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Is Pikamoon The Best Crypto For Next Bull Run (Our Top 3 Picks)

Planning for the next bull run? Find out the best crypto for the next bull run, made to our top 3 list and start investing.


Bull Hitting Crypto Bull Market
Crypto-bull-run Photo: Bull Hitting Crypto Bull Market

Best Crypto for Next Bull Run in 2024 (Our Top 3 Picks)

The global financial ecosystem is progressively depending more on the crypto market. This depicts that a huge opportunity exists for a fruitful collaboration between conventional financial systems and digital assets, leading to a transformative synergy.

Bitcoin's recent surge past $50,000 has rekindled interest in the market, indicating potential for a strong bull run ahead. The upcoming Bitcoin halving in April 2024 is expected to further boost this momentum. Investors are focusing on the best crypto for the next bull run during this opportune time.

The cryptocurrency market is experiencing significant revenue growth, with a projected annual increase of 13.98% from 2023 to 2027, reaching an estimated $68.75 billion by 2027. Currently, the average revenue per cryptocurrency user stands at $60.75.

This growth is supported by strong capital inflows, driving the market cap above $1.6 trillion from just over $800 billion at the start of 2023. The best crypto projects for next bull run such as Pikamoon have recently caught the attention of investors and analysts in this space.

When is The Next Crypto Bull Run Expected?

The next crypto bull run prediction is based on various aspects for the cryptocurrency market, particularly for bitcoin. These predictions are anchored on search results and data analysis.

  • According to CoinCodex's algorithmic Bitcoin price prediction, Bitcoin is currently in the accumulation range. It would be a wise decision to acquire Bitcoin at this time. However, this is not a prediction for the upcoming bull run.

  • Technical Analyst CryptoCon predicts that the next bull run for Bitcoin will begin on November 28, 2024. They anticipate the price peak to occur around 21 days after that date in 2025, followed by a price low at a similar time in 2026.

  • Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, states that historically, a bull run in cryptocurrency prices usually begins after a Bitcoin halving. He forecasts that the current Bitcoin and cryptocurrency price downturn could potentially last for another 18 months.

  • Cryptopotato recently published an article predicting a 400% increase in the price of Bitcoin over the next two years. Factors such as the impending halving and increasing institutional interest are expected to drive this growth. The next peak is forecasted to be between $130,000 and $145,000.

  • The bull run in 2024–2025 is expected to be led by Bitcoin, with the halving sparking a new bull run. There is a high chance of a spot ETF approval before the event, which could attract businesses to invest in Bitcoin. This influx of investment may drive the price of Bitcoin up to $175,000–$200,000 per BTC.

The timing and scope of the next bull run in the cryptocurrency market will not align with previous predictions. It is important to understand that the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, and price fluctuations can be significant due to various factors.

Top 3 Picks for This Bull Run

Cryptocurrency investors are inclined to seek out promising altcoins that exhibit potential for value appreciation and attractive returns. Here are the top 3 altcoins worth considering for investment in the current bullish market.

  1. Pikamoon - PIKA

  2. Uniswap - UNI

  3. PepeCoin - PEPE


PIKA-Pikamoon-coin Photo: Pikamoon characters in the field with PIKA opponents

Pikamoon - PIKA

The $PIKA token from Pikamoon is gaining prominence in the GameFi sector, offering a deflationary structure and exciting gameplay features. With its carefully crafted tokenomics, extensive gaming utilities, and immersive Pikaverse metaverse, $PIKA is at the forefront of innovation in blockchain gaming.

Within the Pikamoon ecosystem, participants partake in activities including the capture, battle, and evolution of creatures referred to as Pikamoons. Utilising strategic gameplay tactics, individuals strive to outsmart competitors and earn rewards within a virtual environment steeped in a rich narrative known as Dreva. Additionally, Pikamoon takes place against the backdrop of conflict among Dreva's six elemental realms: Earth, Rock, Water, Fire, Air, and Thunder.


The game functions on a Play-To-Earn (P2E) model, where players receive native PIKA tokens as rewards for completing battles. After the launch following the Presale, both PIKA tokens and Pikamoon NFTs can be traded and exchanged on different cryptocurrency platforms and NFT marketplaces, providing users with opportunities to accumulate tangible rewards.

PIKA, currently priced at $0.0006 during its Presale phase, offers a compelling investment opportunity. The Presale period is coming to a close, with less than 60 days remaining (please refer to the countdown on the PIKA Buy page) Stressing the importance for potential investors to promptly reach a decision.

After this phase, prices will rise due to the upcoming bull run, making it a favourable time to invest in $PIKA tokens early on in order to potentially increase returns.

The $PIKA token will soon expand its availability on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges, enhancing user accessibility and security. Investors can confidently use software wallets like MetaMask or hardware wallets such as Ledger, delivering secure and convenient investments.

Uniswap-UNI-coin Photo: Uniswap UNI Crypto Coin with Unicorn face

Uniswap - UNI

In 2024, the crypto industry maintains its significance, worth highlighting the approaching halving of Bitcoin that will set off a bullish market trend. In such a scenario, the price of UNI will surge to its projected high of $12.85.


Conversely, regulatory crackdowns pose a downside risk, potentially driving prices up to $7.63. Consequently, the average trading price will stabilise around $10.80.

The inclusion of UNI (ERC-20) is essential in this context, as it enables collective community ownership and establishes a strong governance framework to effectively guide the protocol's progression.

The recent surge in UNI circulation supply on the Ethereum network is noteworthy, attracting increased attention from marketers due to its seamless coin exchange functionality. Projections for the Uniswap price in 2024 range from $7.63 to $12.85.

PEPE-crypto-coin Photo: PepeCoin PEPE Crypto Coin with Frog Face Holding Wine Glass

PepeCoin - PEPE

Pepe, an emerging token in the market, has demonstrated impressive resilience during its initial trading period, effectively weathering periods of bearish influence. This resilience suggests a promising outlook for Pepe in 2024, with expectations of maintaining a steady upward path despite occasional bearish pressures that may emerge.


The first resistance point for PEPE is at $0.000001481, with a potential break leading to a challenge of $0.000001627 and further resistance at $0.000001943.

For support, PEPE has a level at $0.000001164, which is crucial to cushion any downward movement. If breached, the next support level is at $0.000000995.

Investors should be cautious of the bearish outlook for meme coins, as they lack intrinsic value and can be volatile. It's important to be aware of potential big swings in value.

What are the Biggest Signs of Crypto Bull Run?

Sharp Price Increases: Price surges and increased trading volumes are common occurrences in the cryptocurrency market across various digital assets.


Increased Market Interest: The increase in public awareness and discussion surrounding cryptocurrencies, as well as the attention from mainstream media outlets, has sparked a rise in interest and investment activities in this financial sector.

Positive Market Sentiment: There's an overall optimistic sentiment in the crypto community, with investors expecting continued upward price movements.

New All-Time Highs: Cryptocurrencies start breaking previous all-time high price levels, indicating strong bullish momentum.

Increased Institutional Investment: More institutional investors and traditional financial institutions enter the crypto market, bringing higher liquidity and legitimacy.

Growing Adoption: Increased adoption of cryptocurrencies for payments, investments, and other use cases, both by individuals and businesses.


Technical Indicators: Bullish patterns and signals on technical analysis charts, such as moving averages, bullish divergence, and increasing trading volumes, suggest a potential bull run.

Regulatory Developments: Positive regulatory news or clarity regarding cryptocurrencies can boost investor confidence and lead to a bull run.

Halving Events: Bitcoin, halving events, which involve reductions in block rewards, aligns with bull runs. This correlation can be attributed to the decrease in supply and subsequent uptick in scarcity.

Altcoin Season: During bull markets, altcoins often show substantial price growth compared to Bitcoin, reflecting a positive sentiment across the broader cryptocurrency market.

Crypto-bull-run Photo: Bull Hitting Bear in Crypto Bull Run Market

What Happens After a Bull Run?

After a crypto bull run, where prices of cryptocurrencies surge to new heights, investors and analysts often wonder what comes next. Will the gains continue, or is a crash imminent? Knowing what happens after a crypto bull run is crucial for investors to navigate the unpredictable market wisely.


Correction Phase:

Following a bull run, it is common to experience a correction phase where prices begin to decrease. This is a natural occurrence in the market cycle as investors start to take profits and the enthusiasm from the rally diminishes.


Post correction, cryptocurrencies enter a consolidation phase, where prices trade within a narrow range. This phase can persist for weeks or months as investors await the next catalyst to drive prices higher.

Bear Market:

A bull run in the crypto market can sometimes be followed by a prolonged bear market where prices consistently decrease. This can be due to factors like regulatory actions, security breaches, or market manipulation. In times of a bear market, it is crucial to maintain patience and refrain from making hasty decisions to sell. It is also an opportune moment to review your investment approach and contemplate diversifying your portfolio.


Market Cycle Repeats:

Crypto markets go through cycles of boom and bust. Following a bear market, prices often begin to increase, indicating the start of a new bull run. This trend has been seen multiple times in the past of cryptocurrencies, so investors should be ready for the potential recurrence of market cycles in the future.

Best Crypto for Next Bull Run - Conclusion

The crypto market offers opportunities for investors to explore beyond mainstream cryptocurrencies. Lowcap altcoins have the potential to deliver significant returns in the next bull run.

Pikamoon (PIKA) is the next big GameFi token that experts are bullish on, and will flourish in the upcoming crypto bull run. It serves as the native and governance token for the AAA P2E game Pikamoon.


The Beta version of the game is currently active, with the full launch anticipated later this year. Various playing modes are available, including online multiplayer, offline mode, pink slips, campaign mode, and free roaming within Pikamoon.

With only $0.0006 value in its final presale stage and a limited supply of less than 2 billion coins left, PIKA presents a significant opportunity for value appreciation upon the full game launch. Backed by a verified team, active community, and strong promotion, PIKA is confidently moving towards a successful future.

Best Crypto for Next Bull Run - FAQ

What features of PIKA are attracting both investors and gamers alike?

Investors and gamers are drawn to Pikamoon ($PIKA) due to its innovative approach within the GameFi sector. With a deflationary structure, immersive gameplay features, and extensive utility within the Pikaverse metaverse, $PIKA presents a compelling investment opportunity. Additionally, its strategic gameplay tactics and potential for rewards through the Play-To-Earn model attract investors seeking value appreciation and engagement within the burgeoning GameFi industry.


How is GameFi a game-changer compared to traditional gaming and cryptocurrencies?

GameFi, represents a fusion of gaming and DeFi elements. Unlike traditional gaming, GameFi incorporates blockchain technology and cryptocurrency rewards, allowing players to earn tokens and assets while engaging in gameplay. This innovative approach introduces new revenue streams for gamers and investors alike, revolutionising the gaming industry.

When is Bitcoin halving expected, and how does it impact the cryptocurrency market?

The next Bitcoin halving will occur in April 2024. Historically, Bitcoin halving events have led to increased scarcity and upward price movements due to reduced block rewards. Investors anticipate this event to trigger a new bull run in the cryptocurrency market, potentially driving prices to new highs.


What are the key indicators of a cryptocurrency bull run?

Indicators suggest the onset of a cryptocurrency bull run, including sharp price increases, high market interest, positive sentiment, new all-time highs, increased institutional investment, growing adoption, bullish technical patterns, favourable regulatory developments, halving events, and altcoin season dynamics.

What happens after a cryptocurrency bull run?

Following a bull run, cryptocurrencies enter a correction phase characterized by price decreases as investors take profits and market enthusiasm wanes. This correction is typically followed by a consolidation period, where prices trade within a narrow range. In some cases, prolonged bear markets may ensue, prompting investors to exercise patience and consider portfolio diversification strategies.


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