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Ecdysterone: Benefits, Results, How To Use & Is It Safe

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Ecdysterone: Benefits, Results, How To Use & Is It Safe

Ecdysterone is a type of ecdysteroid found naturally in a few insects and plants, like quinoa and spinach. It's generally taken as a supplement for boosted muscle gains and enhanced athletic performance. 


Ecdysterone seems to be all the rage in the fitness world at the moment. It's become uber-popular relatively quickly among lifters looking to boost their gains but keep hold of their natty card. 

The question is — does ecdysterone really help increase muscle mass and improve strength? 

We answer this burning question (and loads more) right here. Find out whether or not you should be using Ecdysterone.

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What Is Ecdysterone?

Ecdysterone is a type of ecdysteroid found naturally in a few insects and plants, like quinoa and spinach. It's generally taken as a supplement for boosted muscle gains and enhanced athletic performance. 

Depending on where you purchase the supplement, it might be known as:
•    Spinach extract
•    Beta-ecdysterone
•    Alfa-ecdysone
•    20-hydroxy-ecdysterone

Technically speaking, it's a type of phytoecdysteroid. However, it's important to note that "steroids," in this case, aren't the same as synthetic anabolic steroids.



Ecdysterone has a similar chemical structure to testosterone, the male androgen. Because of that, the supplement may come with a few hormone-esque effects. But it isn't the same as taking testosterone, so you won't suffer any steroidal side effects. 

That said, the supplement is still pretty potent. Some research suggests it helps you pack on muscle and improve performance as effectively as anabolic agents.

But, we have to stay realistic; it’s not going to give you steroid-like results, but it can be very beneficial for natty lifters looking for an extra boost.

The Benefits of Taking Ecdysterone


Ecdysterone has only recently begun making waves in the public fitness world. Thus, reliable studies focusing on the compound are somewhat limited. 
However, the available research and anecdotal experiences speak very highly about the compounds’ performance-improving and muscle-building benefits. 

Let's go over what you can expect from this supplement.

#1 Improved Muscle Gains

Ecdysterone stimulates MPS or muscle protein synthesis by affecting the P13K/Akt signaling pathways.

In other words, it makes it easier for natural lifters like you to put on muscle mass — provided you stick to a regular strength-training regime, of course.

A few research papers show that the supplement has a high anabolic ratio, which means it can contribute to increased:
•    protein synthesis from amino acids;
•    bone remodeling and growth;
•    muscle cell formation; and
•    red blood cell production. 

Its anabolic effects are mediated by its ER or estrogen receptor binding characteristics. ER signaling aids skeletal muscle growth and regeneration while improving immune function for added health and wellness. 

A study performed in 2015 on rats uncovered that the supplement has a potent hypertrophic effect on some of the rats' muscles. The outcome proves the impact was stronger than steroid compounds, such as estradienedione, metandienone, and SARM-S-1 when taken at the same dosage. 

#2 Boosts Strength and Athletic Performance

Ecdysterone supplements aren't just appealing for aesthetic reasons; they also increase strength by reducing muscular fatigue. In fact, the effects are so strong that it was nicknamed "the Russian secret" since it was purportedly used by Russian athletes during the Olympics. 

One of the main studies focused on this particular benefit involved 46 participants who were given an ecdysterone supplement or a placebo for ten weeks.

Those who took the supplement showed a significant increase in their one-rep bench press maximum without suffering adverse effects, such as increased muscle damage or prolonged recovery. 

The same group also increased their squat PR by an average of 19.4%.

A study conducted on rats also showed a huge boost in grip strength.
At the time, the studies' researchers found it to be so effective that they suggested adding it to the list of prohibited compounds for competitive athletes. Although, it certainly is not a synthetic anabolic steroid — keep your natty card in your wallet people. 

#3 Improves Recovery

Muscle protein synthesis is a process that occurs naturally in your body to repair muscle damage caused by intense resistance or cardiovascular exercise.
But, how does it do that?

In short, amino acids bind to skeletal muscle proteins, repairing damage and increasing muscle size. Effectively, it counteracts muscle protein breakdown or MPB that happens due to training-induced protein loss. 

Since ecdysterone is proven to quicken MPS, it speeds up recovery by repairing the small muscular tears faster. Yes, DOMS won't be such a nuisance when taking this supplement!

#4 Improve Insulin Sensitivity

Granted, more research on this specific benefit is needed. However, one animal study discovered that ecdysterone supplementation can support metabolic health by preventing insulin resistance. 

The test, performed in 2009, showed that daily administration of ecdysterone in rats of 10mg per kilogram of body weight decreased obesity and insulin resistance in 13 weeks.

During the study, the rats ate a high-fat diet, but the supplement prevented any significant weight gain or fat mass increase compared with the control group. Those on ecdysterone also had considerably lowered plasma insulin levels and glucose tolerance. 

#5 Supports Immune Function

According to a few studies, ecdysteroids like ecdysterone appear to have several adaptogenic effects, helping your body handle stress and pathogens. 

The compound supports healthy homeostasis and immune function in a number of ways, including:
•    Increasing your red blood cell count
•    Stimulating bone regeneration
•    Boosting circulation and cardiac function
•    Improving sleep quality
•    Providing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects
•    Improving thermal-related stress tolerance

How to Use Ecdysterone

To get optimal results from your ecdysterone supplement, you need to know how to use it properly. Unlike other supplements, it requires careful cycle planning to make the maximum impact.

You need to consider two important things when using ecdysterone — dosage and cycle length. We'll take a look at both below for your convenience. 

The Dosage

First thing's first, the dosage; you simply have to get this right to see the results you're (correctly) expecting. 

Most bodybuilders take between 500mg and 1000mg per day. However, your body might be more sensitive to ecdysterone than others.

Therefore, we recommend beginning with a small dosage of 250mg to see how you react. From there, you can increase it to 500mg for the remainder of your cycle to obtain the desired results. 

Scientifically speaking, there's no reason to go beyond 500mg per day. Although, some experienced natural lifters head beyond this point after they've completed a few ecdysterone cycles.

If you do reach 1000mg, stop increasing the dose. It's potent enough at this point, adding more is unnecessary (not to mention a waste of money). 

When Is The Best Time to Take Your Daily Ecdysterone Dose?

Some fitness fanatics like to split their doses of supplements like creatine in two. But there's no need to do that for ecdysterone. 
We suggest taking your entire daily dose in the morning with your first meal of the day.

The Cycle Length

Now you know the dose, you need to think about the cycle length. 

It's advised to run ecdysterone for at least eight to 12 weeks. However, we wouldn't recommend cycles as short as eight weeks. All the cycles we've conducted were for the full 12 weeks (three months). 

There's a period of one to two weeks for the product to kick in, so stick to a three-month cycle for maximum results. 

After 12 weeks, take a two-week break before starting your second cycle. Some people choose to take a four-week break, but two is plenty.

With the dose and cycle length in mind, you can plan out the best time for you to start your first cycle.

Can You Stack Ecdysterone?

This is a question that comes up a lot whenever lifters start talking about supplements — can you stack them? And when it comes to ecdysterone, you can absolutely stack it to improve results.

Some of the most popular (and effective) stacks are as follows:

•    Ecdysterone and creatine Creatine is one of the most researched sports supplements on the market. It increases power, lean muscle mass, and strength. It can also reduce the production of myostatin, the muscle-wasting protein. By inhibiting production, it promotes skeletal muscle growth and could treat various muscle-wasting disorders like sarcopenia. Combining creatine with ecdysterone helps skyrocket muscle protein synthesis even more, and, therefore, muscle growth. 

•    Ecdysterone and protein powder Protein powder is an excellent supplement that should be included in your stack. It helps increase your daily protein intake, and as you may know, proteins are the building blocks of your muscles. 

•    Ecdysterone and pre-workout — Getting the most out of your training sessions is crucial if you're looking to progress. Taking a pre workout will help you push intensively in the gym, breaking down as many muscle fibers as possible.

Ecdysterone Safety and Side Effects

Most users would assume that something so potent would cause adverse side effects or be dangerous in some way or another. But that isn't the case for ecdysterone supplements. 

Unlike synthetic steroids that mess with your body's testosterone levels, you don't have to worry about hair loss or other less-than-pleasant impacts with ecdysterone. 

In fact, you won't even need to do PCT (post-cycle therapy) as it doesn't have any androgenic or estrogenic effects that throw your hormones into disarray. 

On December 31, 1998, IC Biochemicals performed a safety test to determine ecdysterone's toxicity levels. The data showed that you would have to consume6,400mg/kg to reach a toxic point. So, the average person would have to take 4,121 times the recommended dosage to be in danger. Thus, the toxicity levels are very low.

Of course, you should always speak to your doctor before starting any new supplement. This is even more prevalent if you have underlying health or medical concerns.

The Best Ecdysterone Supplement Available On The Market

As the hype around ecdysterone and its benefits has increased, you'll find a bunch of products available from all kinds of brands. But you shouldn't settle for anything less than the best for maximum impact (not to mention value for your hard-earned money). 

So, after trying many different options, we've concluded that the best ecdysterone supplement is  Huge Ecdysterone  

Let's learn a bit more about it.

Huge Ecdysterone

You're probably wondering why Huge Ecdysterone stands out from the crowd. Well, it's quite a simple answer — it's the most potent and pure supplement of this type you'll find.

The reason for the increased potency is actually down to the addition of an ingredient called cyclodextrin. It enhances the absorption rate of ecdysterone so it starts working its magic as quickly as possible.

Huge Supplements is the first (and, to our knowledge, only) brand that has bound ecdysterone with cyclodextrin for faster results. 

Plus, we aren't the only ones who think the world of this product! It has collected thousands of reviews from delighted customers, averaging a whopping 4.7 out of five stars!

Moreover, you can purchase the supplement from the official Huge Supplements website, so you know you're acquiring a quality product from a reputable source.

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But, it is also available on Amazon.

Ecdysterone VS Turkesterone

This year (2022), ecdysterone and turkesterone have become hot topics in the fitness realm. In fact, they're easily the most talked-about supplements on the market right now. 

And because they're so similar, many gym-goers are naturally asking — which one is better? Why?

In our experience (yes, we've tried both), neither one nor the other provided superior muscle-building or performance-boosting benefits than the other. So, whichever one you choose, you're bound to get results (provided you combine it with adequate sleep, nutrition, and training, of course). 

However, there are some notable differences and similarities, which we'll run through here. They may make up your mind as to which supplement to try. 

The Similarities of Ecdysterone and Turkesterone

Ultimately, the two supplements carry more similarities than differences. They both help you pack on lean muscle mass, speed up recovery, and increase muscle protein synthesis. 

On top of that, they are both naturally occurring ecdysteroids, meaning they're found in plants and some insects and aren't anabolic-androgenic synthetic steroids. 
Neither supplement carries toxicity side effects. So, they're safe for pretty much everyone. Although, you should always consult your doctor before starting supplementation of any kind, especially if you have underlying health concerns.

The Differences Between Ecdysterone and Turkesterone

While both supplements have the same function (and we didn't notice any greater effects from one over the other), there are a couple of differences to note. 
The primary distinction is that ecdysterone has undergone trials on humans. Turkesterone, on the other hand, has not. 

The effects of ecdysterone on muscle mass was tested in a 2019 study published in the Archives of Toxicology. The outcome suggested that ecdysterone effectively increased strength and lean mass. 

At the time of writing (October 2022), turkesterone has only been tested on rodents and undergone in-vitro observation.

The second distinction is that turkesterone might be more anabolic than ecdysterone, as proven in one of the most notable rodent studies. 

Named the Comparitive Experimental Investigation of the Anabolic Activity of Phytoecdysteroids, the study involved administering compounds to rats. It found that turkesterone caused the most considerable weight gain, even more so than ecdysterone. 

However, it wasn't that much more effective — ecdysterone led to a 51.9% weight increase, whereas turkesterone led to a 63.5% boost.

Is Ecdysterone or Turkesterone Better?

Even though turkesterone was shown to be slightly (and we mean very slightly) more anabolic than the other, doesn't mean it's better than ecdysterone. 

They are both similar compounds, and we experienced equal results from both (i.e., they're both fantastic for packing on lean muscle mass and increasing strength). 

So, the decision about whether to take ecdysterone or turkesterone just comes down to personal preference. 

Conclusion: Is Ecdysterone Worth It?

Ecdysterone is a type of ecdysteroid found in plants and a few insects. Sometimes referred to as spinach extract, alfa-ecdysone, beta-ecdysterone, or 20-hydroxy-ecdysterone, it does not bring steroidal side effects as it isn't the same as synthetic anabolic steroids. 

It has a similar structure to testosterone. However, it doesn't interfere with your hormones, so there's no need to conduct post-cycle therapy after taking the supplement. 

The compound's abilities to build muscle, speed up recovery, and improve athletic performance has been backed up by thousands of positive testimonials and some scientific research. So, yes, ecdysterone is definitely worth it. 

Although, we want to highlight the importance of taking supplements made from the purest ingredients. Our number one pick for ecdysterone supplementation is Huge Ecdysterone. The serving size is two capsules, and you get a month's supply (30 servings) in every container. 

You can purchase it from the official Huge Supplements website or Amazon, ensuring you get a trusted product every time.

Just make sure you combine ecdysterone supplementation with proper nutrition, quality sleep, and a well-structured training regime for the best results. 

Disclaimer: The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial.


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