June 13, 2021
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How Ranodeep Saha And Vijaya Kumar Thalanki Rajgopal Are Helping Artisans Through 'Rare Planet'

Started in 2015, Rare Planet is a Lifestyle retailer of quirky handmade products ranging from home décor to stationery. They have currently launched a range of really cool face masks. Rare Planet currently operates decor & souvenir range pan India and has its stores at the major airports.

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How Ranodeep Saha And Vijaya Kumar Thalanki Rajgopal Are Helping Artisans Through 'Rare Planet'
Ranodeep Saha And Vijaya Kumar Thalanki Rajgopal
How Ranodeep Saha And Vijaya Kumar Thalanki Rajgopal Are Helping Artisans Through 'Rare Planet'

Ranodeep Saha says that his start-up creates value by uplifting traditional rural artisans by enabling a steady source of income through the handcrafted products that customers love to buy. He's proud of the brand that he has built.

In the same breath, he mentions Vijaya Kumar's immense contribution to Rare Planet's growth over the past few years. Mr. Kumar, co-founder, Rare Planet,  has decades of experience across retail operations and marketing.

Ranodeep regards Kumar as his guide and mentor, without whom this phenomenal growth would not have been possible.

Talking of the artisans and preserving our olden folk art forms, Rare Planet has brought these back to life at swanky malls and posh airport stores. The artisans prepare terracotta products, decorative brass items, and copperware. Terracotta mugs and kulhads are hand-painted by rural artisans. Bringing these mundane objects alive also ensure they have a steady livelihood in these uncertain times. Rare Planet, directly and indirectly, employs over 10,000 artisans. The items made by them are ideal as decor items in homes, offices, and other commercial spaces.

Ranodeep started Rare Planet during his college days by painting on clay kulhads and selling them at makeshift stalls at various local events. But he did not abandon it. He went on to scale and expand his business, which started as a passion. And when he realized it was time to take his small business to new highs, he found a co-founder, guide, and mentor in Vijaya Kumar.

But it was not so simple. There is a crazy amount of research and effort that goes behind these products, especially kulhads. They need to be sun-dried, polished, coated, and at the same time, it needs to be ensured that they are food safe. Starting with kulhads, he diversified into other products like stationery, home decor, ceramic, and more recently, the ubiquitous face mask!

In the early days, Ranodeep did not have it easy. He had to toil hard approaching stores and shop owners to lend him shelf space. It was at this time that he realized how expensive shelf space should be! But in the end, hard work bore fruit, and Rare Planet was finally registered.

Ranodeep incorporated Rare Planet in 2017, and later in 2019, Vijaya Kumar joined in. Since then, there has been no looking back. The graph has only soared higher for Saha, Kumar, and Rare Planet.  Not only in terms of sales and revenue and terms of recognition, Ranodeep has not looked back. He has been recognized on various platforms for creating value for customers and employment for thousands of Indians. All in all, it has been a big win, a legacy!





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