Contraception/ Family Planning

Teaching science, contraceptions at an Assam madarsa

Women await their turn at a family planning clinic in Bihar

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People watch as a magician performs next to a man dressed as a condom, during an awareness program on International Condom Day in New Delhi.

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Rural trouble Survivors of the tubectomy camp in Bilaspur being treated


Sudesh, 27, Kol tribal, Rewa Lost his parents when young. Mentally unstable and unmarried, he was asked to come and clean his upper-caste neighbour’s house. Was lured with the promise of drugs and sterilised. Picture is of his uncle and aunt. He is the first victim to have lodged an official complaint with the police.

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Lalita, age 35, Kol tribal, Rewa Got sterilised on January 25 when her anganwadi worker informed her that her name would be struck off the BPL list. She has been promised a BPL card; hasn't got one yet. She has also been promised a cooker, television and fridge. There is no power in her home and she walks half a kilometre to fetch water for her family.

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Lalit, 22, Kol tribal, Satna Sterilised on February 12. Had to undergo vasectomy as his wife, an anganwadi worker, had targets set for her by the district collector, failing which she would face a salary cut. She herself had undergone tubectomy last year. No incentives for him or his three children. He is a daily-wager.

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Shyam Lal, 16, Kol tribal, Rewa Forcibly sterilised on February 16. Was told that he was being treated for fever. Abandoned by the doctor in an unconscious state, had to walk back home after spending the night out in the fields. Has not been compensated for being sterilised by the district officials at Rewa.

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Sitakumari, 38, Kol tribal, Satna Faced with the threat of having her name struck off the BPL list, she underwent tubectomy on February 15. Had seven daughters, and a son, who died. Wants tubes opened to enable her to conceive again. Needs at least `20,000 for reversal of tubectomy. She is hoping she will have a son.

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Mohammed Shakeel and Kehkashan have three kids.

Big winnersKamal Verma and Mamta with their daughte

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Young girls walk past an activist of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals dressed as a condom hold a placard urging people about animal birth control ahead of the World Population Day in Bangalore.

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Transvestites prepare for a fashion show featuring condom-decorated clothing, held concurrently with the Latin American and Carribean HIV/AIDS conference in San Salvador, El Salvador.

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A model displays condoms on a hat during a reproductive health expo in Beijing, China. The State Population and Family Planning Commission has reiterated that China would not relax its population control policy in the future as it's population is expected to reach 1.36 billion by 2010 and 1.45 billion by 2020.

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