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Best THC Detox Drinks - What Is A Good Detox Drink To Flush Your System

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Best THC Detox Drinks - What Is A Good Detox Drink To Flush Your System

Let us first understand the term detoxification. Detox includes cleaning impurities or toxins in our bodies. It’s always better to use a combination of ingredients to cleanse the body.

Best THC Detox Drinks
Best THC Detox Drinks

Our bodies accumulate tons of toxins over time. For rediscovering the healthy you, using the best THC detox drinks to cleanse the body seems like an excellent choice. We need to ensure we perform detoxification at regular intervals to clean the body. Today, there are many detox drinks and diets to help you with the same.

They are getting popular with every passing day. So - how to choose the best one?

Let us first understand the term detoxification. Detox includes cleaning impurities or toxins in our bodies. It’s always better to use a combination of ingredients to cleanse the body. There are several detox drinks you can try. Each of them works in different ways and has various potent ingredients known for their cleansing properties.

According to research done by Oregon Health & Science University, the rate of teen cannabis abuse skyrocketed to 245% in around 20 years. And the number is consistently rising. But cannabis is not completely safe for the human body. So, what should you do before it’s too late? Well, the good thing is you can always go through a full body cleanse with detox drinks.

THC Detox Drinks

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What Are THC Detox Drinks?

To put it simply, THC detox drinks are a kind of health drink that cleanses your body of THC metabolites, toxins, and impurities. Usually, THC cleansing products have natural ingredients like herbs and vitamins. Moreover, you can also find all-natural detox products with safe ingredients. Thus, you can consume them without any worries. Using such products, you will not face any harmful effects. 

In addition, coffee, infused waters, and smoothies come in a similar category. But of course, they won’t detox your body as fast as good detox drinks. Moreover, the brighter side of using THC detox drinks and products is that they revitalize the body with essential nutrients. Interested? Read more about them!

Why And When Do You Need To Detox Your Body From THC?

As we mentioned earlier, abusing cannabis can do some serious damage to our bodies. The negative effects could vary. And it is time to do something about it.

Moreover, THC doesn’t only affect regular or heavy users. It affects those who work, live, or come in contact with them as they become passive users. Yes, the effects are lesser and hard to see, but they do exist.

Some of us are aware of how dangerous cannabis can be, so we purchase CBD products. Unfortunately, contrary to popular belief, several CBD products do have THC in them. So, to stay healthy using a THC cleanser is a must for any type of THC user. If you use CBD products, check if it has THC in it.

THC Detox Drinks

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To be on the safe side, it is best to cleanse your system if your CBD product indeed has THC. And if your partner is a THC user or you work with people who use it can also benefit from THC detoxing.

3 Best THC Detox Drinks for Better and Faster Detoxing 

You will find a plethora of detox products in the market all promising the same thing. While some products do work others are there to scam gullible people. This is why in this section we are going to list some of the best, well-known, widely popular, and pocket-friendly detox drinks for you to consider. 

It is really important to go through all the possible information available before purchasing products like THC detox drinks. For instance, how are the reviews, what are the ingredients and who is the manufacturer? We know, it seems like a lot of work. But that’s what we are here for. 

The cleansing drinks listed below are some of the best ways to detox your body in 24 hours. So, read carefully to choose the most suitable detox drink.

Detoxify Mega Clean - Still The Best

Looking for the ideal product to cleanse toxins from your body? Detoxify Mega Clean is a great detox product to start with. It is quite a popular drink that works well by purging out toxins and impurities. 

THC Detox Drinks

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Also, there are several benefits of using this detox drink. 

How To Use Detoxify Mega Clean Detox Drink?

It’s really simple. Just a few steps:

1.    The first step is to shake the detox bottle well. 
2.    Drink the product completely. 
3.    Wait for around 15 minutes. 
4.    Refill the bottle with water and start shaking and drink the water.

To achieve the best results, follow these instructions. And, of course, make sure you stay away from toxic elements. Get quality sleep as well - yes, it matters. Stay on the healthy side during your detox process.

Detoxify Mega Clean Ingredients

●    Guarana seed extract
●    Stinging Nettle
●    Milk thistle seed extract
●    Citrus pectin
●    American ginseng root extract
●    Riboflavin
●    Thiamin
●    Niacin
●    Essential vitamins
●    Selenium
●    Magnesium
●    Calcium
●    Zinc
●    Pantothenic acid
●    Taurine
●    Uva ursi leaf extract

Uva ursi and stinging nettle in the blend helps to cleanse the urinary tract. The aloe, dandelion, burdock, and juniper improve your digestive system. And milk thistle health revitalizes your skin. Some of the ingredients can strengthen your immune system. Combined with detoxifying agents, they make a perfect detox blend for THC users.

Why Is Detoxify Mega Clean Effective?

It is an effective detox product that ensures the flushing of toxins from your body. It removes THC among other impurities. The benefits do not end there. It also restores your body with lost vitamins and minerals. And, of course, the most powerful ingredients to flush toxic elements!

THC Detox Drinks

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It does not have any major side effects and offers what they promise. The detox product also makes sure your urine has perfect electrolyte levels.

Manufacturer Info





[email protected]



Working hours

Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm MST

Detoxify Mega Clean is a reliable product available in markets. Detoxify has over 20 years of expertise in this field and provides a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Hence, they understand what the user requirements are. 

Detoxify Mega Clean Price

Mega Clean is on discount and sells at $39.99 on the official website. This THC detox on Walmart sells at its original price which is $49.99 but on eBay, you need to pay $54.02. 

Pros And Cons


●    Effective detox drink.
●    Lots of natural ingredients. 
●    Safe for consumption. 
●    Contains diuretic herbs that hike the urge to urinate more. 
●    Easy to flush out toxins. 


●    Natural components may cause allergic reactions.
●    You will have to urinate a lot.

THC Detox Drinks

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Detoxify Mega Clean Customer Reviews

There are hundreds of Detoxify Mega Clean reviews on the Internet. Some of them were written in 2023, and this fact claims that the drink is good and popular. Here you can read some of them.


 Though Barbara didn’t like the flavor of the drink, she liked how wonderfully it worked for her.  


 Mega Clean helped Ron too. He says - follow the instructions seriously. 


 The detox drink couldn’t work in this case. However, Jordan didn’t even drink the whole bottle.

Qcarbo32 - Choice Of Many People

Want to know more about quick ways to flush THC from your system? Look no further than Qcarbo32. It is a detox herbal product that eliminates toxins from the body. It offers a simple method to mask impurities in our bodies. Certainly, this is one popular and effective detox product available in the market that comes in many flavors. 

How To Use Qcarbo32 Detox Drink?

1.    Take the bottle and give it a good shake
2.    Now drink the content within an hour 

That was easy, wasn’t it?

Make sure you are drinking a lot of water or juice since after drinking the Qcarbo32, you would urinate a lot. So, to stay hydrated, drink a lot of fluids and eat healthy.  
Qcarbo32 Ingredients

●    Apple pectin
●    Dandelion root 
●    Thiamin
●    Milk thistle seed
●    Alfalfa leaf 
●    Riboflavin
●    Creatine monohydrate
●    Rice protein
●    Cayenne pepper
●    Turmeric root 

Why Is Qcarbo32 Effective?

Qcarbo32 boasts natural ingredients. Thus, it is safe to consume them since they have no side effects. Fortunately, it consists of vitamins and minerals. This product not only removes toxins but also replenishes the body with nutrients. 


The makers of Qcarbo32 are Herbal Clean. It is a reliable brand that has been around since 1990. If you need a complete detox, consider this product. 


Herbal Clean



[email protected]



Qcarbo32 Pros And Cons

As with every product, this drink has its pros and cons. Take them into account when making your THC detox plan.


●    Simple way to detox and cleanse the body. 
●    Many options in flavors. 
●    Budget-friendly.
●    Contains essential minerals and vitamins for the body. 
●    Offers health and metabolism boost. 


●    Not ideal to use daily.
●    Drinking it too often can lead to diarrhea. 


Qcarbo 32 is one of the best THC detox on Walgreens and costs only $41.99. But on the official website, it is sold at $52.49. Walmart is offering the detox drink at just $24.93. To stay safe and avoid getting scammed it is best to purchase from Herbal Clean only. 

Customer Reviews

Some of Qcarbo32 reviews from the web:


The customer flushed out the toxin faster with Qcarbo32.


Qcarbo32 worked for this customer too. You just have to follow the instructions and all will be OK.

Negative Review



It didn’t work for Joe though the product worked for thousands of people. 

Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink

Are you on the hunt for a reliable detox product? Here comes Rescue Cleanse to save the day. Before using this, make sure you stay away from all toxins. This will ensure you get good results.

How To Use Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink?

1.    Finish the Rescue Cleanse container at one stretch. 
2.    Empty it within 15 minutes. 
3.    Further, you need to add more water. 
4.    Finish it off again. 
5.    Keep repeating this process for a while. 

As you keep drinking water, ensure to urinate as well. This will ensure the removal of toxins. To boost the chances of success, try other products too. You can use Toxin Rid products or capsules for better effects. Make sure to read the steps carefully before you proceed. 

Rescue Cleanse Ingredients

●    Thiamine
●    Pantothenic Acid
●    Selenium
●    Niacin 
●    Creatine Monohydrate
●    Magnesium
●    Vitamin B12
●    Potassium
●    Riboflavin
●    Calcium

Niacin and Pantothenic Acid dissolve the THC trapped in the fat cells and the antioxidant from Thiamine helps to flush out toxins. Magnesium and Vitamin B12 work to speed up the detoxification process and aid with metabolism.  


The Clear Choice brand is one of the leading manufacturers in the market today. They have been around since 1993. Currently, they have earned themselves a decent reputation. They have many registered trademarks in the US and Canada. 


Clear Choice



[email protected]

Contact number


Working hours

Monday-Friday reach out to them From 9 am - 5:45 pm EST

Rescue Cleanse Pros And Cons


●    Contains vitamins for energy and urine color.
●    Offers a 100% money-back guarantee. 
●    The detox drink has a delicious cranberry flavor. 
●    The detox drink is powerful and works well. 
●    Natural herbs boost overall health. 


●    This detox product will make you urinate regularly. 
●    Requires drinking a lot of water. 

Rescue Cleanse Price 

It will cost you $60 on the official website while eBay charges about $87.83. Unfortunately, you might not get it on Amazon or Walmart.  

Customer Reviews



Rescue Cleanse worked great for the customer. 


The Reddit user is impressed with Rescue Cleanse and recommends it to others.

The customer was likely scammed with a cheap knockoff. 

How Long Does It Take To Get THC Out Your System?

THC is known to have a long half-life. How long toxins can stay in an individual's body is based on many factors. One such factor is the person's marijuana use. Individuals who regularly consume marijuana find it tough to eliminate them. On the other hand, occasional users find it easy to remove them since it doesn’t take much time.


How long THC stays in your body


Around 3-30 days, however, it depends on the rate of use


Around 12 hours


Around 90 days


Around 24 hours

If you rely on the body’s natural detoxing process, it can take months to flush out THC from the body. So, what to do if you need to detox really fast? Get your hands on the best detox cleanse drink and enjoy staying clean!

How Does THC Affect Our Body? 

THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is a compound existing in cannabis. It is known to create euphoric effects, also called “high”. Right after consuming THC, the tissues as well as organs of the body absorb it. Around 90% of the cannabis is eliminated through urine and feces. However, the rest stays in our bodies. With time, the THC stored in the tissues of the body is released into the bloodstream and travels through your body. The liver metabolizes THC and releases it into the bladder. 
One method through which you can remove THC from your body is by metabolism. THC metabolization and elimination process depends on various factors. Some of them are usage frequency, dosage amount, and rate of metabolism. 

Another way THC can exit the body is through sweat. The speed at which THC residues leave the body depends on many factors. These factors can be different for everyone. Knowing how THC exits the body is helpful for those who wish to remove toxins. And the fastest way to get rid of THC is by using a THC cleanse drink. 

Researches on THC

Many studies display the harsh effects of using THC on our bodies. Did you know that THC can damage your circulatory system? 
As THC enters the body, it goes from the lungs to the bloodstream. In a couple of minutes, you will feel a sudden increase in your heart rate. It can increase by about 20-50 beats every minute. This rate can go on for about 3 hours. Following this rate of heart, your heart is in extra demand for oxygen. In case you suffer from heart disease, it can pose the risk of heart attacks. 

A 2021 research published in the Journal Of JAMA Psychiatry suggests that consuming cannabis is related to enhancing the probability of developing mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, and schizophrenia. There are several other risks associated with the same. 

How To Get THC Out of System Faster with Home Remedies? 

A good number of individuals do not like the idea of using detox products. Are you on the hunt for natural detox solutions? You might be searching for how to get THC out of your system fast. Then there are some natural and homemade detox things. They don’t work very fast, but they can help in some situations.

Cranberry Juice, Azo 
One way to detox your body naturally is by using cranberry juice or Azo cranberry pills. This juice is a natural solution for detox. It may work for occasional THC users.

Apple Cider Vinegar 
Another natural method to eliminate impurities is to use apple cider vinegar. There are ways to use it - but remember that it may cause serious damage to your body. So, trust us - you should better stay out of drinking vinegar.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take For A Detox Drink To Start Working?

Detox drinks can work really fast. These products can remove THC metabolites in just 24 hours. But a lot of detox drinks only need an hour or so to work. But remember, the effectiveness doesn’t last much longer. 

How To Know If The Detox Drink Is Actually Working?

When you are still going through the detoxing process you would feel the constant urge to pee. This is a good indication as it means the detox drink is working. If the color of the urine is still yellowish it means the detoxing isn’t complete yet. To be sure, you can use an at-home drug test kit.

Do THC Detox Drinks Really Work?

Yes, they do. These drinks are loaded with cleansing ingredients known for their detoxing properties. Most of them are packed with vitamins and essential minerals.

How Long Will The Effectiveness Of The Detox Drink Last?

If you use a drink that only masks the presence of THC then the effectiveness will last for about 5 to 6 hours. Detox drinks with THC-removing properties last till you restart using cannabis. So, if you don’t take cannabis the effect will last forever. 

How Many Detox Drinks Should I Get?

Buy one detox drink that best suits your purpose. Usually, one is enough but those who weigh more or use THC in a heavy amount should get two bottles. Some detox drinks give clear instructions about this matter. 

Bottom Line 

We now hope you will be able to choose the best detox drinks to cleanse your system. The above-mentioned detox drinks are all from reliable brands. They do what they are supposed to do.. Get these drinks from their official websites for purchasing authentic products. And stay clean!

Disclaimer : The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial.