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Best Father’s Day Gifting Options

We have listed some of the best father's day gifting options for you in this article.

Best Father’s Day Gifting Options

1) Deyga Organics

Deyga Organics

- Best Seller's Gift Set

The Gift Box with the bestsellers is wholeheartedly handpicked for you by us to bring the best of nature to your skin and hair. Gift this to your loved ones to make them feel super-special.

Price: INR 2499/-

2) Mona B India

Mona B India

- Mona B Unisex Duffel Gym Travel and Sports Bag: Milan Navy - RP-305 NAV

Carrying forward its design legacy, Mona B India offers bags and accessories crafted with love and focus for details, recycled fabrics including vegan leather. The brand’s sustainable and durable bags are the perfect fit for your Father’s Day gift. Their entire working system and fair business trade are based on the philosophy of caring for both people and the planet.

Price: INR 3,499/-

3) Raw Beauty Wellness

Raw Beauty Wellness

- Prebiotic Gel Deodorants

Raw Beauty's products are the ideal choice for Father's Day, offering a thoughtful and meaningful gift for dads who value natural and effective personal care. The brand’s commitment to minimal, honest, and slow living aligns perfectly with the values of conscious consumers, making it a brand that resonates deeply. By choosing Raw Beauty for Father's Day, you not only support a small business built on passion but also provide your dad with high-quality products that prioritize his well-being and embrace the power of nature.

Price: INR 1,438/-

4) Kosmoderma Research Centre

Kosmoderma Research Centre

- Hair Care Combo

This awesome combo is all you need for your perfect hair care regime! Daily use strengthens and continuously nourishes your hair. Suitable for all hair types.

Price: INR 4800/-

5) Inatur Herbals

Inatur Herbals

- Aromatherapy Massage Oil Gift Set

While we all recognize the power of massage and physical touch, it's important to choose body oils that support the healing of specific physical and emotional discomfort. Presenting Inatur Massage Oils which help in generating Positivity, uplifting & Balancing Dosha.

Price: INR 800/-

6) Dr G

Dr G

- Dr G Skin BFF

Dr G Skin BFF is your skin’s BFF. A revolutionary beauty massager that rejuvenates and repairs your skin with its morning and evening modes. The morning mode gently awakens and soothes the skin, while the evening mode revitalizes the muscles, enhances nutrient absorption, and repairs skin damage overnight.

With multiple modes, this beauty massager helps in clean detoxification, photo rejuvenation, firming & lifting & eye care. The high frequency vibration clears the pores, color light care enhances cell activity, the microcurrent stimulates facial muscles through skin tissues by activating gentle electric waves and the war and sonic vibration assists eye care can soothe eye fatigue and works better with eye cream.

Price: INR 16,650/-


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