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Best Past Life Reader: Dr.Vinay Bajrangi

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Best Past Life Reader: Dr.Vinay Bajrangi

Dr. Vinay Bajrangi

Indian Vedic astrology has its bearing on the Past life or the previous birth. Whatever good or bad happens to a native is often attributed to his/her previous birth. To understand this concept of past life better, Outlook was conversing with India's top best astrologer Dr.Vinay Bajrangi. Here are the excerpts of the interview:

Is there any connection between the past life and our current life?

Dr.Vinay Bajrangi: The Indian Sanatani Parampara (Sanatani tradition) believes in the past births and its connection with the current birth. This phenomenon of birth after birth is beautifully expressed and explained by means of a horoscope in the Indian Vedic system.

It is believed that a man lives his life, and his deeds get stored in his Horoscope, which gets expressed through his fate. The deeds, good or bad, get paid back to the native in their present or the subsequent births as the case may be. 

The ascendant of the Horoscope is known as the Lagna (knot) in Sanskrit. The Lagna is the connection between the previous birth and the present birth of the native. The twelfth house depicts the condition of the native during his last phase in the last birth. Now, see the parallel, the ninth house of the Horoscope is the fate of the native in the current birth, and through it, the previous birth could also be read. Therefore, whatever fate the native has, had been made in his previous birth. Likewise, all the houses of the Horoscope can link to the current and the previous birth.

So, you can see that there is a strong connection between the past life and the current life.

How can I know about my past life?

Dr. Vinay Bajrangi: If an able astrologer does a systematic reading of your Horoscope of this birth, he can reveal most of the things about your past life. The deep secret which most people do not know is that when they get a reading of their Horoscope done, they get the reading of the previous birth. The Horoscope usually keeps on repeating birth after birth, and the native gets born with a predetermined fate as per his deeds. It is only through the freewill that he has; he can change the course of his journey other than what is written in his Horoscope.

Therefore, it can be aptly said that past life greatly affects the present life. Past life analysis therefore make a lot of sense in our present life.

Can free will alter fate? When Horoscope can not be changed?

Dr.Vinay Bajrangi: Not all can be altered. From a layman perspective, around eighty percent of fate usually remains unaltered, whereas free will can help person change fate the rest twenty percent. This remains stored in the Horoscope as freewill. The scriptures give these alterable and unalterable fate many technical names, but for simplicity, it is best to term them as fixed and flexible.

If one manages to alter this twenty percent of the flexible fate, he can get an altogether different life than what s(he) had in the previous birth.

One can not change the Horoscope, but free will give a person the flexibility to take advantage of different planets' transits. So if a person can maneuver his/her free will in these times, one can draw the best results from Horoscope though I again say that a Horoscope can not be changed totally.

Does past life affect our married life in the present?

Dr.Vinay Bajrangi: Yes! Past life deeds can affect your present married life. A person having a disturbed married life in this birth necessarily had a disturbed one in his/her previous birth. He/she has made the house of marriage malefic by not adhering to the laws of matrimony in the last birth, and for that matter, he/she has been granted this life with a distorted marriage house now. Now coming to the remedial part.; one has to mend the marital life and strike peace; otherwise, the present life's negativity passes on to the next birth as pending karma. The native gets bound to lead a hellish marital life again. The karma theory can be best explained as a bank passbook.

All the negative or the positive deeds gets reflected into it, which has to be undergone in the subsequent birth. A disturbed married life or, for that matter, anything negative that is happening in this birth will be passed onto the next birth as pending karma or issue. And this phenomenon of disturbed marriage life will continue birth after birth till one mends it and correct it. So, why wait? Fix it now, it may be challenging, but you have to do it, may it be in this birth or the next one.

How do I find out who I was in my past life?

Dr.Vinay Bajrangi: Who were you in past life, leave this question for an able Vedic astrologer to answer. There are many techniques through which the astrologer can find it. For a hint, the foremost technique is the positioning of the Lagna lord. The positioning of the Lagna lord tells what the native was in his previous birth. Was he from the same clan or family? How is he related to the current family in the previous birth? Has he come to elevate or disgrace the family?

An able Vedic astrologer can answer all these questions with ease. That is where past life reading and analysis help a person.The benefit of getting an answer to this question is that the native can address the previous birth's negative pending karmas and can run his/her slate clean.

But all the techniques take life for one to master. I have seen very few astrologers who use the techniques with the authority to read the previous birth.

Who is the best past life reader?

Dr.Vinay Bajrangi: It is tough to find one. In early 2000, in quest of astrological knowledge and wisdom, when I was roaming different Ashrams in Haridwar, I found a Panditji, Bajrangiji, who kept very frail health at that time. Bajrangiji was a master astrologer who would not need a horoscope to predict. Just by asking the date and time of birth, he could draw the chart in his mind. He had the extraordinary capability to read the past life. I feel lucky to be his pupil for a little over six months. The techniques and intuitiveness he taught me before passing away are still my strength. Since then, I have read several ten thousand horoscopes for knowing the past lives. 

After this, it is tough to find the best past life reader as having a hand in these many horoscopes is again a daunting task.

How did I die in my past life? Can this be known through a horoscope?

Dr.Vinay Bajrangi: Yes, one can find from a horoscope how one died in a past life. One can very well know about it. And as I have said earlier that a native gets the same horoscope birth after birth. This means it can be possible that the native dies the same way he had died in the previous birth. Once we know, we can prepare ourselves to combat several adverse circumstances in the present life. 

What is Past Life Regression?

Dr.Vinay Bajrangi: Past life Regression is reading the past with the aid of hypnosis. Through this technique of past life analysis, one can treat many genetic, mental ailments. Those natives who habitually venture into a past life and disturb their present lives can be best treated with this technique of past life regression.

But again, this should be done by a master. Novices may cause more harm than good. You may not find many qualified past life regressionists, and therefore, many think that this reading is unethical. 

How to reconnect with our past lives?

Dr.Vinay Bajrangi: A detailed study of the Horoscope will surely pave the way for reconnecting with the past lives. Again this is an important benefit of past life reading and analysis. Through the Horoscope, one can know about the minute details of his/her previous birth. The details that one can know are:

  • The status of his family in the previous birth.
  • The status of himself/herself in the last birth. 
  • The negatives karma of his earlier birth.
  • The positives karma of the previous birth.
  • The pending karma from the last birth. 
  • The relationship one had with his/her relatives and friends. 
  • The ailment one suffered in the previous birth.
  • The life span one had during the last birth. 

After knowing all this, an individual can correct many segments of the present life. This is the beauty of learning about past life and reconnecting with it to nourish the present birth.

This was Dr.Vinay Bajrangi, the top best astrologer in India, the karma corrector, the best past life reader who threw some light on the past life reading. You may read more about past life reading & analysis  on https://www.vinaybajrangi.com/life-predictions.php . His office phone nos are:  9278665588 or 9278555588