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Best CBD Oil For Dogs 2023 To Help with Anxiety, Pain & More

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Best CBD Oil For Dogs 2023 To Help with Anxiety, Pain & More

Using the best CBD oil for dogs can help improve the pet's health. We share a list of top brands that sell the best dog CBD oil.

CBD oil for dogs
CBD oil for dogs

CBD use has increased a lot over the last few years to the point now we have the best CBD oil for dogs. So, if you own a dog, it is possible to find dog CBD oil made especially for pets to ensure it gets all the key CBD benefits. The CBD pet oil can help manage anxiety, pain, seizures, and other health benefits your pet could use. 

In case you want CBD oil for your pet, it is vital to choose wisely. The last thing you want is a full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD oil that does not work. We share reviews about the best CBD oil for dogs below to help you pick the right one for the pet. Keep reading for more details. 

Editor’s Choice
Honest Paws

Why Is It Better?

  • Sources of hemp in the US
  • Non-GMO ingredients 
  • Transparent company 

Top 5 Best CBD Oils For Dogs in 2023

1. Honest Paws

Honest Paws

About the brand: 

Honest Paws holds itself to the highest set of standards in the CBD industry. The aim is to ensure you always get quality CBD oils, even for pets. You will get a 30-day money-back guarantee on the best CBD oil for dogs you get from the brand. The support team is extremely useful in helping you understand the product better before buying the pet CBD oil. 


  • Quality CBD oils for dogs
  • Third-party lab tested 
  • No artificial flavors 


  • Limited flavor choices


  • Non-GMO products
  • Organic CBD oils
  • Made of natural ingredients 

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Honest Paws CBD oil for dogs will help the dog access organic CBD oil that is non-intoxicating. Since it is also based on hemp seed oil and hemp plant in general, it should come with several health benefits. The pet CBD oil, based on reliable sources , will help your dog relax within one hour. You may also use it for occasional joint stiffness in the pet. 

The full spectrum dog CBD oil is the favorite among buyers. This is because of how effective it is at helping the dog experience relief from the pain, anxiety, and other ailments it might be facing. Still, the hemp seed oil is filled with minerals, fatty acids, fiber, and proteins vital for the pet's health. 

The company features several CBD oils a person can buy for their furry friend. You will get CBD oils for dogs for calmness, mobility, overall wellness, and more. Also, CBD oils for dogs also come in different potency options. As such, you can buy the oils knowing which to give to your pet. Most of the dosage is recommended based on the dog's size. 

2. CBDfx


About the brand: 

CBDfx is easily one of the top brands in the market because it also has human CBD oils. The brand has also managed to stay ahead of the competition with its innovative and quality products. In addition to CBD oil for dogs, the brand also has CBD dog treats and CBD balms for dogs. As such, the health of your pet will always be handled better. 


  • Good broad-spectrum CBD oils
  • Offers flavorful CBD oils
  • Human-grade and vegan 


  • It could use more variations


  • Medically reviewed oils 
  • 60-day guarantee
  • Solvent-free oils 
  • Verified potency for CBD oils 

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The CBD oil tinctures from CBDfx are formulated to deliver on the best calming wellness for your dog. CBDfx CBD oil products will work well for various dog sizes and breeds. As such, it does not matter which dog you have, as you will get CBD dog oil infused with organic MCT oil to help it get better. The brand also has CBD dog treats to ensure CBD for dogs can be used in various forms. 

The brand also utilizes high-quality ingredients in the making of pet CBD oil. The oils are now all-natural and vegan. You will also not have to worry about the quality of its CBD oil tinctures since they are tested in third-party labs. This also shows that the company is transparent and reputable in selling CBD pet oil. 

We like the different options of flavors available from CBDfx. You will have options such as bacon, chicken, and more. Also, the best CBD oils for dogs from this brand are categorized based on their potency. You will have strength for small breeds, medium breeds, and large breeds. There is still an extra strength option for those who might want pet CBD oil with an extra punch. 

3. Spruce CBD

Spruce CBD

About the brand: 

Pet owners will be happy with the high-quality CBD oil Spruce CBD has to offer. The brand focuses on making quality CBD oils for your pet just as it would make human-grade CBD oils. The CBD products undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they meet the industry quality standards and that the pets are happy about using its products. We also see that it sources the hemp plants in the US to maintain consistency in product quality. 


  • 100% natural CBD oils
  • Get lab-grade oils 
  • Has no pesticides 


  • Lacks flavoring 


  • Products made in the USA
  • The CBD oils have zero high 
  • The products are third-party tested
  • Uses full-spectrum CBD extract 

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The best CBD oil for dogs needs to be natural, lab grade, and has zero high. The good news is that the best CBD oils from Spruce CBD have all these features. The CBD hemp oil from the brand features all-natural ingredients vital for pet health while not triggering allergies. Still, the full spectrum CBD oil is also lab grade, which assures the buyers of safety. 

Just like Honest Paws CBD oil, the dog CBD oil from this brand is also third-party tested. The third-party labs look for potential contaminants, heavy metals and verify CBD oil ingredients. The lab reports can be viewed from the official brand website. At least you would buy knowing the products would offer the benefits of CBD oil while remaining safe for the pet. 

Spruce CBD also swaps out the hemp seed carrier oil for coconut oil. The aim is to ensure the dog can digest the CBD oil better. Also, the taste is milder, making it easier for the pet to swallow the oil even if you do not put it in its food. You are given a detailed dosage plan on the website to help you administer CBD oil correctly. 

4. NuLeaf Naturals

 NuLeaf Naturals

About the brand: 

Nuleaf Naturals prides itself on offering full spectrum CBD oil for pets. This is thanks to proprietary genetics allowing the brand to utilize the whole hemp plant. The company still gets its hemp in Colorado, ensuring that the quality of CBD products remains consistent. When it comes to customer support, expect to get fast responses and more details about CBD products before buying. 


  • Made with organic hemp
  • Great customer support 
  • Has no solvents 


  • Not the best for picky eaters


  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Offers consistent quality 
  • Has no harsh chemical solvents 
  • Affordable CBD oil for dogs

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This full spectrum CBD oil extracted from a hemp plant features thousands of positive reviews on the official company website. It means more people trust such a company in the CBD industry to make pet CBD oils. You will also realize it is among the affordable options for pets when buying CBD oil. Those who subscribe for delivery every couple of weeks get a discount, which is a good deal. 

The full spectrum CBD oil means your pet gets all the synergetic cannabinoids and terpenes. The potency is also varied so that you only choose the right strength for the pet size and breed. This CBD oil can also work for horses, cats, and other pets, making it quite versatile for various animals. 

You will get a 60-day money-back guarantee on using CBD products from the brand. Such a guarantee should mostly help with building confidence in the brand. To make it better, the brand uses a supercritical CO2 extraction method. This means there are also no contaminants, such as solvents, in the CBD oil. 

5. CBDistillery 



About the brand: 

CBDisitillery offers high-quality CBD products for pets such as dogs and cats. The company focuses more on creating quality products using natural farming practices. At least, the lab reports show that the oil for dogs does not have contaminants. The CBD products are further medically reviewed to provide more confidence to the pet owners that they are getting quality products. 


  • Hemp Authority Certified brand 
  • Uses natural farming practices
  • Cruelty-free products


  • Some delays in shipping 


  • USA-grown hemp 
  • Features Non-GMO hemp oil 
  • Third-party lab tested 
  • 60-day money-back guarantee 

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CBDistillery is also home to high-quality CBD oil. You will get high-quality CBD oils just as you would with Penelope’s Bloom CBD oil. The best part this time around for pet owners is that they will have many options for dog CBD oil. You might not get CBD to isolate oil from the company, but the full-spectrum CBD oil available will still do an excellent job of helping your pet get better. 

We also see that the company features one of the cheapest options in the market. Affordability is key in getting the best CBD oil for dogs, even if you are on a budget. Compared to the other brands, we also see that various CBD oils have hundreds of reviews. At least you now have confidence it is a good brand. 

Being US Hemp Authority Certified means that the brand uses high-quality hemp plants in the production of its CBD products. You can buy knowing the quality is consistent, even for the oil for dogs. The brand focuses on natural farming practices vital for the best results in terms of CBD quality. The same is applied to the extraction process to eliminate potential contaminants. 

What is CBD oil?

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the many compounds in a hemp plant or marijuana plant. The amount can vary a lot depending on the manufacturer. When CBD is extracted, it is then combined with a carrier oil such as coconut oil to end up with CBD oil. 

The hemp-derived CBD oil will have less than 0.3% THC, which is the legal requirement for such products. The THC compound is what makes you feel high. Knowing that it is quite minimal, you would use it for your pet, knowing it will not be at risk of getting high and potentially suffering from additional side effects. 

How Did We Choose These Winners?

You may notice so many options when in the market for dog CBD oils. That is why you need us to check the different brands and advice which are the best. Here is how we chose the winners to be on our list. 

Hemp Source

The hemp extract used in the CBD oil for dogs has to come from hemp plants. We like to know more about where the brand got its hemp plants and if they have used natural farming practices. Just as quality is important in dog food, we also have to consider the quality of the hemp source for CBD oil. 

The extract can now be combined with coconut oil and be used for joint pain in dogs. Coconut oil enhances the bioavailability of the CBD oil. 


Whether it is full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD extract, the additional ingredients can determine if you get pure CBD oil or not. The pets' CBD oil can have additional ingredients vital for ensuring flavor and improving absorption rate when ingested. We check to see if the ingredients are natural or not. 

Overall Potency

High-quality CBD oils can be good for your pet. Well, you still have to consider their strength or potency. This varies a lot from one company to another. The potency should be based on the dog’s size and sometimes breed. We recommend brands with multiple potency options so your dog can always get the right potent CBD oil. 

Quality and Lab Testing

Vets recommend CBD oil to pet owners only if the brand offers lab-tested CBD oil. Lab testing aims to ensure that your product is safe for the pet. We can only recommend the perfect CBD oil if a lab report shows it is a safe product. Also, it would help if a third-party lab does the lab reports for transparency. 

Company Reputation

Human CBD oil can be a measure for pet CBD oil also. We look at the company's reputation to see how well it will deliver on its promises. The use of organic hemp is not everything, as we also have to look at how it is combined with other ingredients. Still, how does the company relate with its customers? These are all vital for determining the company's reputation. 

Tips to Choose the Best CBD Oil for Your Dog

Right now, you might have seen it is possible to find top companies on this list of CBD oil brands. However, what more should you consider when choosing CBD oil from various CBD brands?

Understand The CBD Oil Type

Let us say you are looking for CBD oil for joint health; then you might come across different types, including broad-spectrum oil, full-spectrum oil, and CBD isolate. So, make sure to understand what each CBD oil type does before buying it for your pet. Remember, taking CBD oil correctly can determine if the pet gets better. 

A good example is using full-spectrum CBD oil for joint health, arthritis, and pain in the dog. However, broad-spectrum CBD oil can work well for anxiety, stress, and other related ailments. Most of the time, the brand will recommend which condition can be treated with the CBD oil type. 

Look at the Dosage

CBD tincture dosage is crucial for any pet owner to understand. The company selling CBD oil should clearly indicate the right dosage to use for your dog. Body weight and breed type are often the key determinants of how much the dog can take CBD oil. Also, you can get this information on the product label. 

Testing is Vital 

The pet’s health is crucial; thus, you have to consider how much testing has gone into the product before buying. Your furry friend could use a top-quality product and this means looking at the product’s lab results. You should be able to see if there are any contaminants in the product and if it is high quality also. The lab reports can also help learn more about the ingredient amount in CBD oil. Do they match what is in the product description?


Dogs can sometimes be picky eaters. It is for such reasons that you may want the organic hemp oil to be also flavored. So, what are the options you get with the flavored CBD oil? It might not be a must to buy flavored oils, but they can help encourage the pet to enjoy taking CBD oil. 

In addition to flavor, the brand can also include more ingredients, such as chamomile oil, to soothe the pet even more. 

Great Customer Support

Great customer support can be important for those who need to keep buying CBD oil from the same brand. The last thing you need is not having effective communication with the brand. You can always send an email or make a call to test their support team. If the team can get back to you in a short time, it means they can be trusted to help. 

Quick customer support can also be great for those seeking to get refunds. Imagine sending in a request for a refund and never getting a reply. That is not a company you would want to keep working with. 

Read More Reviews

Reading reviews about a brand can help you understand whether or not the brand is reliable. It is possible that you may find reviews on the company website. If you do not trust such reviews, you can get more reviews about the brand from other trusted sources. If you find that the company has too many negative reviews, we recommend not using such a company. If others have been disappointed, you cannot expect your experience to be better. 

How Does CBD Oil Help Dogs?

Seasonal allergies in addition to relieving pain, anxiety, seizures, and other ailments, are the reasons people use CBD oils with natural ingredients to help their dogs get better. Below is a detailed explanation of how CBD oil helps dogs. 


Just like human CBD oils, you will also find that CBD pet products are crucial in easing the pain in the dog. The pain is mostly because of arthritis and other related conditions. Cornel University did a study to show that a dog given CBD twice a day will show improved signs of pain relief. The dog will even be more active as compared to when it was not using CBD. 


CBD oil tincture from hemp plants can also relieve anxiety in the pet. A recent survey found that pet owners who used the right CBD oil dosage would note that their pets had improved anxiety symptoms. The dogs would also be calmer, showing fewer signs of anxiety behavior while using CBD oils. 

Sometimes you might have a pet that is described as naughty only later to discover it was suffering from anxiety. Common signs that your dog might be anxious include persistent howling and barking, urinating in the house, or chewing through household items. 

Controlling Inflammation 

CBD oil products have several studies indicating how good they can be at relieving inflammation. A study on CBD products, including dog’s CBD oil, being effective at reducing airway inflammation. This shows that dogs CBD oil could be beneficial for dogs with seasonal allergies or respiratory illnesses. 

Joint pain can be a sign of arthritis in a dog. In such a case, you need CBD oil to help get the dog active again. As much as there are not many studies done in dogs on the use of CBD for inflammation relief, the product users have shared enough details to help others consider using CBD for inflammation. 


Seizures, especially in large dogs, are no fun to watch. Your dog’s health is important, and CBD oil can help reduce seizures. Currently, studies exist on using CBD to control seizures in humans and not dogs. We can still use such studies to see if the same applies to pets. CBD oil can reduce the frequency of seizures in the dog. 

Heart Health 

Vets might not recommend using full-spectrum hemp extract for a dog with active heart disease, but it can be good for supporting the dog’s heart health as it ages. Because of its anti-inflammatory and anxiety-relieving benefits, you can see why it would be a good option for the dog’s health. 

How Much CBD Oil Should Your Dog Take?

The best CBD for dog anxiety dosage is often based on the pet's size. So, the larger the dog, the more CBD you will have to give it. The American Kennel Club advises you to use a dose of 0.1 to 0.2 mg of CBD per kilogram of the dog’s weight twice a day. 

For example, if the dog weighs 10kg, the appropriate amount of CBD you should give it is 1 to 2mg CBD twice daily. In the case of a dog that weighs 20kg, then the correct dosage is 2 to 4mg of CBD twice daily. 

Just like you would do in humans, it is best to start with a low dose and only increase when necessary. The increase should be gradual, and take note of how the increase affects the pet. 

Most of the time, the brand will have detailed information about the CBD oil on its label, including the volume and how much you should give the pet. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure the pet can get the right amount of CBD when using hemp oil for dogs.  

How Long Will CBD Oil Take To Kick In?

CBD for dogs just works the same as it would for humans. This means that the effects are expected to kick in within half an hour. Let us say you want to take the dog on a trip, then give it CBD oil half an hour to an hour before the trip. This ensures enough time for the CBD effects to kick in. 

Remember that different ailments will often determine how often the pet owner has to administer CBD oil. The best example is when you have to work with a dog having arthritis. If it is more pronounced, then you may have to keep giving the pet CBD for a month or so to start seeing the improvement in the symptoms. 

Potential Side Effects of CBD Oil for Dogs

Effective CBD oil, especially full spectrum CBD products, are highly unlikely to have serious side effects. If you also check that the product has been tested in a third-party lab, it reduces the worries that it might lead to side effects. However, we see that it is still possible for the dog to experience some of these side effects;

Sedation is among the top reasons why sometimes CBD products are not recommended for the pet. If you notice that the dog tends to look sleepy each time you give it CBD oil, it is best to reduce the amount of CBD oil you are giving it. 

Changes in appetite can also be noticed with a dog taking CBD oil. Some might become overly hungry, while others might lose their appetite altogether. In case the dog has an increased appetite, cut back on its food rations. 

A dry mouth is another potential side effect of the dog using CBD oil. So, expect the pet to have increased water consumption. Ensure the pet has access to enough water to help manage the dry mouth side effect. 


CBD oil for dogs is what you might need as a pet owner to ensure the pet’s health is improved. We have seen that such oil can be good for dealing with pain, anxiety, inflammation, and other benefits. It could be why you end up with the best pet that is always healthy. Even if this is the case, we still recommend using products from top brands. Such will ensure you only get quality products that suit your pet’s health better. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CBD Oil?

This is a type of oil made by combining CBD extracts from a cannabis plant and a carrier oil to make it easier for absorption into the body. The main types of CBD oil include full spectrum, broad spectrum, and CBD isolate. 

How long does CBD Oil take to work?

The CBD effects take an average of 30 minutes to kick in a pet. Sometimes it can take longer, but 30 minutes is enough to see relief in your pet after administering CBD oil. 

What if you give your dog too much CBD oil?

It is not advisable to do so as you might end up with side effects showing in your pet. Sometimes, we find that the pet can have diarrhea, increased nausea, and other side effects because of too many side effects. 

What is the difference between broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD oils for dogs?

Full spectrum CBD oils contain all the cannabinoids and terpenes found in a hemp plant, including THC, as much as it is in small amounts of less than 0.3%. As for broad-spectrum CBD oils, they contain all the cannabinoids in a hemp plant, only that this time around, THC is completely removed. 

Can CBD treat cancer in dogs?

Limited research shows how CBD may help treat cancer in dogs. However, it may help treat resulting symptoms associated with cancer treatment methods. 

How long do the effects of CBD Oil last in a dog?

The effects might last four to six hours, depending on how much CBD you have given the dog, and its weight, among other aspects. So long as you stick to the recommended dosage, the dog should experience the effects for the right amount of time. 

What is the number one rated CBD oil for dogs?

Honest Paws CBD oil remains to be the most-rated pet product to use. The brand ensures its products are high quality, lab tested, and still good in effectiveness. This means you can see an improvement in your pet within weeks of using CBD oils. 

Do veterinarians recommend CBD oil for dogs?

Some might recommend it while others do not so much. Even if a veterinarian recommends using CBD oil for dogs, most would advise that you take caution and stop giving the dog CBD in case of adverse effects. 

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