Thursday, Jun 30, 2022

Kashmir Civilian Killings Show 'Frustration' Of Pakistan: J&K BJP Chief

Jammu and Kashmir BJP Chief Ravinder Raina said Pakistan is the ‘biggest enemy’ of Kashmiri Muslims and Islam.

J&K BJP chief Ravinder Raina.(Image: Twitter)

Jammu and Kashmir BJP president Ravinder Raina on Tuesday said the civilian killings in the Union Territory is a conspiracy of Pakistan to disturb peace.

He said Pakistan is the “biggest enemy” of Kashmiri Muslims and Islam.

He condemned the recent killing of a salesman, Mohammad Ibrahim Khan, at Bohri Kadal locality of downtown Srinagar on Monday evening.

“Pakistani cowards have committed another grave sin by shedding the blood of an innocent who was out to earn a livelihood for his family,” he said.

"The killing of civilians shows the frustration of Pakistan which is a murderer of Kashmiri Muslims and enemy of Islam. Pakistani terrorists are frustrated by the successful counter-insurgency operations by our police, paramilitary forces and army and have hence resorted to the killings of unarmed civilians under the cover of darkness to disturb the peaceful atmosphere," Raina said.

He said the Pakistani terrorists have killed thousands of innocents over the past 30 years but “our forces are determined to finish them along with their supporters and sympathisers".

Raina said even the creator would not forgive them for their misdeeds.

Meanwhile, dozens of activists of the Shiv Sena Dogra Front staged a protest at Rani Park here against the civilian killings in the valley.

The protesters led by their president Ashok Gupta chanted slogans against Pakistan and terrorists and later dispersed peacefully, officials said. (With PTI inputs)