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How Much Does Surrogacy Cost In Mexico?

Exploring the Costs of Surrogacy in Mexico: What You Need to Know


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The US is well known for the highest success rates and stringent safety regulations when it comes to surrogacy. Yet, several intended parents who are American citizens opt for Mexico instead for surrogacy programs. Indeed, Mexico is one of the more popular selections among intended parents who choose to go overseas. If you are an intended parent considering Mexico, you may be asking how much does surrogacy cost in Mexico, along with other questions, so here’s a guide detailing everything you need to know.

Surrogacy in Mexico: Benefits

The Latin American nation is budget-friendly compared to the US. This is mostly due to the willingness and availability of potential surrogates and egg donors. Additionally, Mexico city along with Cancun is popular among tourists and as such multiple daily flight options are available throughout the year and, compared to other destinations in the region, Mexico city is relatively secure.

Another thing to consider is that Mexican surrogacy programs often provide a high level of private medical care. The nation also offers greater legal protection than the UK. It is on the green list, which means that surrogacy is a legal process. A baby born via surrogacy in Mexico can apply for a Mexican passport or the passport of citizenship of the biological father.

The surrogate mother and father will be named in the child's birth certificate. But it is also an option for IPs to remove the surrogate mother from the birth certificate or feature the biological mother / second partner instead.

These features combined with its geographical proximity and availability give Mexico high marks as a surrogacy destination.

Surrogacy In Mexico: Legal Matters

In June 2021, surrogacy became a protected medical procedure in Mexico. A Supreme Court ruling overturned prior restriction and thus opened the doors for countless couples to become parents.

Mexican law does not discriminate against anyone pursuing surrogacy to become a parent. It is legal for same-sex couples, as well as straight married, single and foreign intended parents to seek surrogacy treatment in the Latin American nation.

However, not all states in the nation comply with the ruling. As such, the legal landscape for surrogacy varies from state to state. Tabasko is a notable exception since a state law in 2016 banned surrogacy for foreign couples and same-sex couples within the region, however, most other states are surrogacy friendly and welcome all kinds of IPs.

What Exactly is the Cost Of Surrogacy In Mexico?

Intended parents must be prepared for the costs the surrogacy process will inevitably incur. However, for all IPs, surrogacy is a unique experience and various factors make it such that the cost of surrogacy in Mexico is not a static figure. With WCOB, surrogacy in Mexico costs between $61,000 and $148,000.

The Cost of Surrogacy in Mexico: Influential Factors

Some elements that affect the cost of surrogacy include;

  • Location

Just as surrogacy costs vary between nations, the cost of surrogacy in Mexico is also not the name in different states. This is due to the difference in state laws and also the cost of living in different regions. World Center of Baby hosts its surrogacy programs in the country’s capital, Mexico City, where the state laws are accommodating for surrogacy.

  • Your Surrogacy Agency

Surrogacy agencies provide a wide range of services for intended parents and surrogate mothers. They are like a bridge between the parties involved in the surrogacy process. Agencies use different fees and as such your choice of agencies will influence how much you spend during your surrogacy journey.

  • Legal aspects

From the surrogacy agreement to compensation terms to parental rights, the legal aspect of surrogacy is sure to attract certain costs which will vary depending on facilitators and the unique needs of IPs.

The Cost of a Surrogate Mother in Mexico

As shared earlier, one factor driving Mexico’s appeal over the US is the lower costs involved. Where surrogate mothers in the US charge between $55,000 and $65,000 depending on experience, Mexican surrogates charge much lower fees.

The surrogate mother cost in Mexico sits over $20,000 and usually somewhere between $20,000 - $27,000. This plus the nation’s LGBT surrogacy-friendly laws and the overall legal security of the surrogacy process explains why IPs prefer it to the US.

Of course, low-cost surrogacy raises questions and concerns due to the idea that cheap costs equal low standards. However, you must understand that the legal atmosphere from country to country heavily impacts the surrogacy process in a jurisdiction.

In the past, Mexico was a sort of cesspool of unsafe and illegal surrogacy practices. Since the Supreme Court ruling, however, the nation’s attitude and approach to surrogacy has stood on more stable ground. Do keep in mind that should an agency place the cost of a surrogate mother below the aforementioned range, it’s best to look into this agency to find out more information.


It can be a nerve-racking and heavily demanding task reviewing the surrogacy laws for each of Mexico’s 32 states when trying to find a welcoming place. But fortunately, it’s not something intended parents have to go through without help. A great and reputable surrogacy agency is a good way to stay above water during your surrogacy journey.

World Center of Baby is well-equipped to walk you through the entire surrogacy process from start to finish. You’ll get legal and medical assistance so you’re adequately informed about potential risks from any angles and can get through your surrogacy journey with relative ease.

So, in your journey of surrogacy, let World Center of Baby be your guiding light. With over 5 years of medical expertise, we tailor our services to you and commit to ensuring your safety, trust, and contentment throughout the entire process. Click here to visit our website today — and let's create the family of your dreams together.

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