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Buy 1-Star Google Reviews | 7 Best Sites To Buy 1-Star Google Reviews In 2023

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Buy 1-Star Google Reviews | 7 Best Sites To Buy 1-Star Google Reviews In 2023

Buy negative Google reviews and get positive ones with the most reliable sites, and Avail of 1-star Google reviews at affordable prices and amplify your business online presence.

Buy 1-Star Google Reviews
Buy 1-Star Google Reviews

Editor’s Choice: is the best site to buy 1-star Google reviews seamlessly. Get various offers, avail of their free Google reviews, and deliver them quickly. 

Have you ever wondered how 1-star Google reviews can get 5-star Google ratings? 

Yes, it is possible! 

By Buying negative Google reviews! Well, all that glitters is not gold so win the trust of your users. When you buy them, users see your business as a real and trusted one. After all, it’s not possible for a business to have all the positive reviews.  

But where can you buy these negative reviews so your business has full control over negative 1-star reviews?  

Confused! is the best site to buy 1-star Google reviews. 

Don’t worry! Read below. 

7 Best Sites To Buy 1-Star Google Reviews 


👉Score: 10/10 


Buy affordable 1-star Google reviews with! 

One of the safest platforms to buy 1-star Google Reviews is The company provides unique social media marketing strategies at affordable prices. delivers effective and efficient negative review services with the best customer support throughout the process. 

They provide customized Google reviews for the different needs of businesses. Check out their wide variety of services with affordable pricing and the best customer support team. 


  • Permanent and bad written comments 
  • Dedicated customer support team 
  • Targeted and high-quality reviews 


  • No live chats  


👉Score: 9.8/10 


Purchase 1-star Google Reviews with 

The platform sells genuine reviews from real people who will leave a 1-star Google review on a desired business profile. They claim to give you instant delivery of Google reviews and are top on the list of helping their clients to buy 1-star Google reviews. offers the best customer support, and also the cost of buying Google reviews is affordable and effective. They do not compromise quality, bringing you the desired 1-star Google reviews.  


  • Real 1-star Google reviews 
  • 30-days refill guarantee 
  • Instant delivery 


  • Bitcoin payment mode is not available 


👉Score: 9.5/10 


Get high-quality 1-star Google Reviews with! has a reputation that is unrivaled in the industry. They make the process of buying 1-star Google Reviews seamless for their clients. The platform offers competitive pricing, which means you will find better pricing. 

They can help you with positive Google reviews , considerably growing your online business. Also, they have a dedicated team for 24*7 customer support for your queries and concerns.  


  • High-quality 1-star Google reviews 
  • Transparent working culture 
  • Caters to different social platform needs 


  • Few payment options are available 

#4. DemandReview 

👉Score: 8.5/10 

Bring the best Google reviews with! is a website that specializes in assisting in purchasing 1-star Google reviews for desired business profiles. They are professional in understanding their clients' different needs and helping them bring the desired engagement. 

The company has experience serving clients for over a decade, thus helping your business grow profusely online. They extend exceptional 24/7 customer support for all your queries. 


  • Quick delivery of 1-star Google reviews 
  • Work for reputation management 
  • Affordable prices 


  • Few payment modes are available 

#5. FameGoogle 

👉Score: 8/10 

Get cheap 1-star Google Reviews with FameGoogle! 

The site will help your brand with all the social media services. They allow you to gain exposure effortlessly with the best 1-star Google reviews.  

FameGoogle guarantees high-quality engagement and promises to deliver Google reviews within 72 hours of placing an order. The best feature of FameGoogle is that they provide transparent pricing information on their website, which shows their loyalty towards every client. The support team is available with live chats and video calls. 


  • Fast service for online reviews 
  • Real 1-star Google Reviews 
  • Good customer support 


  • A relatively new online company 

#6. BuyFame 

👉Score: 7.5/10 

Get instant 1-star Google reviews with! 

You need more than fake engagement for your credibility; thus, promises to bring real 1-star Google reviews to your business profile. The platform offers a broad range of promotional services not only for Google but for other platforms, too. 

Customer support is available as needed, and the services are high quality, ensuring a positive experience. The platform is reliable for advancing your brand with the added benefits of trustworthiness. 


  • Value for money services 
  • Long-lasting 1-star Google reviews 
  • Refill and refund guarantee 


  • Fails to deliver outstanding results 

#7. Socialreviews 

👉Score: 7/10 

Get 1-star Google Reviews with a refill and refund guarantee by Socialreviewz! 

The platform is effectively known for its ability to understand the requirements of its clients and help them acquire genuine engagement. They prioritize your needs and offer you with a comprehensive range of services. 

Socialreviewz has excellent proficiency in assisting clients in buying negative Google reviews. They deliver 1-star Google Reviews in a few minutes, have excellent customer support, and a 30-day Refill Guarantee. 


  • Reviews from real and active users 
  • Cheap 1-star Google reviews 
  • Fast customer support 


  • Fake 1-star Google Reviews 

Here is a perfect blog explaining why purchasing negative Google reviews can be the best strategy to grow your online presence. Know the best sites to buy 1-star Google reviews and get honest reviews with them. 

Best Reasons to Buy Real 1-star Google Reviews 

Now, you will no longer be skeptical of buying 1-star Google reviews as we bring you the best reasons why buying negative reviews is important and how these reviews will help to cut off the competition. 

#1. Buy to boost trust of your customers via your Google Business Page 

When you buy negative reviews with 1-star for your business, it helps your brand by building trust. When you have hundreds of positive and no negative reviews, visitors think something is wrong. So, take full control of your business by writing subtle negative reviews about your business. This option you get from  

#2. Buy to boost your Google Business Page 

The best reason to buy genuine 1-star Google reviews is to boost your business. Your business doesn't get a presence when you don’t have a long list of Google reviews, whether positive or negative. Also, when your business is new, you want to amplify your reach. At this point, you must think of buying Google reviews, may it be negative. These negative reviews will help you make your business an online presence.  

People may be suspicious and skeptical about using the brand if you purchase only positive Google reviews. So, to bring out the balance, you will need to buy 1-star Google reviews. 

#3. Buy to take down your competitor 

Another fantastic and strategic reason to buy a 1-star Google review is to take down your competitor. In this, you buy negative Google reviews for your competition’s business profile.  

When someone looks for your product online, they will probably choose you over your competitors. As their business profile will be full of negative comments, you will get the advantage of taking over many clients. 

Learn to Choose the Best Site to buy  Genuine 1-star Google Review 

Look for the following while choosing the best site to buy genuine 1-star Google reviews: 

#1. SSL encrypted 

Many sites claim to sell Google reviews but are fake. Also, some need to learn about the information you give them. Thus, ensuring the site is SSL encrypted is essential and takes intense care of the data and details the clients share.  

#2. Positive reviews 

Check for the reviews, showing whether the site is reliable and trustworthy. You can even check the testimonials and personally ask them about the site. Search and find the best for your negative Google reviews.  

#3. 24*7 Customer support 

24/7 customer support is a must for resolving your queries and concerns. Ask if the site offers constant support; you can also look for sites that offer free live chats and video call services at the time of queries. 

#4. Refund and Refills 

In case you may lose the reviews,  the site should provide a guarantee of refills. Also if they fail to deliver the services at the proper time, they must give you a refund guarantee. Thus, look for sites that provide refund and refill guarantees. 

#5. Timely delivery 

There are sites with instant delivery, and they begin to process your order as soon as you place an order with them. Also, you can choose the facility of drip-feed as it will make your Google reviews look organic and natural. Look for sites that provide drip-feed choices, as instant delivery can make things look unnatural.  

#6. Real 1-star Google reviews 

If the site offers free negative Google reviews, then avail of those reviews to check if they deliver real 1-star Google Reviews. The site you choose should follow Google's algorithm, as it will bring reviews from active accounts, and you will not get banned from their services. 

Now that you know how to buy real Google reviews, tap on selecting the best website to gain the desired online reputation for your business Google page. Work on elevating your business profile and get more Google reviews seamlessly. Remember that Google detects fake reviews, so choose a provider with legitimate reviews with excellent customer service and bring potential customers to your business page. 

Does Purchasing 1-Star Google Reviews Make any Difference? 

Yes, it is worth purchasing 1-star Google reviews due to the following reasons: 

#1. It helps you to climb those search engine results and send the right message. 

#2. Even when you buy negative Google reviews, people will see your brand as it increases visibility. 

#3. These reviews help to prove yourself when you reply to each negative comment with a positive attitude, and people see how accountable the brand is. 

#4. It helps to bring out the balance between the negative and positive google reviews. 

#5. Also, strategically using the 1-star Google reviews can reduce the competition, increasing your sales and leads. 

#6. Negative reviews give the brand a chance to improve and convert these negatives into positive Google reviews by working on them dedicatedly.  

In addition, every business must work towards gaining more positive Google reviews for their Google business profile. Reviews are essential to online marketing as they drive traffic to your website, showcasing that consumers rely heavily on such reviews. To achieve positive Google reviews, one must do the following needfuls: 

  • Provide excellent customer satisfaction 24/7 to deliver the best to customers. 
  • Encourage satisfied customers to leave feedback, which can be very helpful for your brand online. 
  • Optimize your brand online presence by crafting content that makes you stand out. Create content according to your target audience and get good Google reviews. 
  • Share your business profile on every social media platform, like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Also, post the blog and make the best use of these platforms.  
  • Try to post valuable content consistently to bring engagement. 

These tactics help you to bring more tremendous success while maintaining authenticity in the eyes of potential clients. You must also invest in local search engine optimization and legitimate ratings.  

The referred sites are trusted and reliable and give legitimate Google reviews for your Google business page. Be aware of the sites that provide fake Google reviews. Choose the best for yourself and enchant the magic of buying Google reviews with high quality. 


Buying negative Google reviews has become a widespread practice in recent times. The purpose is not only to damage the competitor's image but also to make it look like you have more positive feedback than you do.  

The key is to purchase negative Google reviews from reputed sites so that they bring you negative Google reviews from real people, and everything seems organic and natural. 

End your search by buying Negative Google reviews with, is one of the most trusted platforms for all your social media problems. They have years of experience dealing with clients promoting their social media platforms.  

With exceptional 24*7 customer support, they have gained the trust of their clients. The best thing about is their understanding of the client’s niche areas and then writing reviews. 

Also, avail of their targeted Google reviews and bring the best to your plate at affordable rates with 

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying 1-star Google Reviews 

#1. Which is the best site to buy 1-star Google Reviews? is the best site to buy 1-star Google reviews. The platform has experience serving clients for many years, and they are known for its exceptional 24*7 customer support. They promise to bring you real customer reviews by working according to Google's algorithm, thus bringing safety and security to your Google business account. Try’s excellent service for buying Google reviews and making your business grow. 

#2. Is buying real 1-star Google Reviews possible? 

Yes, you can buy real 1-star Google reviews. Many sites sell social media marketing services for Google reviews. Choose the ones who promise to sell real reviews from real and active people by making your business profile more trustworthy and credible. 

#3. How to buy a 1-star Google Review? 

Here is how you can buy a 1-star Google review: choose a legit site that sells genuine Google reviews. Look if they provide reviews from genuine and active accounts and ensure the site has a good customer review before purchasing. Follow the steps to purchase 1-star Google reviews: 

  • Open the site link 
  • Click on Google reviews 
  • Check the various packages and offers for Google reviews 
  • Choose a desired package 
  • Then, select a payment mode 
  • Make the payment  
  • Relax and wait for your Google reviews. 

#4. What is the cost of buying Google reviews with 1-star? 

The competitive pricing of sites that sell Google reviews with 1-star are: 

  • Buy 1 1-star negative Google review at $8.50 
  • Buy 2 1-star negative Google reviews at $15.50 
  • Buy 3 1-star negative Google reviews at $22.50 
  • Buy 5 1-star negative Google reviews at $35.50 
  • Buy 10 1-star negative Google reviews at $70.50 
  • Buy 20 1-star negative Google reviews at $140.50 
  • Buy 50 1-star negative Google reviews at $299.50 
  • Buy 100 1-star negative Google reviews at $575.50 
  • Buy 250 1-star negative Google reviews at $1250.50 

#5. Is it legal to Buy Google Reviews? 

Yes, it is entirely legal to purchase bad Google reviews. Google does not have any policies restricting its users from buying Google reviews. Remember that those reviews should be from real people and active accounts. It will make reviews look authentic and genuine, so buy Google negative reviews carefree. 

#6. Is buying authentic 1-star Google Reviews a good strategy? 

Buying Google reviews is a good strategy for making an online presence for your business. But buying authentic 1-star Google reviews can be a great strategic approach to deriving positive feedback. A company receiving only positive reviews may lead to prompt questions and curiosity. Also, negative reviews can significantly help cut the competition when purchased from a competitor.  

#7. Can Google detect fake 1-star Google Reviews? 

No, Google can not detect fake reviews as these reviews look the same as the genuine reviews and ratings on a business profile. These reviews are non-detectable. But you should always look for sites with real 1-star Google reviews, as it will keep your business profile safe and secure. 

#8. How many 1-star or negative reviews do I need for my business? 

It ideally depends on the business need; if you want to increase the visibility of your business, then purchase 50 reviews initially. You can also buy free Google reviews and see how they work for your business profile. Sites like,, and offer free 1-star Google reviews. 

#9. Does buying 1-star Google Reviews work? 

Buying a 1-star Google review works, as it adds value to your business page. Buying negative reviews will also make your business look active. It will show that you are making some sales. Also, when you buy fake reviews for your competitor, your business will get a positive response, and people may leave genuine positive Google reviews for your business.  

#10. When can I expect the delivery of 1-star Google Reviews? 

If you are purchasing negative Google reviews from reputable sites like,, and, then you can expect delivery of 1-star Google reviews within 72 hours of making a purchase. These sites start processing your order as soon as you place an order. If they do not deliver on time, you can contact their 24*7 customer care support for your queries and concerns. 

#11. Can I get 1-star Google Reviews from real and active people? 

Choosing a secure and certified site with an SSL certificate, a refill and refund guarantee, and promises to deliver 24*7 customer support can bring you 1-star Google reviews from real and active people.  

#12. Why are 1-star Google Reviews important? 

Every mention of your business online will make a positive or negative difference. Few negative comments on your business profile are much needed as it will help you to maintain a balance. It will also show how a company responds to negative criticism.  

If you want to round out your brand’s credibility online, just make sure it comes as authentic as possible to your audience. Thus, remaining active in the community is more important than receiving positive or negative reviews. 

#13. How do I get a 1-star Google Review taken down? 

You cannot get a negative review taken down. The only way you can do this is to bring the negative comments down by achieving more positive reviews. Work on receiving positive reviews by making your customers happy. 

 Your service should speak for itself, work upon the after-sales services, and improve customer support. And then customers will deliberately deliver good and positive Google reviews on your business profile. 

#14. What are the various payment modes available to buy 1-star Google Reviews? 

Trustworthy sites like,, and give you huge choices in payment modes. You can pay through Apple Pay, Debit card, Credit card, Visa, PayPal, and sometimes cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. 

#15. Can you pay for bad reviews on Google? 

Yes, one can pay for bad reviews on Google. It is one of the popular marketing strategies to beat your competitors or to balance positive and negative reviews to make things seem natural. You can pay to reliable sites to sell bad or negative Google reviews. 

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