's hard to resist their charm. They are among the most popular Asian mail order brides, so you will meet your soulmate without breaking a sweat. 

Wife from Vietnam 

Vietnamese mail order wives are open-minded, kind, and caring women who make great partners for Western guys. They are great to spend time with because these ladies manage to stay positive all the time and find something nice, even in the smallest things. A Vietnamese mail order bride and an American man often have similar goals, values, and strives that make their relationships last long and stay strong. You won't regret using Vietnamese mail order bride sites because you'll be amazed by the number of fascinating ladies. 

Japanese wife 

A Japanese mail order bride is a woman focused on her self-development, and she takes all the opportunities that might make her life better. Yet, she also pays attention to her significant other and is a great mom. You can use various mail order bride services to meet a lady who will charm you from the first message. A Japanese foreign bride is intelligent, open-hearted, and sincere. She'll become your best friend and loyal partner. 

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