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Golo Diet Pills Review 2023: Everything You Need To Know

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Golo Diet Pills Review 2023: Everything You Need To Know

Now, this Golo diet pills review discusses things you should know about the product. But first, let’s have a quick look at the pros and cons of this dietary supplement.

Golo Diet Pills
Golo Diet Pills

So, you’re looking for something to help you cut down some weight. Well, the Golo diet pills might be what you’re looking for and this Golo Diet Pill review aims to help you assess just how effective this weight loss supplement really is. 

TLDR: Our Golo Diet Pill Review Verdict: 

The Golo Diet Pills have some standout ingredients, but their are also some questionable additions to the blend. Results were hit and miss and this seems the case with online reviews from real users too - as a result, we prefer the following two alternatives: 

Trimtone - Our No.1 Alternative For Women 

PhenQ - Our No.1 Alternative For Men & Women (Stimulant Free) 

The company that developed the Golo pills is also behind the Golo diet. A dietary program that simply outlines daily food guidelines to help you reduce weight. Its makers claim it works best with the Golo diet pills.  

Now, this Golo diet pills review discusses things you should know about the product. But first, let’s have a quick look at the pros and cons of this dietary supplement: 

Golo Diet Pills Pros and Cons: 


  • The Golo dietary supplement can suppress appetite 
  • It contains adaptogens that help increase energy 
  • This supplement could improve your metabolism 
  • Offers protection against free radicals and boosts immune function 
  • Could improve brain activity to combat anxiety and stress 
  • It comes with a Golo Diet Metabolic Plan 


  • It might cause stomach cramps and headaches in some people 
  • The Golo dietary supplement is a bit pricey compared to other products  

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Benefits of Golo Diet Pills 

Like other dietary supplements, the Golo diet pill flaunts several health benefits. It means the product isn’t only for weight loss. It also has other features to improve your well-being. Let’s have a more in-depth look at these benefits.  

1. Suppresses Appetite for Losing Weight 

Otherwise known as Golo Release, the maker designed this diet pill to reduce cravings. The company said that it suppresses appetite by regulating blood sugar efficiently. 

This dietary supplement hopes to help those that don’t have much access to a balanced diet. These are folks that are always on the go. Busy people simply don’t have the time to prepare healthy meals every day.  

Many struggle with abnormal eating habits too. Most people aren’t aware that blood sugar has something to do with excessive appetite. What's worse is that they don’t know how to manage their blood sugar. Thus, this pill aims to do just that.  

However, users have conflicting takes on this supplement. Some claim that the pill helps their sugar level stay within normal range. That’s thanks to its Banaba leaf extract. Likewise, it has Chromium to help glucose function effectively.  

In other words, the Golo Release possesses components that maintain hormonal balance. These hormones improve both glucose and insulin levels.  

On the other hand, Golo’s ability to reduce appetite disappointed some customers. A purchaser even said that he craved sweet foods that were unappealing to him in the past. As it turns out, this user gained weight.    

Speaking of weight, users reported that the Golo pill helped them lose several pounds. That said, not everyone shared the same experience. Many are saying that this product didn’t bring any noticeable change in their weight. 

2. Improves Metabolism 

Golo Release could also improve your metabolism. That’s because of its mineral content like zinc, magnesium, and chromium. Furthermore, these minerals could help improve insulin sensitivity.  

However, they don’t have any direct impact on weight loss. Likewise, only those who are mineral-deficient could benefit from these ingredients. So, if you're on a strict keto or vegan diet, these minerals might help you.   

Alternatively, these ingredients won’t be quite helpful if your diet is rich in minerals. You can enjoy the same benefits by consuming whole grains, veggies, and animal-based meats.  

3. Increases Energy 

Another benefit the Golo diet pill has is its ability to increase your energy. This one is for those who live a rather active lifestyle. Parents with kids, athletes, and manual laborers might find this Golo product beneficial.  

According to Golo’s website, this pill has an ingredient called adaptogen. You can extract it from certain mushrooms and plants. When consumed, this ingredient helps your body handle stress and fatigue. 

You see, cortisol increases when you’re stressed. The pill's adaptogen content deals with stress by lowering your cortisol level.  

While Golo has this substance, we learned it isn’t an antidote against long-term stress. Meaning, an adaptogen is just a band-aid solution. It's meant only for the short term.  

It might be the reason why some users aren’t happy with the product. They’re having second thoughts about the pill's energy-boosting capabilities.   

For some, the supplement’s ability to increase their energy isn't enough. Customers claim it did nothing with their fatigue and tiredness. A user even reported that taking vitamin B12 supplements could deliver more energy than this pill. 

4. Offers Protection Against Free Radicals 

Taking Golo Release could also protect you against free radicals. They could cause cancer, heart disease, and other illnesses.  

The protection is courtesy of the supplement’s plant-based ingredients. They could shield you against oxidative stress. That means that they’ll help your body maintain a normal antioxidant level.  

However, we suggest you consult your doctor first if you’re under medication. That’s because of the Golo pill’s berberine content. Berberine is a plant extract that could interfere with certain prescription drugs.   

To put it into perspective, Berberine could lessen the effectiveness of your medicine. However, it could also increase the drug’s efficacy to toxic levels. Lastly, this plant extract isn't safe if you're pregnant or breastfeeding.    

5. Reduces Anxiety 

Golo developed this dietary supplement to help people fight anxiety too. You see, a study showed that around 12% of the U.S. adult population suffers from worry and nervousness.  

For that reason, many of them take antidepressants. These drugs help them combat their mental health problems. However, the said drugs have some adverse effects. For one, they make you feel more tired. Secondly, they could cause you to gain weight.  

Those side effects are counterintuitive to what Golo wants to achieve. That said, the company offers a substitute to improve your mental well-being. The only difference between most antidepressants and Golo supplements is their components.  

The latter’s all-natural ingredients could positively impact your appetite. On the contrary, antidepressants obstruct serotonin. This activity could increase your cravings for food rich in carbohydrates.  

A reviewer said that the Golo Release worsened his depression, though. So, he had to stop taking the supplement for a few days. What’s surprising is that he felt better during the break. He then again took the pills, but his depression came back. He also had some headaches. 

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Golo Release Supplement’s Distinct Attributes 

The following shows what separates the Golo Release Supplement from other diet pills. This section will further help you decide whether the product is for you or not. Read on to learn more.  

1. Golo’s Extensive Testing Process 

Golo’s website says that the company extensively tests its supplements. It also claims to have a team of doctors and pharmacists. These medical experts work together in developing Golo products.   

However, the site's About Us page only has the names of its CEO and president. Although there were a few doctors who gave some positive feedback about Golo. You can check them out on the website’s home page. 

Furthermore, the site confirms that the company outsources its ingredients with great diligence. Meaning, it purchases raw materials from suppliers that meet safety standards. Golo conducts tests upon receipt of ingredients.  

On top of that, Golo manufactures its products in the United States. Thus, the supplement is tested according to the Current Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines.  

Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) 

It’s important for companies like Golo that they adhere to the guidelines of CGMP . It gives the public assurance that their products are safe for consumption.  

CGMP requires manufacturers to observe safety methods during production. It also ensures that Golo has the appropriate facilities and proper packaging process. Lastly, CGMP expects the supplement to have the components it says it has.  

2. 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee 

What some customers like about Golo is its 60-day money-back guarantee period. However, keep in mind that it’s good for first-time orders only. In addition, it’s limited to one return per customer.  

In case you’re wondering when the 60-day period starts—well, it begins when you receive your supplement. So, you don't have to worry about shipment delays.  

Another thing to like about Golo is that they ship products free of charge. However, the company doesn't shoulder return shipping fees. There’ll be no refund of return shipping fees as well.  

Besides that, in case the product gets damaged during shipment, you may return it to Golo. The company will either offer a full refund or send you a replacement.  

If you ask for a refund, give the company at least 7 to 10 business days to complete the process. The processing time begins when Golo receives the returned supplements. The refund should be in your nominated account after another 2 to 3 days.  

In case you bought the supplement from a third-party source, contact the shop. Let the store know that you wish to return an item.  

3. Includes the Golo Metabolic Plan 

When you purchase the Release supplement, expect to receive the Golo Metabolic Plan. This add-on is what excites many customers. It includes booklets and cards that consist of everyday dietary guidelines.  

From there, you’ll see your daily recommended calorie intake. You just have to check the booklet for your age, gender, and weight. Additionally, the plan encourages supplement users to consume whole foods. It includes fresh fruits and veggies, fish, eggs, and whole grains.  

We’ll have a closer look at the Golo diet in the next section.  

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Golo Diet: A Closer Look 

Otherwise known as the Golo Metabolic Plan, the Golo diet was once the most Googled diet. This happened in 2016.  

The core idea of this program is to help your metabolism function efficiently. To do that, the plan recommends that you only take between 1,300 to 1,800 calories per day. 

Supposedly, 2500 is the recommended calorie intake for men. Women should at least take around 2000 per day. That said, expect to lose weight with Golo’s reduced-calorie recommendation. 

You should distribute the suggested calorie count to breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s also recommended that you take one Release capsule after every meal. A bottle of this supplement has a total of 90 capsules. That means that a bottle could last a month.  

This program might help you cut some weight for a short period. However, some believe that this approach may not be for the long term. Perhaps Golo’s daily 15-minute recommended exercise could help. You might be able to shed some more pounds with that activity.  

On top of that, following a three-meal-per-day program may be challenging for some. So, if you’re used to having in-between meals, expect to feel hungry during late afternoons.    

Lastly, the Golo Metabolic Plan includes a list of recommended foods. Likewise, it has a list of foods they discourage you to take. Let's take a look! 

Golo Diet’s Recommended Foods  

Products rich in protein are the first on the list of Golo diet’s recommended foods. They include eggs, milk, yogurt, and cheese. You could also eat beef, pork, and chicken meat. When it comes to grain products, the plan suggests that you stick to quinoa and brown rice.  

You could have both fresh or frozen sea foods as well as some vegetables too. Veggies include broccoli, zucchini, potatoes, and asparagus. If you love using fats when cooking, Golo recommends olive and coconut oil. You may likewise have some almonds and walnuts.  

Lastly, the Golo diet suggests that you observe the following food ratio: 50% low-calorie veggies, 30% protein-rich food, and 20% fats. 

Golo Diet’s Prohibited Foods 

Drinking beer is a no-no in the Golo diet. This beverage is high in calories which could lead to weight gain. The same goes for sweetened drinks like colas and fruit juices. The plan also tells you to avoid artificial sweeteners or any sugar substitutes.  

Golo recommends that you refrain from eating processed foods as well. Most of them have high fat and salt content. In addition, avoid consuming butter and oily foods.  

The diet plan likewise suggests that you don’t eat white bread. It could make your blood sugar increase rapidly. Moreover, its refined carbohydrates could lead to weight gain.  

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Better Alternative to Golo Diet Pills 

If you still haven’t made a decision about the Golo Diet pills, worry no more. We looked for some alternatives to this supplement.  

Our inquiries led us to a product called PhenQ. We’re not sure if you’ve heard about this weight loss pill. However, there are reasons to believe that it could be a better option than Golo Release.  

Let’s see!  

What Is PhenQ? 

PhenQ is a diet supplement produced by Wolfson Brands (more about the company later).  

The maker’s designed this product for both men and women. It consists of ingredients that are scientifically proven for weight loss. Furthermore, Wolfson Brand produced this diet pill in CGMP and FDA-registered facilities.  

To realize PhenQ’s weight loss efficiency, it’s recommended that you only take two pills daily. That’s one pill during breakfast and one during lunch.  

Unlike Golo Release, where you need to take a pill after dinner, you shouldn’t take PhenQ after 3 PM. It has a high energy-boosting ability. This keeps you energized during the day. That said, taking a pill late in the afternoon might interfere with your sleep.  

What’s more? This supplement contains 100% vegan and vegetarian ingredients. So needless to say, no animals were harmed in producing this diet pill. 

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How Does PhenQ Work? (Contents and Benefits) 

Now that you know what PhenQ is, let’s learn how it works. We’ll explore its contents and benefits as well as how it affects people’s health.  

1. Reduces Excess Weight 

What better way to shed excess weight than to burn it? PhenQ made it possible with its patented ingredient called α-Lacys Reset. Its formula contains cysteine base, magnesium, and alpha-lipoic acid.  

Apart from weight loss benefits, the pill could counteract free radicals in your body. That’s thanks to its alpha-lipoic acid content. This component is an efficient antioxidant and could also help you shed some pounds.  

A study shows that alpha-lipoic was able to help people reduce body weight. Those individuals lost almost a quarter of a kilogram in just 14 weeks.  

More than that, PhenQ also has L-cysteine. This natural amino acid is responsible for suppressing appetite and increasing muscle mass. Likewise, the magnesium content of this supplement could reduce body mass index. 

These ingredients could be the reason why PhenQ enjoyed positive reviews. Users claimed they've seen significant changes in their weight. Some of them said that they lost 4 to 5 pounds two weeks after taking the first pill. 

2. Burns Fats 

Another health benefit of PhenQ is its ability to burn fats. One of the ingredients that this diet pill has is Capsimax powder. It contains capsaicinoids which are scientifically proven to reduce fat mass.  

From pepper and chili pepper extracts, capsaicinoids work by enhancing your metabolism. In other words, it helps your body turn food into energy. So, instead of being stored as fats, your body burns them quickly.  

Its positive results made some customers continue taking PhenQ. Additionally, many of them claimed that they see no side effects from this supplement.  

Well, it’s consistent with what PhenQ’s website said. The site mentioned that you can continue taking this supplement as long as you need. That’s without fear of experiencing adverse effects.  

Moreover, the makers said that the supplement doesn't interact with any medications. That includes oral contraceptives. However, if you have existing health problems, don’t take this pill yet. Consult a doctor first as the website suggests.   

3. Improves Athletic Performance 

Folks in the athletic community might benefit from the PhenQ supplement. Apart from L-carnitine which keeps you pumped up, this diet pill also has caffeine. You know that caffeine reduces tiredness and helps us be more focused. It improves muscle strength as well.  

You see, filtering and processing caffeine produces caffeine anhydrous. PhenQ contains 150 milligrams of this by-product. Caffeine anhydrous is more concentrated than caffeine. Thus, it could make you feel more energized.  

That attribute made caffeine anhydrous popular among sports buffs. It helps them improve their athletic performance. Besides that, caffeine regulates hunger hormones. As a result, you’ll feel less hungry when you consume it. 

4. Curbs Cravings 

Another component that PhenQ has is chromium picolinate or CrPic. PhenQ’s website said that it helps reduce your cravings for carbs and sweet foods. 

Well, research backs this up. The result shows that CrPic helped overweight women cut down their fat cravings. Simply put, their food intake and hunger levels improved. Additionally, their body weight decreased as well. 

Customers also back up PhenQ's claim about its ability to curb cravings. They said that the pill helped them control their unnecessary urges to eat. They overcame their cravings after a few weeks of taking the supplement.       

PhenQ’s Money-Back Guarantee 

Like the Golo diet pill, PhenQ offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. The company provides this guarantee to let consumers confidently try its product.  

The website states that if you want a refund, just return the first two empty bottles of PhenQ within 60 days. You could also include unopened bottles. The company will refund the entire purchase price. However, you have to shoulder the shipping cost.   

The Company Behind PhenQ 

Many are apprehensive about buying dietary pills. For one, they don’t know who’s behind the supplement. They fear that the maker doesn’t have the expertise to deliver the promised results.  

Wolfson Brands—the company behind PhenQ has been producing quality products for years. It has developed over 40 innovative products since 2005. It has 19 subsidiaries from different parts of the world.  

Wolfson Brands was a 2022 finalist in the Great British Entrepreneur Awards. It was also a finalist of Community for Scale-Up Entrepreneur of the same year.  

Final Thoughts 

So there it is—an in-depth Golo diet pills review.  

We discovered that this supplement has the attributes to help you lose some weight. First, it could put a stop to excessive eating. While some aren’t satisfied with it; still, many seem to enjoy its positive outcome. 

Likewise, we learned that Golo Release has adaptogens to help you deal with fatigue. The ingredient could counter short-term stress. We saw too that this pill is a good alternative to antidepressants. The latter could increase your food cravings.  

That said, we found out that there’s an alternative to Golo Release. Overweight folks and hardcore athletes might find PhenQ handy. Its scientifically-proven ingredients and the maker’s reputation make the pill worth considering. 

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