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MRCC recognized among the top 25 businesses that emerged as frontrunners in the last 25 years

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MRCC recognized among the top 25 businesses that emerged as frontrunners in the last 25 years

Digitalization is now at the center of today’s economic development due to its expansive use during the COVID-19 outbreak. While there is little to no doubt that the pandemic played a significant part in amplifying the adoption of new technologies, digital technology has pretty much been changing the world, over the last two decades. In our recent conversation with Anil Shah, Founder & CEO of MRCC, a five-time-award-winning IT solutions company, we get into the nitty-gritty of how organizations can navigate in an era of uncertainty and how has MRCC evolved in the last 25 years.


What led to the foundation of MRCC and where did you draw your inspiration from?

As a young lad, I think maybe in high-school I came across these inspiring words by Albert Einstein “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well” and this got etched into my mind forever. So I believe that resonated with me and sowed the seed for simplified innovation. You need to be able to uncomplicate things for your users, make it comprehensive because I feel complexity paves the way for disinterest. So when MRCC was founded, we had one goal; ‘simplification of complex IT challenges’ and from thereon we began our journey of supporting organizations with transformative solutions.


What did the early years for MRCC entail?

It's definitely not been an easy road, we’ve had our fair share of peaks and valleys to keep things interesting over the years. Especially when we started initially in the mid-90s, back then it was quite the challenge in terms of getting people acquainted with the prospect of a digital age. In 1998, mobile phones and the Internet were pretty much a rarity and it would take a whole lot of convincing on part of the team to persuade organizations to begin their New-Age Journey. However as time flew by, and the world rode the wave of innovative technology, the attitudes that once seemed closed off, eventually offered a benign welcome to embrace the age of transformation.


How has MRCC grown in the last 25 years and what do you cherish the most throughout this journey?

It’s been a surreal experience seeing us grow from a 12 member team that focussed on developing simplified IT solutions to a 750+ team of high-end professionals that offer simplified transformative solutions in Learning and Education, Technology, and IT Staffing globally. There is no one instance or moment of victory that I can handpick and say is my favourite, but what I do cherish dearly is our evolution, how the size and scope of the firm have grown, the quality of our incredible team, the reputation we’ve built in the last 25 years, and the purpose we commit to which is building a future that we want to be part of. I believe all these factors have created a high level of satisfaction that makes us want to keep aiming for more and has made our journey utterly rewarding.


 What do you think should be the digital strategy for organizations to remain pertinent in the market?

In all honesty, there is no readily available playbook to help businesses navigate this unchartered territory. However, I do feel that the prerequisite for all companies is to ensure that their business continuity planning is in tandem with evolving environments and needs. The important thing to remember here is, ‘change is constant’ so you’re going to be faced with uncertainty at every step of the way, and this is not necessarily a 2020 feature, so adaptability is what you need to focus on. Also, I feel it is imperative to think of innovative ways to engage with the users while staying relevant and adding value.


What is your take on the kind of conversation that organizations should have with their clients or consumers in times like this?

For me, I believe that the quality and frequency of conversations remain absolutely critical when engaging with clients during times of distress and I think empathy that voices reassurance is one of the most powerful ways to connect with people. And this is something which needs to be adopted not only with your clients but also with your workforce. In the current scenario, organizations need to listen closely to what their audience is saying and sharing on different platforms and then respond accordingly in a way that builds trust and exudes relevance.


How can an organization maintain that trust factor?

Essentially there are two key aspects to build and maintain client or customer trust – first and foremost is being authentic and relevant in your communication and product offerings. It's crucial to communicate informative and value-oriented messages to connect with your audience. Secondly, I believe responding proactively with empathy enables you to build a positive perception of your organization in the eyes of your clients.


Lastly, where do you expect to see MRCC in the next 25 years?

In the next 25 years, I believe I want to see MRCC being the catalyst at the intersection of business and transformative technology. We aspire to become the people’s natural choice; an organization with multi-dimensional perspectives that can solve the greatest and most complex challenges with simplicity.




Founded in 1996, MRCC is an accredited and award-winning IT solutions company that supports clients and partners across the global spectrum through innovative and personalized solutions. It has served over 400+ clients and undertaken 8000+ projects. Recognized for their unparallel commitment towards creating unique client experiences, they have risen among the ranks rapidly, for their ability to create a symbiotic environment between traditional and modern methodology.

With a vast service portfolio that covers Learning, Publishing, Technology, and IT Staffing they empower organizations to deliver unprecedented levels of performance. MRCC has been committed to offering clients a diverse range of 360-degree transformative solutions that have mobilized organizations and ensured that they are continuously met with expertise, consistency, precision, and efficiency; enabling them to power ahead in the Digital Age.






Corporate Learning

  • Learning Consulting
  • Digital Learning
  • Gamification & Simulation
  • Soft Skills Learning Courses
  • Learning Experience
  • Adaptive Learning


Educational Publishing

  • Authoring
  • Editorial Services
  • 2D/3D Animation Development
  • Interactive E-books
  • Deflashing
  • Quality Check and Assurance




  • Mobile Apps and Application Modernization
  • Oracle ERP
  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
  • Managed Cloud Services
  • Content Management System
  • Enterprise Data Management




  • Technical Staffing Services
  • Recruitment Solutions Consulting
  • Onshore & Offshore Recruiting
  • Tech-Executive Search
  • H1b Sponsorship
  • Custom Solutions




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