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Best Crypto ICOs To Buy In 2024 That Could Trigger A Massive Bull Run

Looking for the best crypto ICOs to invest in for 2024? Check out these coins and learn more about their potential to trigger a massive bull run.

Best Crypto ICOs To Buy In 2024 That Could Trigger A Massive Bull Run

The initial coin offerings list is growing daily. Investing in these ICOs can offer substantial returns and cause significant market upswings. Among the myriad ICOs surfacing in 2024, several stand out as potential game-changers, like ScapesMania (MANIA), InQubeta (QUBE), and Meme Kombat (MK).

However, experts in the field have focused on Pullix (PLX) - a Stage 1 presale project that may become the next 100x token in 2024. Let's find out what makes it the best ICO.

Pullix (PLX) - The World's First Community-Backed Trading Platform

As the DeFi market continues to flourish, Pullix (PLX) positions itself as one of the best new ICOs. Unlike traditional trading platforms, Pullix will allow you to trade all assets, including cryptos, around the clock. You can also store your keys while having custody of all your assets. This fact and a 24-month liquidity lock make Pullix one of the safest projects on this initial coin offerings list.

It is also important to note that the PLX token will introduce a new “Trade-to-Earn” model that will change the way users interact within the platform. So, what makes PLX token unique? It has a profit-sharing feature. This means that if you participate in staking Pullix’s tokens, your share of its daily revenue will be guaranteed. This means that every day Pullix takes some part of its income and uses it to buy PLX from the open market and then burns half of them while the other half are given out as rewards to those who have staked their coins.

It is now in Stage 1 of its presale with a value of only $0.04. However, experts forecast a 1,000% value increase after it hits exchanges. This prediction has caused a frenzy among the crypto community as global investors are now turning to Pullix as the best crypto to invest in.

ScapesMania (MANIA) - A Hybrid Casual Game

The first one on our crypto ICO list is ScapesMania (MANIA) - a unique Hybridcasual project. Its innovative approach combines quick mini-games with the mechanics of casual games.

This project’s core concept lies in an engaging gaming experience that makes you a member of a town. Decorate your home, surroundings, and compete in local contests to display your creativity. All these aspects will be fueled by the MANIA token. Holding the MANIA token gives you DAO governance rights, staking rewards and much more.

In Stage 2 of its presale, MANIA has gained significant attention as a new ICO - already raising $1.1M. One MANIA token now costs just $0.00343. However, experts foresee a substantial rise in its value, projecting a rise to $0.0090 before the presale ends. This makes ScapesMania a crypto ICO you should keep an eye on.


InQubeta (QUBE) - The Future of Crowdfunding

Next up is InQubeta (QUBE), the world's first crypto crowdfunding platform facilitating fractional investments in AI startups. This innovative platform also has the potential to emerge as a game-changing crypto ICO.

A defining feature of InQubeta is its use of NFTs to represent each investment opportunity, enabling the fractionalization of these assets. This approach will allow you to participate in this market for a low price.


In Stage 6 of its presale, InQubeta (QUBE) has raised $6M so far. Priced at $0.01925 per QUBE token, the ICO shows a promising trajectory, with experts predicting a surge to $0.0308 by the presale's end.

Meme Kombat (MK) - Innovative Gaming Platform

Meme Kombat (MK) also deserves a spot on this ICO list. At its core, Meme Kombat is a dynamic gaming arena that will appeal to both active bettors and passive stakers. The MK token lies at the center of this platform, facilitating interactions among players, stakers, and enthusiasts alike.

The utility of MK within the Meme Kombat arena is sky-high as it fuels automated battles featuring characters representing various Meme Coins. If you hold the MK token, you can also use it to bet on battle outcomes, and if you win, you will receive extra coins or other rewards.

In Stage 5 of its presale, Meme Kombat has now raised $2.5M, with each MK token priced at $0.0255. Experts suggest a substantial increase in the MK price to $0.279 upon the presale's conclusion, making Meme Kombat a good crypto to buy.


While all these tokens deserve to be on the top ICO list, one stands out thanks to its real-world connections - Pullix. Since it will let you access numerous booming financial markets, its long-term growth potential is sky-high. For instance, the OTC derivatives market had a value of $618T by December 2022, according to ISDA. Pullix's integration with this market positions it as a dominant ICO with excellent real-world relevance.


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