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Super Green Malay Kratom Euphoria & Effects Explained - Green Malay Vs Maeng Da

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Super Green Malay Kratom Euphoria & Effects Explained - Green Malay Vs Maeng Da

This guide is going to be more than talking about using Green Malay for a euphoric hit though. I’ll cover everything you need to know about buying and using Green Malay.

Super Green Malay Kratom
Super Green Malay Kratom

Green Malaysian kratom (as its commonly referred to as Green Malay) is one of the most balanced and rewarding kratom strains to use. However, you have to use high-quality kratom to get the best Green Malay kratom euphoria experience.

This guide is going to be more than talking about using Green Malay for a euphoric hit though. I’ll cover everything you need to know about buying and using Green Malay.

I’ll be talking about the kratom capsules and powder from this fantastic seller:

•    Kona Kratom Green Malay capsules

We will talk about kratom vein colors and other strains too, what are their benefits, and how important they really are.
You’ll also learn the difference between normal green Malay strain and Super Green Malay, as well as talk about what green Maeng Da kratom really is, so you can understand the difference between these types of kratom.

Green Malay Kratom Strain: What Makes It Good

If you can get genuine Malaysian kratom (mitragyna speciosa), with the classic traits of Green Malay, usually from the mainland Malaysian kratom, then it does have some specific key benefits:

•    Green Malay is a great mood enhancer at higher dosages euphoric high
•    Green Malay is very well balanced in its spectrum of effects
•    At low doses, Green Malay offers good energy and focus with calmness
•    Green Malay (and other green kratom strains as well) offers anxiety reductions
•    Green Malay can deliver a lift from depression
•    Green Malay is renowned for having long-lasting effects

At low doses, I feel good on Green Malaysian kratom. It’s balanced, lifts your mood, and still delivers energy and focus, but really chills you out. As the dose increases, that chilled-out feeling increases, but you don’t lose so much energy and focus as you do with red vein kratom, and is not as jittery as white vein kratom strains I’ve used.

Then, when you get that Green Malay kratom powder the euphoria point, usually above 8 g a good quality green malay kratom powder, really can be a fantastic ride.

The euphoric experience on Green Malay lasts for a couple of hours. A rush of happiness and positivity, but really calm and detached. No jitteriness or anxiety, just a really fantastic feeling. As you peak, it becomes very euphoric and then settles down over a couple of hours into a gentle and peaceful relaxation.

If you overdose it, you can experience mild side effects, it's not serious in the worst case you will throw up. That's why it's important to start with small doses and increase them slowly. Other than that there are no serious side effects of kratom use. Kratom is not bad for your heart and it doesn't cause liver damage, none of these claims are true.

Super Green Malay Kratom Explained

Let’s just quickly explain what Super Green Malay kratom actually is. Exactly how “super” is it?

Nobody actually knows what “super kratom” is. For some types of kratom, it’s merely a marketing term that sellers put on the kratom that is a little stronger in order to sell it to you are a higher price.

Traditionally though, super kratom, although it’s not called super kratom in Southeast Asia, is a slightly more selective type of kratom.

With super kratom, the older kratom trees have bigger leaves are selected during harvesting, and they tend to be the ones higher up the tree that gets more sunlight, which apparently means they have a stronger alkaloid profile.

This is then ground into a powder that is a little bit stronger than normal, so Super Green Malay should give you exactly the same experience as normal Malay, but with a little edge at the same dose level.

Green Malay Vs Maeng Da Kratom

When people look at a comparison between Green Malay Vs Maeng Da, even specifically Green Maeng Da, they are really comparing apples to oranges, because they aren’t 100% comparable.

The problem is that Maeng Da isn’t a strain of kratom and could be literally any type of kratom: Malay, Bali, Sumatra or Borneo kratom. It translates as “pimp grade”, so it’s just a marketing term to tell you it’s stronger than other kratom strains.

It can actually be a single strain. A batch of Green Malay could be stronger than usual, so they label it up as Green Maeng Da instead.
Or, it could be a blend of different green vein kratom strains, or greens and reds, greens and whites. There is no formula, and it can be literally any type of kratom singly, or blended, that’s stronger than normal.

But it won’t have the exact feel of Green Malay, because it’s so variable. Sure, it should be stronger, but it’s basically incomparable. If you are looking for high quality Green Maeng Da kratom powder, I would recommend Kona Kratom , I bought 100 grams for testing, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality. Probably the bestGreen Maeng Da I have ever tried.

How To Dose & Use Green Malay Kratom

The problem with using Green Malay, and as I found over the years with using all types of kratom, is that each batch is different in terms of its alkaloid balance.
Sure, you get the traits of the vein color and as long as you get could quality kratom, the strains can be different as well. But dosage is vital to your experience, and you have to adjust only slightly at times to ensure you don’t take too much, or not enough.

Because it’s difficult to give you an exact dosage for Green Malay experimentation in this review, all I can do is talk you through the brackets of kratom dosing I have used myself:

•    2 – 3 g small doses for minor stimulant effect
•    4 – 5 g moderate full-spectrum dose for all effects
•    6 – 7 g full-spectrum intermediate dose for all effects
•    8 – 10 g strong full-spectrum dose (can be too much for some)
•    Above 10 g: very strong/euphoric/overwhelming dose

If you’re a true beginner with kratom, then I’d recommend using Green Malay at a small dose and working up.

That way, you’ll get to experience the full spectrum of effects from a minor stimulant, through to the energizing and calmness, then into euphoria, and judging the dosage level that you need to be euphoric but without slipping into complete numbness and detachment (and often just passing out sleep).
•    Start with a couple of grams, and increase a gram at a time. At a 4 g dose, you should definitely be feeling notable effects.
•    6 g of good quality Green Malay should be starting to feel very relaxing and chilling.
•    8 g – 9 g is when you should start to feel a slight rushing happiness, that is beginning to feel euphoric but is controllable (be aware that some people may need a couple of grams more than this).

Reaching A Green Malay Kratom Euphoria State

If you’re going to reach a euphoric state with Green Malay, it has to have the following product traits:
•    Rich and earthy texture to the kratom powder
•    Should arrive beautifully packaged and airtight
•    You should be able to feel even a couple of grams of dose
•    Good quality kratom really kicks in around four or 5 g
•    Once you’ve experimented with ramping up the dose with each experience, then you can find where you start to get that euphoric feeling.

I wouldn’t advise you to push too far past that point. With kratom experimentation, you want to push that point slightly with another gram or so, but don’t overwhelm yourself.

But heading up to around 10 g, you should get euphoric, rush high, that is not anxious, not jittery, and makes you feel warm, helps you to drift, and takes away all your worries in a state of happiness.

Green Malay Review: Supporting Info For Choosing Great Kratom Products

Now I’ve talked you through some of the specifics of using Green Malay kratom, and offered you my expertise on years of experience using it, I want to give you some supporting Info for helping you to choose good quality green malay kratom, and the formats you can buy kratom like Green Malay in.

Kratom Vein Colors Explained

When it comes to kratom products there is a myriad of choices. It can be very confusing for beginners.

You’ve got three vein colors, tons of different strains, and a spectrum dose compound that has different effects depending on the type and dose you take. Kratom's effects also differ by vein colors.It can mean a long journey of experimentation that has some frustrations.

To understand more potency about where Green Malay sits, let’s quickly explain how kratom leaf vein colors work:

1.    White kratom is the most energizing, especially at lower doses. Its alkaloid profile will deliver more energy and sharpness than red or green kratom. At high doses, it is rushing and attaching high, with sedation at high doses as well, which is common to all kratom.

2.    Red kratom is the least energizing, especially at higher doses. The higher the dose, the more sedative effects opiate-like it is, delivering a deep calm, detachment, relieve pain, and sedate. Because of its analgesic effects, it's perfect to help with opioid withdrawal symptoms. For dosages and recommended strains, click here.

3.     strains. How important is it to choose a precise one? For me, I’ve never found it is important is picking the right vein color, and getting good quality kratom to take at the right dose.

Although if you get good quality kratom there are differences in the alkaloid profiles, they are quite subtle and some people can’t feel the difference at all. Also, consider Green Malay as an example here. The obvious point is it comes from Malaysia, right?

But, the island of Borneo is also owned by Malaysia, as well as Indonesia, and Brunei. It contains the region of Kalimantan as well.

Borneo kratom can be called Borneo, Malay, Indo, and Kalimantan kratom. So if you get Malay kratom from Borneo rather than Malaysia directly, is it the same kratom? The obvious point is it’s not, and yet it will be routinely exported, packed up, and sold to you as Malay, even though it’s several different types of slightly different kratom.

How Kratom Is Grown And Harvested

To understand the different types of kratom, and why Green Malay is one of the specific strains growing kratom you should seek out, you have to understand how kratom trees are grown and harvested.

This is how kratom’s grown and harvested:

1. Kratom is a tree. It’s a member of the coffee family. The kratom leaves are picked depending on maturity, with larger and older leaves tend to be richer in alkaloids.

2. The leaves are then dried out. Traditionally this is done by laying them out in the sun until they are dried thoroughly, and then they are ground into a powder.

3. Modern drying-out methods can include drying out in the dark, under UV light, or under artificial heat. Doing these things can change the alkaloid profile, and therefore the experience of kratom.

4. Then, it’s ground into a fine powder once the stalks have been removed. Kratom leaves can also be boiled into a resin to be ground, or have the alkaloid skimmed off, during various processes that create kratom extracts and ultra-enhanced kratom.

So as you can see, there’s no one way of harvesting and preparing the best kratom. When you add to that the variations on locations, you can start to see why when people talk about specific strains, there really aren’t that many specific things going on.

Should You Buy Powder Or Capsules?

When it comes to buying good quality Green Malay, you have a choice between powder and capsules.

Green Malay powder pros:

•         Cheapest way of buying Green Malay
•         Can be consumed in a wide variety of ways
•         Easy to consume
•         Can be easily mixed with other kratom strains

Green Malay powder cons:

•    Kratom powder tastes bitter
•    Unpalatable for some people
•    If the stomach not empty can take some time for the full dose to kick in

Now let’s take a look at Green Malay capsules by comparison.

Green Malay capsule pros:

•    The easiest way to consume kratom
•    No dealing with the bitter taste of kratom
•    No trying to mix the powder into a liquid
•    The whole dose hits your stomach in one go
•    Effortless exact dosing

Green Malay capsule cons:
•    Price – capsules are usually more expensive than powder

There is another product called kratom shot, it’s a liquid kratom extract. You can read our review of kratom shots here.

Green Malay Kratom: Summary & Review Conclusion

As a frequent kratom user, who has used and reviewed all the main strains from a multitude of other kratom users and sellers, I have always found Green Malay to be one of the most consistent, and the best kratom strain to use.

If you’re a first-time user looking for Green Malay to experiment with, I would recommend you start with good quality kratom capsules.

That way you don’t have to deal with the raw powder taste, weighing it, or consuming it at all.

Kratom capsules make it very easy to dose precisely, leaving less room for an error in your dosing.

Where To Buy Good Quality Green Malay Kratom

Let’s finish up here by telling you where to buy good quality, Green Malay.

For me, Kona Kratom is a great choice, because they offer a huge range of kratom powder, capsules, and things like super kratom and extracts.

In terms of Green Malay, these are your choices:

Green Malay Powder, Green Malay Capsules, Super Green Malay

You’ll get rapid shipping with a full money back guarantee on all the kratom strains you buy. They are a reputable company who have been around for several years, and I’ve never had any problems ordering from them.

Disclaimer: The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial.