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Analysts' Must-Have Picks For The 5 Altcoins Set To Shine In This Upcoming Week

The crypto market is in a serious bullish mode, and analysts have picked BTCETF, BTCMTX, MK, and TGC as the mush-have cryptos to buy this upcoming week due to strong presale momentum.


As Bitcoin has recently surpassed the $43K mark, you're probably wondering which crypto to invest in. Rather than seeking out the existing successful coins, it is better to look for new ones with strong potential. Luckily, crypto analysts have handpicked 5 promising altcoins, including Bitcoin ETF Token ($BTCETF), Bitcoin Minetrix ($BTCMTX), Meme Kombat ($MK), and TG Casino ($TGC). These new coins are gaining steam with solid fundamentals and strong presale momentum. So, let's check them out.

1. Bitcoin ETF Token ($BTCETF) – Must-Have Token to Get This Week Amidst ETF Approval Speculations

Analysts attribute Bitcoin's surge in value to the possibility that the SEC may approve a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) in 2024 start. Plus, there is a good chance that Bitcoin will reach $45K this week.

Based on this anticipation, analysts consider Bitcoin ETF Token (BTCETF) to be a must-have coin to get right now. This new token intricately ties the tokenomics to key milestones in the ETF adoption process, like burning 25% of its total supply based on approval. This intentional burning creates scarcity, potentially driving up the value of the remaining tokens.

This disruptive deflationary dynamics attracted analysts and influencers like Austin Hilton, who promotes BTCETF as a prime token for riding the upcoming ETF-driven bull market. Moreover, another influencer, Connor Kenny, is backing the project, calling Bitcoin ETF Token one to watch this week.

BTCETF is currently in a presale and has received substantial investment. Analysts view this as the best time to take advantage of BTCETF's low rates before supply limits and approval spikes become inevitable.

Bitcoin ETF

2. Bitcoin Minetrix ($BTCMTX) – Analyst Must-Have Pick for Effortless Bitcoin Mining

While Bitcoin is surging, mining it is a difficult task because it uses the Proof-of-Work model, which consumes a lot of energy. This is why analysts picked Bitcoin Minetrix ($BTCMTX) as the must-have token to get now.

BTCMTX offers a groundbreaking Stake-to-Mine system that is based on cloud mining. This model lets you mine coins without owning physical miners by renting data center space. By staking BTCMTX tokens, you can get cloud mining credits that can be redeemed for Bitcoin hash power, eliminating the need to buy expensive hardware.

On top of that staking, BTCMTX comes with a lucrative staking protocol that is rapidly gaining traction. This novel concept is catching the attention of investors and miners alike, and it's already getting serious funding. Also, analysts and influencers applaud this project. VoskCoin, which has 617,000 YouTube subscribers, recently reviewed and endorsed this coin, calling it going to make a splash.

With crypto adoption on the rise, Bitcoin Minetrix offers you a chance to get in on the Bitcoin price rise while mining your own coins. Furthermore, with the next Bitcoin halving expected to boost BTC prices even further, BTCMTX is likely to soar, too. So fill your bags with BTCMTX tokens now.

Bitcoin Minetrix

3. Meme Kombat ($MK) – Analyst Favorite Meme Coin Pick with Dual-Earning Potential

In past weeks, major meme coins like PEPE and DOGE have surged, but these coins are based solely on hype without providing any real value. This is where Meme Kombat ($MK) comes in, a project that combines viral meme power with tangible gaming functionality, and analysts are loving it.

Meme Kombat features AI-powered battles between 11 popular meme fighters like DOGE, SHIB, and many more, with the lineup expected to expand in the future. What's more, you can bet on the outcome of the fight with MK tokens. To top it off, staking MK tokens also offers massive APY rewards, offering you a double-earning opportunity.

Analysts are already praising MK for bringing something new to the meme coin space. Crypto influencer Michael Wrubel, whose YouTube channel has more than 310k subscribers, was among the first to recognize the potential of Meme Kombat. He believes $MK could be a viral success and won't get sucked into the IDO crash like other meme tokens.

The MK presale is in full swing and is likely to sell out soon. As meme and gaming coins dominate the market, analysts recommend grabbing MK tokens now before supplies run out.

Meme Kombat

4. TG Casino ($TGC) – The Must-Have Token in the Booming Gambling Crypto Market

Gambling crypto tokens are on the rise, with a market cap of $600 million , according to CoinMarketCap. Amid this growth, a new token called TG Casino (TGC) has been catching the eye of analysts with its innovative features and generous tokenomics.

Being the world's first crypto casino directly accessible via Telegram, TGC allows you to enjoy over 200 provably fair games instantly and without KYC, making deposits, wagers and withdraws seamlessly while earning 25% cashback on all the bets you place.

Furthermore, TGC empowers holders through massive staking yields and regular token burns, which are fueled by a massive 40% casino revenue share. These compelling dynamics have quickly driven TGC’s ongoing presale to an impressive new level.

Many crypto influencers have already outlined TGC's tremendous upside potential. YouTuber Crypto V.O., who has 314k subscribers, sees it as a 100x opportunity. Michael Wrubel, who has over 31,000 YouTube subscribers, even bought $1,000 of TGC.

Analysts are predicting that the TGC presale will sell out faster than anticipated, and it's poised to give top gambling crypto Rollbit serious competition. So grab your share of TGC tokens now.

5. Big Time (BIGTIME) – A Multi-Player Action RPG with Serious Potential

Big Time (BIGTIME) is a coin that fuels a multi-player action RPG with fast-paced combat and an open economy for trading user-generated items. It is a blockchain game space featuring NFTs and Play-to-Earn features. This coin has gained a lot recently, now over 395% in 30 days, and many analysts think more gains are on the way in the upcoming week.


In the coming week, the analysts' top picks are BTCETF, BTCMTX, MK, and TGC. With a distinctive feature set and strong presale performance, these coins are a must-have for you. So take advantage of this opportunity now.

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