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Extra Marital Affairs In A Birth Chart: Dr. Vinay Bajrangi

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Extra Marital Affairs In A Birth Chart: Dr. Vinay Bajrangi

With the increasing exposure of social media and avenues like Matrimonial sites, finding a perfect life partner is not that a big challenge despite having too many expectations and a particular mindset for a life partner.

Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, Astrologer

Finding a perfect and loyal life partner, be it Love or arranged marriage, is a matter of Good luck. Then carrying the floweret of the love relationship to blossom as a successful and happy married life largely depends on us. We need to consider our “life partner” as a person to complement rather than competing. This statement means a lot. But what happens when some hidden factors start bothering us and when such feelings are there, all our efforts take a totally different direction.

We start doubting even if there is nothing like this, and as a human being, once such things apprehend our mind, it isn't easy to come out. Result: mistrust, the biggest evil for any relationship, more so in married life where both the sole mates have to live together for every moment of life.But can we do something to ridicule all such apprehensions before we make someone our partner for life? Yes, says Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, one of the best Indian Astrologers. He says one can find out all possibilities and cross-check whether your life partner will be loyal to you or not? So, we extended our discussions on how to know about extra marital flings in a relationship in this series of Outlook Initiative for our readers

Can we see secret relationship from a birth chart

Yes, one can see secret relationships from a birth chart. But then first understand, why would anyone get involved in a secret relationship or extra marital affairs? With the increasing exposure of social media and avenues like Matrimonial sites, finding a perfect life partner is not that a big challenge despite having too many expectations and a particular mindset for a life partner. Then carrying the relationship to a very great extent is in our hands and still a manageable affair. But if there is secrecy in a relationship, it may be very difficult to find, and even if you can find it, it could be unmanageable by the time you come to know about it. It will generally lead to keep the relationship always in doubt or spoil many life(s). Either way, no one would ever like it. But let me tell you, a small check on this aspect can put all such apprehensions to rest to the extent human efforts in astrology can be genuine. And this check to see secret relationship lies embedded in any birth chart. 

This is all a game plan of Moon, Jupiter and Mercury. Moon, our mind is controlled by Jupiter, our wisdom and Mercury, our intelligence. Here, the astrologer will see if the Moon in the spouse’s Horoscope has a connection more towards wisdom and Dharma or extra lustful or sensual tendencies. If Mercury is in conjunction with the 5th or 9th house from the natal Moon, the person will have carnal and illegal lustful desires. But if Jupiter is in good control over the 5th and 9th houses from Moon, the person will be loyal to the spouse. So it is a fight between Mercury and Jupiter over Moon in your birth chart to indicate a secret relationship, a cheating spouse or a loyal spouse in your life.   

The essential foundation of a happy married life, be it Love or arranged marriage, is trust between the couple and respect for each other. If a horoscope can help you find the right life partner, it can also let you find secret and self-created reasons for marriage and married life issues. Yes, I am referring to the factors of the third person’s involvement after marriage, extramarital affairs, secret relationship after marriage, Infidelity, cheating on a spouse or any other synonym you may call it. You can know about other relationships of your spouse from birth chart. One can know all about Infidelity or extramarital flings from the birth details of the spouse. 

How to check extramarital affair in birth chart 

There are specific combinations to indicate this secret relationship and extramarital affairs in the birth chart. However, you need a master to read such combinations in birth chart for extramarital affairs and fidelity. First, let us understand from a commoner’s view point as to why would such tendencies could fantasize a normal person. 

Sometimes too much imbalance in mental level, sexual compatibility, and professional compulsions take the lead in giving extramarital affairs. Sometimes infidelity tendencies are inbuilt in a person’s character. All these factors leading to extramarital affairs and other relationships after marriage can be seen from the birth chart of the spouse. Added fuel to the fire is the increasing fashion of chatting and exposure of the internet and social sites. People start flocking together just for the sake of it or fun but eventually get involved in secret relationships and extramarital affairs post marriage. Most of such factors can be foreseen if you marry after matching the Horoscope. There are methods to check relationship compatibility; by checking Tara Koot, one can find the level of trust between the couple, Varna Koot and Vashya Koot for nature, mutual relations & attraction and Yoni Koot for sex and physical compatibility. 

The best way to find about an extramarital affair or secret relationship in a birth chart using astrology is to examine it before the marriage. One can easily find out the indication of extramarital affairs of a spouse through matching the charts for marriage as briefed above. Now understand how astrology finds about an extramarital or secret relationship from a birth chart in more detail.

  1. For any relationship, the Moon, the significator of mind, plays an important role. 
  2. Venus denotes Love and romance. 
  3. Rahu is the planet that prompts a person to break social norms. 
  4. Mars denotes aggression & passion. 
  5. So, a bad conjunction of these planets indicates extramarital affairs and other relationships in a person’s birth chart.  
  6. The 3rd, 7th and 11th houses are Kama Trikona( desire)
  7. The 5th house is the house for romance & the 12th house is for bed pleasure. 
  8. A secret relationship after marriage in a birth chart will affect all the above traits. 
  9. Connection of Rahu, Venus, Moon or Mars with 3rd, 5th, 7th, 11th and 12th house and their Lordship indicate secret love /extramarital affairs in a birth chart. 

The same way, there are many other combinations in a horoscope that helps a person know the spouse's loyalty factor. The best is that one should spend a few minutes with a master to know the position of all the combinations that will make or break a good marriage. Do it before marriage. But, if you missed doing it, there are still chances to make your married life happy. 

Best remedies for extramarital affairs 

First, one should try to avoid the possibility of any fidelity factor or extramarital flings by getting the horoscope matched before marriage. As I said earlier, checking of Tara Koot, Varna Koot, and Vashya Koot confirms the trust and mutual respect level between the two persons. An expert can even check your D-81 & D-108 on the subject, but these are very less heard charts, and only a few astrologers will refer to.  

Now, if you missed it and such an issue haunts your mind, the best remedy to deal with extra marital affairs is to consult a person who understands and interprets planets' language. I do not encourage any superficial or materialistic rituals to resolve such issues, including the Vashikaran methods. It is a matter of self-created reasons creating mistrust to spoil the relationship, therefore the best remedy to deal with the infidelity like factors is to generate faith in a relationship.

How do you do it - meet an Astro –marriage counsellor. Through a counselling session, this person can let you know whether you only have doubts on your spouse or such tendencies are actually there. If, unfortunately, such tendencies are there, this person can even confront and convince you of the situation that one will have to face if such reasons are not reconciled.

Don’t forget a married life has a direct impact on your profession, and a good astrologer can even convince you to come out of such clutches else, it can affect your career. I am witness to many such cases, especially high profile where I have used this as a theory of stick and carrot, and I am happy that the results have been quite encouraging. You can read more on how to resolve married life issues. 

This was Dr Vinay Bajrangi in this series of relevance of Astrology in present times. For any other astrology insights, one can reach him on , write email on [email protected] or call his office on 9278555588/9278665588.