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Crypto Prices Pump After Bitcoin Passes $50,000 - 9 Best Crypto To Buy In The 2024 Bull Run For 100x Gains

It looks like we are about to enter another bull run, meaning it's the perfect time to invest. We found the best projects that are likely to yield 100x gains.


Best Crypto

What a week it's been for the crypto market as a whole especially for its number one token, Bitcoin (BTC). It has now surged past $50k and has reached a high not seen since 2021. Of course, what is good for Bitcoin is good for the market and lots of other coins have been surging too.

This makes it the perfect time for investors to find the best crypto to buy in the 2024 bull run for 100x gains. There are many options as both presale coins and established coins are set to have good runs. We found the 9 best we think have the best chance at 100x gains.

  1. Smog Token (SMOG)

  2. Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX)

  3. Sponge V2 ($SPONGEV2)

  4. Meme Kombat ($MK)

  5. eTukTuk (TUK)

  6. Ripple (XRP)

  7. Solana (SOL)

  8. Cardano (ADA)

  9. Pepe Coin (PEPE)

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Smog Token- The creators of Bonk Coin may have created another big meme coin

Meme coins took over 2023 and it looks like they are about to do the same in 2024. It looks like all the big meme coins will be on the Solana network, Bonk, Myro, and Dogwifhat have been some of the top performers lately and their creators have now come up with Smog Token (SMOG).

SMOG launched and pumped by over 130% as investors were excited to sign up for its massive airdrop event. It has also been launched on Ethereum, making it a cross-platform coin. Investors can stake their SMOG and gain rewards as the project targets a healthy 42% APR. Staking will also help them earn airdrop points so there is a huge chance investors will hold their SMOG which will cause it to pump.

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Smog Token

Bitcoin Minetrix- A cheaper and greener way to mine Bitcoin

Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX) is an easy inclusion on our list of crypto to buy in the 2024 bull run for 100x gains. The project could change how we mine crypto, a pretty big deal. The problem at the moment is that mining Bitcoin is so expensive most crypto enthusiasts cannot afford to do it.

The Bitcoin Minetrix solution is to combine staking and cloud mining to make a cheaper and greener solution. How it works is investors can trade their staged BTCMTX for mining credits. These credits are then burned in exchange for mining time or a share of the yields.


Sponge V2- The second iteration of one of 2023's biggest meme coins

Meme coins will feature heavily on this list and Sponge V2 ($SPONGEV2) is an easy choice as it is building on the success of one of 2023's biggest meme coins. Sponge Token ($SPONGE), the original coins from this project, came from nowhere and pumped by over 340%.

Now Sponge V2 has arrived and it will add an excellent P2E game to the ecosystem that has both free-to-play and pay-to-play versions that include everyone. An innovative stake-to-bridge system ensured a seamless transition from version 1 to version 2 and luckily for investors, they can still get involved before exchange listings begin.

Sponge V2

Meme Kombat- The hottest P2E game of 2024 is nearing the end of its presale

We are calling our shot now by saying that Meme Kombat ($MK) will be the biggest P2E game of 2024. The game, which takes inspiration from the cult classic Mortal Kombat, uses cutting-edge AI technology that controls the memes players will be battling with to earn $MK.

If that wasn’t fun enough, players can also wager on the outcome of fights. They can bet against the computer, and other players, or even side bet on fight events like what the first move will be. Considering the project employs a dynamic staking system, this means players can really win big if they stake their winnings.


eTukTuk- You can be a part of the future of transport in developing countries

eTukTuk (TUK) is an electrical charging infrastructure for developing countries that hope to help reduce carbon emissions by 30% by 2030. TukTuk vehicles, although very small, actually produce more harmful emissions than a standard 4-door vehicle.

The eTukTuk, not only reduces these emissions but also cuts operating costs by 400%. Considering the rise in gas prices this leaves little donut that tuk-tuk drivers will be eager to make the change. The ecosystem is sustained by drivers paying in TUK to charge so investors can make 100x gains from its success.


Ripple- Could it finally be about to reach $1 in the next bull run?

When Ripple (XRP) won its case against the SEC last year, many thought it would pump straight to $1 and beyond. That wasn’t the case, however, and the altcoin even almost fell to pre-trial levels at the start of this year.

Now, however, things are looking good again. XRP has pumped by over 6% in the last week and is now over the $0.50 mark. This could be the start of a major pump so it's the perfect time for investors to get involved.


Solana- One of the best-performing altcoins of the last week

Solana (SOL) has been the star of the altcoins over the last 7 days. The network has pumped by over a massive 22% in that time frame. Considering the considerable market cap of the coin this is very impressive indeed, but will it last?

Solana has many contributing factors to its success, but the network seemingly now being home to the best meme coins like Smog Token, is a massive help. Despite the fact it has already seen a considerable pump we still think it could keep going.


Cardano- Another major altcoin on its way to $1

We mentioned in the opening how good news for Bitcoin also tends to help the rest of the market. This is particularly the case with major altcoins as investors tend to pull their profit from BTC and use it to invest in coins like Cardano (ADA).

The altcoin is following in Solana’s footsteps as it has pumped by nearly 20% in the last 7 days. The project, which is always praised for its scientific approach to the blockchain, has set $1 as its target for 2024. It could meet that a lot sooner than expected.


Pepe Coin- A massive pump at the time of writing gets PEPE on this list

We hope you are reading this piece as soon after it is published as possible because Pepe Coin (PEPE) is on a heater. The star meme coin of 2023 has been struggling as of late but we have always warned that because of its large community, a come-back is always on the cards.

At the time of writing, PEPE has pumped by just under 15% in the last 24 hours. Considering the consensus that a bull run is approaching, this could be only the beginning. Is a pump just like in 2023 on the cards again?



We will keep this brief as we have already given you a lot of information to work with. The 9 coins above all have great chances of providing 100x gains. However, given their presale status and low prices, Smog Token, Bitcoin Minetrix, Sponge V2, Meme Kombat, and eTukTuk are the picks of the bunch.