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9 Businesses Trying To Transform The World

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9 Businesses Trying To Transform The World

The world of businesses and startups is transforming rapidly and there are certain business leaders who are acting as core contributors to the change. Below are the 9 businesses that are trying to transform the world with their leadership goals.

9 Businesses Trying To Transform The World
9 Businesses Trying To Transform The World

1. Rishi (Priyadarshi Rishiraj), Founder, Moviesaints  

Rishi (Priyadarshi Rishiraj) met with a freak accident that left him blind While he was studying computer engineering in Philadelphia. He was fortunate to regain vision in one eye eventually, and then he jumped into filmmaking.  He quickly realised that independent filmmakers had no infrastructure to release their films and make money easily. As an engineer and an aspiring filmmaker, this problem was personal. And this became the genesis of MovieSaints. 

MovieSaints ( is a technology partner for filmmakers, film festivals, and film clubs. They have built an online theatre that enables an easy, direct, and piracy-proof way to release films worldwide. Their AI-powered smart-ticketing system makes a film available in 150+ countries in local currencies. Additionally, their unique Z-blocking technology directs viewers to nearby theatres where the movie is playing and allows viewers who live far from theatres to watch the film online. Filmmakers can also use their robust anti-piracy technology to store their films and share 'Secured Screeners' to avoid leaks.By combining these interconnected services, MovieSaints aspires to transform the independent cinema space into a thriving industry similar to Hollywood or Bollywood. 

2. Anupama Dalmia, Founder & Chief Mentor, Beyond the Box 

Anupama Dalmia is the Founder & Chief Mentor of Beyond the Box. She has been transforming the space of education and learning, one child at a time for the last six years with her child-led and unconventional approach to mentoring. The mission of BTB is to help children and budding writers unbox the joy of writing and develop love for the written word, and the vision is to empower children by encouraging them to own their thoughts and expression. She has come up with numerous pioneering initiatives to bring the voice of kids out to a larger audience. Last year, BTB came out with the first audio book in the world with stories by kids narrated in their own voices. In 2019, she was also awarded the coveted Karamveer Chakra Honour (Silver) in 2019 for her work done in the area of child development as a part of BTB. Beyond the Box was chosen as the runner-up out of 1000+ participating communities at the Global Book Community Awards 2020 in the category 'Best community for children and young adults’. 

3. Sanjay Kaul, CEO at Workspaces By Innova  

A career veteran with more than 25 years in the service Industry, Sanjay has a bachelor's degree from Gandhi Memorial College, Srinagar. He spent more than 20 years across management levels doing service delivery in the hospitality industry. With his strong and divergent experience in delivering technology solutions & service excellence, he later went on to be the CEO of ‘Workspaces by Innova’. 

A breakthrough innovative proposition in the co-working service Industry, “Workspaces by Innova” uniquely integrates flexibility, vibrancy, wellness, and compliance while offering Industry-best service excellence across all our multiple sites. We understand that workplaces are not just brick and mortar, table and chair or a computer and coffee maker! Office spaces need to rejuvenate, relax and augment one’s agility and delivery, in anything that one does! Our modern office spaces come coupled with pre-eminent service levels that get measured by Global metrics.Workspaces by Innova now has 07 locations across Noida, with each of them focusing on customised, agile technology for all our employees, in an endeavour to build a tech-integrated secure workspace. 

4. Meghna Agarwal, Co-Founder - IndiQube 

The entrepreneurial journey of Meghna Agarwal, Cofounder IndiQube that spans over 1½ decades, has been about challenging status quo, believing in self and beating the odds. Her interest in diverse sectors has led her on a journey of growth across manufacturing, HR, consulting and commercial real estate. Meghna has an MBA in Finance from IMT Ghaziabad and a company secretary degree from the Institute of Company Secretaries of India. She is an angel investor in companies like Brick & Bolt.  She started this journey with IndiQube in 2015 as the flexible workspace provider catering not just to budding entrepreneurs but also to enterprises. Today, IndiQube is an ecosystem of 75+ properties in 12+ cities. Marquee clients like Philips, Hitachi, Eli Lilly, Mahindra Logistics, Standard Chartered, Enphase, LendingKart, Zest amongst many others have chosen IndiQube as their preferred workspace partner. IndiQube has received several noteworthy awards including, The Economic Times “Future Ready Organization 2022-23”, “Startup of the Year” in Entrepreneur Awards 2021, "Best Co-working Space" at Startup Awards 2021 

5. Sreelaj John and Roopam Nayak - Founders of House Of Brands Company ( HOBC ) 

This duo hunts for premium brands on a daily basis. In the last 6 months, their D2C aggregator company - HOBC - has acquired 8 premium brands in the fashion and lifestyle space. In a short span of time HOBC has created a cult-like following for their products. HOBC fans eagerly wait for the monthly brand launch events that happen virtually on their mobile app. Due to high demand, products tend to stock out in just a matter of minutes during these events. As the founders articulately put it - "HOBC is a platform for the "California users" of India. They form only 1% of the Indian population but generate 70% of all eCommerce revenue in India. ".  

HOBC competes with the likes of  MensaBrands, GOAT Brand Labs, GlobalBees but focuses exclusively on premium brands. 

6. Shweta Aprameya, Founder ARTH 

ARTH, established by Shweta Aprameya, is an impact-led Micro MSME Fintech firm. Its core objective is to provide access to affordable financial services to millions of under-served micro-entrepreneurs, with a focus on nano-women entrepreneurs. It has three key impact objectives: Micro-enterprise Financing, Livelihood Enhancing Services Support, and hyper-local economy employment. The firm aims to become a financial partner to micro-entrepreneurs by leveraging its phygital model and data-led technology to address its customer's unique financial service needs. Through its two-pronged digital approach and the hyper-local partnership model, ARTH has supported over 70,000 women-led micro businesses and touched the lives of over 3.7 lakh (55% of these customers were new to credit) people, across 18400 pin codes.  ARTH has been one of the first fintech firms to build an integrated credit & payment solution for the micro-MSME through a last-mile collaborative partnership model. The model also reduces the information gap that exists for underwriting the segment, improving access to formal credit. ARTH recently raised US$2.5 million from esteemed DEG, MIT Alumni & Impact Angels. 

7. Mr. Kapil Bardeja, CEO & Co Founder- Vehant Technologies 

Incubated in Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Delhi in 2005, Vehant Technologies is a pioneer in Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning- based Physical Security, Surveillance and Traffic Monitoring & Junction Enforcement Solutions. Vehant Technologies boasts worldwide sales, service, and manufacturing facilities based out of India & Netherlands that can quickly respond to customer needs and deliver products & solutions anywhere in the world. Designed and developed indigenously to meet global standards, features, and quality, it enterprise class solutions continuously leverage technological innovations such as Machine learning, deep learning, etc. Excellence in R&D being its core strength, allows it to offer industry-leading features to the customers. Vehant Technologies operates in 3 verticals- Security screening, smart and safe city & Enterprise analytics. The company has added new product lines in each vertical. In the security screening space, the company has recently launched Cargo scanners of size 1800 mm/1500 mm and it is the first Indian company to do so. In the Traffic Enforcement and Management vertical, again Vehant is the first Indian company to develop a Radar based speed detection and enforcement system. 

8. Vinod Varma Ainampudi, Chief Executive Officer at PRISM Political Consultancy Services LLP 

Vinod Varma Ainampudi is the Chief Executive Officer at PRISM Political Consultancy Services LLP. He has core expertise in strategy planning, risk management, and operations transformation. He holds a decade of business leadership experience in Public Relations Management, Brand Management, Digital Marketing, and other fields.PRISM is a Political Consultancy firm that provides support to individuals using its expertise in Building Strategies and Implementing them in an effective way. Prism helps a politically involved person should lead, act quickly and decisively, communicate clearly by connecting with the citizens and have the ability to understand the issues on the ground. Prism reaches out to the public and tries to understand the pulse of society. Prism has vigorous experience in making strategies in the field of politics which automatically leads to an accurate path to success for their clients. Prism’s 360 Degree Coverage ensures the performance of political delegates. PRISM connects with visionary leaders from all over the country, help them identify the audience-focused agenda, and develops constructive strategies to execute and gain maximum audience attention 

9. Kanika Chhabra, Founder Crypto-PR and V Spark Communications 

Kanika Chhabra, Founder Crypto-PR and V Spark Communications,  is at the helm of driving brand strategy for start-ups in the Web 3.0 universe. Kanika is instrumental in succouring her multi-niche clientele in strategically utilising crypto in their host of investments, operational and transactional walks of life. Along with garnering digital visibility for startups from scratch, she establishes a pellucid understanding of the business marketing pursuits of crypto, with educating her clientele on undertaking the crypto brandwagon, for the holistic profitability of budding startups and established companies.  

An avid communications specialist, Kanika has been steering the PR and marketing wheel of expertise for over a decade via her brand management firm, V Spark Communications. Bridging the new-age digital awareness gap overseeing intrinsic brand strategy, she ideates new-age out-of-box strategies, maintaining a personal branding-public media connection.