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Niira Radia Tapes

#27 Kanimozhi: May 23, 2009 09:59:02

'I think the government should insist on going in a big way about the Dish TV or whatever, or to make sure the entire cable network is open to everybody'

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#27 Kanimozhi: May 23, 2009 09:59:02

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Kanimozhi:  Hello.

Niira Radia:  Hi, Kanni.

Kanimozhi:  Hi, Nira

Niira Radia:  I spoke to them again whether they would speak to the CM and give him some message, but they haven’t taken a call, I think what is being spread right now is that the infrastructure should not be given to Baalu and Raja. When actually what is being said is that it should not be given to Maran and Baalu. So there is also a view that, he hasn’t met Sonia Gandhi, I have confirmed that.

Kanimozhi:  Yeah, even I found out.

Niira Radia:  He is not met and I believe that he has indicated to somebody that he has met your father separately and had a meeting with him and briefed him on Delhi and your father had told him to quietly have a meeting in Delhi on his own.

Kanimozhi:  No, that’s not true. Because when my – he actually asked everybody to leave and he just wanted to have a word alone. My mother, I mean, she didn’t realize that, she just took her glass of buttermilk to my father, so she happened to be there, through the entire conversation, he was trying to give [Inaudible] to him saying that it is important, we should be there, what, it’s okay, I don’t mind. So that is what he said, I mean, he hasn’t said anything alone. So dad hasn’t said anything. Today, dad has been told that nobody who is actually interested in joining the cabinet should be allowed to negotiate.

Niira Radia:  Correct, correct. Absolutely, yeah.

Kanimozhi:  Dad is quite okay with that.

Niira Radia:  Yeah, yeah. So I guess that’s the better way to do it, no?

Kanimozhi:  He is just lying and spreading…

Niira Radia:  No, he is saying that by the way. Because I spoke to Rajdeep just a few minutes ago. So, I asked Rajdeep, I said where did you get this information from? Then he said, look I’m going to tell you something. He said Sun TV is actually working overtime in spreading news to my, all our correspondents, not only ours, but Times Now and everybody else. They are working overnight to just spread information and he said I recognized it last night, they gave us wrong information when they said that it had been done, the deal was signed, you know? Yeah, and he said I recognized, so I’m very conscious of it, but this whole aspect of infrastructure not going to Raja and Baalu is very dangerous. And I said, look I don’t think you should be, prime minister has already clarified all this. So then again I spoke to my, the Congress and asked them whether there was any statement like this on infrastructure. They said, we’ve given the births, we have not said anything else. Telecom is already infrastructure. So if prime minister has any reservation, then...

Kanimozhi:  See, telecom is, like we only asked telecom for Raja.

Niira Radia:  Correct, correct.

Kanimozhi:  If they have problems, they wouldn’t have given it back to us.

Niira Radia:  They said exactly that. They said exactly that, that infrastructure is telecom, we don’t have any problem with it but what he has done is, he has used that very cleverly by saying infrastructure is not, because Raja and Baalu are not welcome. I’m the only one now who fits for telecom, because he doesn’t want to go to labor or chemical fertilizer.

Kanimozhi:  He doesn’t want to go because it’s not good for his image.

Niira Radia:  That’s right, that’s right. So just to let you know that that’s the way he has used it cleverly and Congress is…

Kanimozhi:  You should [Indiscernible]. He is very – see, let us – yo should tell them also, Nira. He is the one who is actually creating half the problem.

Niira Radia:  I did that, yeah. This morning, all my messages to everyone went that it’s he is the only one. And I explained the whole Alagiri expect, that they have to understand that he is a mass leader. And in any case, in any party, priority would always go to a mass leader.

Kanimozhi:  Exactly.

Niira Radia:  Yeah, so he is not a mass leader and therefore he is not a priority, he is trying it.

Kanimozhi:  We have other elections coming [Indiscernible] [0:04:06:6]. We do not want to antagonize all his followers.

Niira Radia:  Yes, correct.

Kanimozhi:  But actually one thing is you can tell them also, even if they are not happy, you can do exactly what Lalu did. You can get a good MOS under him, who will answer [Indiscernible] he has to deal with, he will answer.

Niira Radia:  Correct. Absolutely, absolutely. Yeah, yeah. I don’t think they have a problem with him, by the way. They don’t have a problem with Alagiri. Congress has no problem with him.

Kanimozhi:  No, no, so that is a problem. But this guy is the one who wants telecom and he is spreading rumors, but I don’t think even the DMK is interested in giving him telecom.

Niira Radia:  I don’t think so.

Kanimozhi:  Because we’ve got our own channel and then it will go against us also.

Niira Radia:  But look, Kanni, you need to [Indiscernible] [0:04:55.1] deal with his last mile later on, but we really have to deal with that whole issue because of his blackmail to the other channels, which is the only reason he has been able to do what he is, confusion he is able to create. But you have a meeting in the afternoon, is it?

Kanimozhi:  No, nothing like that. But then whoever is going to come to take over communication, they should come, go. I mean, I think the government should insist on going in a big way about the Dish TV or whatever, or to make sure the entire cable network is open to everybody.

Niira Radia:  No, we’re doing that. We are going to work on the policy on, we’re going to set a lobby for it. That the last mile has to be dismissed, we’re very, everyone is fed up, all the channels are fed up. I’ll tell you that. We’re starting that process. We’re not – even we all go together on that issue.

Kanimozhi:  Not just in Tamil Nadu, all over the country…

Niira Radia:  All over the country. Because you have to be fair, you have to be equitable to everyone.

Kanimozhi:  Exactly. I mean, nobody should have this kind of a stranglehold on, anybody for that matter.

Niira Radia:  That’s right, that’s right. I mean, what Jayalalitha had done against him was the right thing. She had taken it into the state. That was the right thing. But Kanni, your father hasn’t decided who the MSB [Phonetic] [0:06:08.5] is going to be, right, for negotiations?

Kanimozhi:  I think they will decide today.

Niira Radia:  They will decide today. [Audio Gap]. This whole thing of wanting extra birth, and how he spread it the last two days is giving you a very, very bad impression, very, very bad impression. Somewhere on the line your father has to come up…

Kanimozhi:  I think – today, I think it will get sorted out. [Indiscernible] [0:07:05.6] because I am worried one extra word this way, that way will completely go…


Source: This is what was attached to the SC petition

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