Dr. Henry Cabrera and Lavender Waves Farm Launch Exclusive Membership Program

Lavender Waves Farm is also home to 60 animals, 4,000 lavender plants of 10 varieties, and a luxury farm stay suite. Dr. Cabrera cultivates more than just flowers; he nurtures a community of curiosity and connection.

Farm Launch
Dr. Henry Cabrera and Lavender Waves Farm Launch Exclusive Membership Program

It's been almost a decade since Dr. Henry Cabrera, an agricultural visionary committed to innovative approaches to nature, founded what is today known as Lavender Waves Farm in Southern Rhode Island, nestled in the heart of Kingstown.

By day, Dr. Cabrera serves as an anesthesiologist at South County Hospital, and at other times, he runs the locally owned fragrant farm with 14 acres of lavender for people to cut, smell, and bring home.

Lavender Waves Farm is his passion, calling and favorite hobby.

Dr. Henry Cabrera's Lavender Legacy

What started for him as a hobby has quickly blossomed into a thriving business renowned for its unique approach to nature.

"Once I realized that lavender is a unique boutique crop, everything changed," said Dr. Henry Cabrera. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a Bachelor of Science in pre-professional studies and earned his MD from American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine in St. Maarten.

From the operating room to the lavender fields, he finds fulfillment in blending science with nature and believes in the healing power of both medicine and the earth. Dr. Cabrera has a little bit of everything at the farm, including the more heritage varieties of lavender that were first grown for commercial purposes in France.

Others are the same variety that you'll find in people's houses.

"An interesting fact about the farm is that there's no irrigation system here," Cabrera explained. “I don't water these plants at all. Lavender is a dry plant, so it's native to the Mediterranean. So, we have rows built on elevation to bring circulation to the plants, keeping them dry."

These unique insights are a big reason Lavender Farms recently launched an exclusive farm membership program. The program allows its members to gain more education and access to Lavender Farm's garden and animals. By purchasing and partnering with Lavender Farms, members can enjoy guided tours, exclusive perks, and even host wedding ceremonies at Lavender Waves Farm.

Furthermore, members not only witness nature's beauty but also become a part of its ongoing story—a testament to the enduring power of innovation and stewardship.

Lavender Elegance: Dr. Cabrera's Agritourism Haven

Agritourism is a hot commodity, and Lavender Farms is at the forefront of this business model. When Dr. Cabrera purchased the land, he prioritized crucial renovations such as installing electricity and repairing the water system.

He also paid extra attention to animal welfare, expanding his facilities with the addition of three stables, Dutch doors, and a designated poultry area. Lavender Farms also has rare camels that children and families love to see. In the world, two primary breeds of camels exist: the Dromedary and the Bactrian.

Dromedaries, also known as Arabian camels, are abundant across the globe. On the other hand, Bactrian camels are less common, characterized by their distinctive double humps and native to cold-weather regions of Asia.

Only around 1,500 Bactrian camels remain in the wild, with the United States housing an estimated 300 to 500 domesticated ones. Remarkably, Rhode Island boasts a small population of these majestic creatures, with Lavender Waves Farm proudly having three of the five privately held camels in the state.

"We have the only two dromedary camels in Rhode Island named Jack and Bingham," Dr. Cabrera explained. "Jack is the brown one, and Bingham is the white one. They're about 15 years old and were raised together, and we acquired them in March 2023. Humphrey is our gorgeous 3-year-old Bactrian camel. We've had him since he was 5.5 months old. We acquired him from a breeder in Michigan. The dromedaries came from a private individual in Wisconsin. These giant animals are a spectacular addition to any event as they mesmerize guests with their incredible size."

The chickens are also a key part of the ecosystem because Dr. Cabrera doesn't use chemicals at Lavender Farms. The animals eat insects and ticks that attempt to threaten the bloom. Everything at the farm has a purpose and is built and created with the environment in mind.

Visitors can also find four rare white peacocks that call the farm home.

"When people come and stay, they have a gorgeous view of the lavender fields," Dr. Cabrera explained. “And then there are other things we offer, like events. At the end of the day, it's a garden and part of the business for gardens is getting people to come and view it and create experiences with their families in nature."

Driven by a dual purpose, Dr. Cabrera's vision for the farm encompassed restoring its historical essence while integrating sustainable and contemporary farming techniques.

Lavender Waves Farm Introduces Membership Program for Nature Enthusiasts

Dr. Cabrera says the farm membership program has been introduced to elevate the Lavender Farms experience. The membership program allows people to have private time on the farm to do things like wedding ceremonies and family gatherings.

People in the community are invited into the enchanting world of Lavender Farms with four tiers, each offering a unique blend of experiences as attendees embark on a journey of discovery and delight catered to one's personal tastes.

Membership 1: Edelweiss - $600 + $50 per person

  • Enjoy one hour of private access to the farm with a maximum of 10 persons.

  • Receive 20 bundles of dried lavender.

  • Delight in a 20-minute educational farm tour.

Membership 2: SuperBlue - $1,200 + $50 per person

  • Receive 40 bundles of dried lavender.

  • Indulge in two hours of private access to the farm with a maximum of 75 persons.

  • Experience a 20-minute educational farm tour.

Membership 3: Abriali - $1,800 + $50 per person

  • Gain three hours of private access to the farm with a maximum of 75 persons.

  • Receive 60 bundles of dried lavender.

  • Engage in a 30-minute educational farm tour.

Membership 4: Phenomenal - $2,400 + $50 per person

  • Enjoy four hours of private access to the farm with a maximum of 75 persons.

  • Receive 80 bundles of dried lavender.

  • Immerse yourself in a 45-minute educational farm tour.

During scheduled time slots, a dedicated Lavender Waves Farm (LWF) staff member will be present at the entrance gate from the designated parking area to warmly welcome guests. They will oversee the proceedings to ensure safety and efficiency throughout your visit.

Embracing Nature's Beauty: Dr. Cabrera's Lavender Sanctuary

The farm's unique design was done to create a special place of beauty, peace and luxury for visitors. In the short time that the farm has been in business, it has been written about in newspapers, magazines and many other social media sources. According to Dr. Cabrera, life on the farm is a continuous cycle.

The animals demand care every day of the year, necessitating daily tasks such as feeding, cleaning, and attending to their overall well-being. In spring, all 4,000 lavender plants undergo pruning. The peak bloom season unfolds from late June to early August, followed by a secondary bloom persisting until early October. However, there is something to see at the farm year-round.

"Dolly Llama and Humphrey, my Bactrian camel, are some of my personal favorites at the farm," Dr. Henry Cabrera said. I enjoy seeing everything well-manicured. The wagon and entrance path are some of my favorite things on the farm. The path winds quietly through the property, hiding the magnificent field just beyond view."

Lavender Waves Farms Is A Favorite For Young And Old Alike

Cabrera's farm has quickly attracted attention for its unique beauty and tranquil ambiance. Despite being a private property, Dr. Cabrarer opened it for regulated lavender cuttings during peak seasons, starting in 2020. In four short years, the farm has become a community staple.

Cabrera's farm design reflects his commitment to creating a serene space for visitors. Media outlets around the country have written numerous stories on Dr. Cabrera’s innovative farm and recognized his efforts to revive the land as a productive farm. His unique approach to farming has gained support from the community, including family members of the original owners.

Under Dr. Henry Cabrera and his leadership, the farm symbolizes community, sustainability, and nature's beauty. His blend of tradition and innovation has made a significant impact on modern farming practices. Now, he’s ready to take the next step by offering a more expansive membership program that allows members to enjoy Lavender Waves Farm from a unique perspective.

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