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Career Psychic Reading: Best Career & Money Reading

What can a career advice psychic do for a working professional? Read on to find out how a career advice psychic may help you find a calling.

Career Psychic Reading

There are times when we have to choose our career path out of necessity and not true motivation. This is where career psychics come in to remind us we do not have to settle for less. If you ever feel like you are headed in the wrong direction or need to change your career priorities, a career advice psychic will be happy to provide assistance. Career readings can be your push towards better choices as they help you land a new job, obtain promotions, and let your business flourish.

Are psychics real? A psychic session focused on your career path can provide powerful guidance and insight, with the psychics giving out tips on how to achieve success, enhance your passion for work, and balance your relationship with coworkers, all for your benefit. A career reading online can unlock a myriad possibilities for customers, as online sessions are always more affordable. You can also read client reviews for your money psychic to make sure they can provide professional readings over chat and phone. A refund option that you get with an online session is another positive aspect, as it eliminates the feeling of uncertainty and makes you put trust in online career advisors.

Best Career Psychic Reading Sites

  1. California Psychics. Choose the right career path with California Psychics and its special offer of $20 credit for signing up.
  2. Keen. A career psychic reading with Keen guarantees you getting a welcome deal of 3 free minutes and 10 minutes for $1.99.
  3. Kasamba. Career psychics are ready to provide their services with the first 3 minutes of readings delivered for free.
  4. Nebula. When looking for readings on Nebula, a welcome offer of $14 credits is enough to get you started on your career journey.
  5. Mysticsense. Mysticsense will reveal your life path and career choices as you claim your welcome offer of 5 free minutes.

Let's dive deeper into information about each of these top career psychic reading services.

  • Established: 1995

  • Number of psychics: 300+

  • Number of visitors: 1.1M

  • Price range: $1-$15 per minute

  • Star rating: 3.9 (299 reviews)

  • 🔥 Welcome bonuses: $20 credit for psychic readings

Pros & cons

Pros ✅:

  • Professional career readings since 1995

  • Prices from $1 per minute

  • $20 credit for your online session

  • Transparent payment system

  • Vetting process for psychics

  • Karma Rewards to earn points

  • Advanced psychic filter

Cons ❌:

  • No free minutes for readings

How the process works

Visit the All Psychics section and filter advisors by price, contact methods, experience, reading topics, abilities, tools, and style. If the advisor is online, you can start your career readings by choosing Callback or Message options. California Psychics has phone and chat psychics available, with more than 350 gifted counselors waiting to answer questions and get you on the right path. Since the website prioritizes customer satisfaction, you can order career advice psychics in advance as you click the Schedule button.

Prices & discounts

The standard reading on California Psychics varies between $1-$16 per minute. Customer promotions include 20-minute packages that can be accessed for $20 (affordable), $40 (popular), and $80 (premium). You can also save funds as you subscribe to the Karma Rewards plan that promotes getting a cheap psychic reading. Claim your $20 credit and unlock a free pass to spiritual readers with a free detailed birth chart.


California Psychics might be one of the best psychic websites for professional readings on your career, life path, and destiny. You can earn points on your purchases by signing up with the Karma Rewards program. A welcome offer of $20 credited to your account allows you to freely browse the website in search of helpful information, career-related topics, and psychic insights.

  • Established: 1999

  • Number of psychics: 1800+

  • Number of visitors: 1.7M

  • Price range: $1.99-$30 per minute

  • Star rating: 3.6 (468 reviews)

  • 🔥 Welcome bonuses: 3 free minutes + 10 minutes for $1.99

Pros & cons

Pros ✅:

  • 3 free minutes of readings

  • 10 minutes for $1.99

  • Psychic match tool

  • Free tarot cards readings

  • Free horoscopes and articles

  • Satisfaction guarantee

  • 24/7 customer support

  • Mobile app readings

Cons ❌:

  • Minutes adding quickly after the free trial

How the process works

Choosing a psychic for a life path session requires customers to visit the Advisors page and filter the readers by categories: love, life, spiritual, tarot, astrology, etc. You will be redirected to the page with the list of available psychics. Any additional information about the psychic can be found in their profile, along with the number of readings and customer reviews. Once you are ready to book a reading with the work advice psychic, click the Arrange call/Arrange chat button in the psychic's profile.

Prices & discounts

Keen welcomes clients with a special offer of 3 free minutes and 10 minutes for $1.99. We suggest going for the second option in case you are struggling with big life path questions and cannot be limited by common questions. Overall, one can receive career tarot readings that will range between $1.99 and $9.99 per minute. You can save on psychic predictions and get clarity for your career path once you take part in the website's Keen Rewards loyalty program. The program is free and allows you to collect points for future readings.


Keen has easily earned a label of a premier destination for psychic career advice. If you ever feel the need to seek the services of a fortune teller that can read your energy and help you overcome obstacles on the way to a perfect job, Keen is the answer. Having thousands of psychics in its ranks, the platform features an easy matching tool to sort the experts by price, star rating, skills, tools, and specialty.

  • Established: 1999

  • Number of psychics: 290+

  • Number of visitors: 495.1K

  • Price range: $1.99-$40 per minute

  • Star rating: 4.3 (1117 reviews)

  • 🔥 Welcome bonuses: 3 free minutes for your first psychic reading

Pros & cons

Pros ✅:

  • 3 minutes for a free psychic reading

  • 50% off your first reading

  • Phone and email readings

  • Prices starting from $1/minute

  • Money-back guarantee

  • Free daily horoscopes

Cons ❌:

  • No video readings available

How the process works

Kasamba can help you discover your true calling via chat, phone, and email readings. You can order your money readings once you have verified your payment method and created an account. After you have entered your email and password to complete registration, you can select the preferred psychic based on their availability and online status. All new customers will get automatic access to 3 free minutes of psychic readings to get all the answers they need.

Prices & discounts

Kasamba allows you to get your first 3 free minutes for love psychic readings and career readings at zero cost. You will also receive 50% off your first reading to seek their astrology services, tarot cards readings, life path readings, and more. The average pricing rate ranges between $1.99 and $30 per minute. The platform supports credit cards and PayPal payment methods, with the satisfaction guarantee ensuring you only get authentic readings from life path advisors.


You don't have to think twice about using Kasamba as your primary source of career readings. Any psychic career advisor worth their salt will come to save the day by delivering honest advice at an affordable rate. Kasamba offers 3 free minutes you can use with any career psychic, which is another positive aspect of sticking with the service. Those who want to be confident in their profession and make a difference will find Kasamba a solid option for their ambitious pursuits.

  • Established: 2019

  • Number of psychics: 300+

  • Number of visitors: 156.7K

  • Price range: $2-$30 per minute

  • Star rating: 3.0 (11 reviews)

  • 🔥 Welcome bonuses: $14 credits for new customers

Pros & cons

Pros ✅:

  • 100 credits for new clients

  • Private chats with online psychics

  • User-friendly app

  • Readings from $1/minute

  • Nebula points for readings

Cons ❌:

  • No video sessions available

How the process works

To find your perfect career psychics on Nebula, create an account, add credits, and start a private online chat with your psychic advisor. Use the Sign Up button for registration and load your account with credits with the Refill credits option. $14 credits will be given to new customers as a one-time welcome offer. You will see the list of available career advice psychics once you apply the Nebula filter to narrow down your options. The Start Chat button takes you to an interactive online chat room with life path advisors.

Prices & discounts

On Nebula, you will be charged coins for getting career guidance, with the rate of 30 coins established for one minute of reading. Top-tier psychics can have rates as high as 100 coins per minute. If you are new to Nebula and want to make the most of its career readings, you can claim the welcome offer of 100 credits ($14). Nebula app offers a weekly auto-renewing subscription for $9.99 and a yearly subscription for $49.99, both available with a 3-day trial.


With credible career psychics, Nebula easily becomes the best astrology website in the business, backed by a compatibility test to match you with your psychic. Nebula's extensive range of specialties wins the platform a lot of favors when it comes to finding a trusted psychic guide for your career choice. That being said, we cannot help admiring the website's updated design and a user-friendly interface with $14 credits available once you sign up with Nebula.

  • Established: 2011

  • Number of psychics: 500+

  • Number of visitors: 119.3K

  • Price range: $0.99-$10 per minute

  • Star rating: 4.9 (973 reviews)

  • 🔥 Welcome bonuses: 5 free minutes

Pros & cons

Pros ✅:

  • 5 free minutes of career readings

  • Video sessions with psychics

  • Various reading categories

  • Customer refunds available

  • Reasonable pricing from $1/minute

  • Global network of psychic advisors

Cons ❌:

  • Career psychics can be pricey

How the process works

To make sure you only get access to relevant life path psychics, Mysticsense offers a brief registration process and the All Psychics section that allows you to choose an expert by category (love psychics, career psychics, mediums, and numerology experts). Once you are a Mysticsense member, you can visit the All Psychics page and apply a specific search criteria to find the reader you need, with psychics sorted by specialty, status, tools, and reading styles. Available contact methods are listed in the psychic's profile, providing for an easy, hassle-free connection.

Prices & discounts

Looking for an accurate career psychic reading can be a challenge. Thankfully, you can expect a platform like Mysticsense to provide you with affordable rates for your online meetings with a career advisor. Understanding your needs, the service offers 5 free minutes with life path readers as a welcome offer and has a pricing range from $$0.99 to $10.99 per minute. The average cost of a Mysticsense psychic is $2.99-$3.99 per minute, with the deposit of $10 required to get started with Mysticsense spiritual guidance and energy practices.


The level of trust and credibility shown by Mysticsense advisors makes us think the platform uses rigorous guidelines for all of its readers. Whether it is a workplace situation that needs to be resolved immediately or a promotion that you need to reflect on, Mysticsense experts are there for you to discover the truth. A generous welcome offer of 5 free minutes will introduce you to the world of astrology psychics that can connect to the spirit realm and help you move forward.


What is a career psychic reading?

Career readings allow psychics to use their extrasensory gifts to tap into your energy and come up with relevant advice whenever you are looking for a new job or helpful guidance. Psychic career advisors may use tools like oracle cards or tarot cards to see what is coming for you. If you want to achieve success in a professional field and get over life's obstacles, a career psychic will outline your perspectives. Sometimes, our online meetings with career psychics will lead to unexpected results, such as understanding that we are in a state of constant stress and need rest to avoid emotional burnouts at our job. A psychic reading online will focus on your strengths and alleviate work-related anxiety.

What should I expect from an online career & money psychic reading?

A work advice psychic understands the potential pitfalls of a new job. For this reason, they use tools like crystal balls and oracle cards to help you become more self-aware in various life and work situations. They will also steer clients in the right direction and answer questions related to career objectives, life motivation, work-life balance, and more. However, you should not count on your aura reader to point out specific details like the name of the company or your new job title. They can only interpret energies and provide relevant advice for your career and life to help you minimize stress and spend your time productively.


How can a career psychic reading help me in my professional life?

With authentic money readings, you will learn how to evaluate your potential when it comes to careers and promotions, as well as pursue a job that can help you advance in life. It is no secret that gifted career psychics will spend an impressive amount of time analyzing your situation to make you the best version of yourself in terms of your professional calling.

What types of questions can I ask during a career psychic reading?

If you suddenly notice that you are lost in thought whenever you start thinking about your career prospects, this means it is time to ask the world-class experts some relevant questions:

  • Am I using my professional potential fully?

  • Does my job bring me the satisfaction I need?

  • Should I start exploring other careers and options?

  • What is my calling in life, and how can I achieve it?

  • Which careers might suit me best?

Can a career psychic reading help me make important career decisions?

In a world of uncertainty, getting help from career tarot readings experts can sometimes make a huge difference and help you maintain an impressive level of passion for your job. However, we do not recommend putting all of your faith in tarot and oracle cards, as you are the only one capable of making important life decisions for maximum gain.

How accurate are career psychic readings?

The accuracy of a career psychic session depends on whether or not the selected psychic lives up to their credentials and professional background. If you choose a reader with multiple customer reviews and an impressive star rating, chances of your psychic career reading coming to pass increase significantly.

How long does a typical career psychic reading session last?

Chat, video, and phone psychic readings can normally last anywhere between 10 and 45 minutes, depending on the number of questions you have prepared for your life path psychic. Sometimes, the readers will use tarot and oracle cards to conduct a session, adding up minutes to your psychic reading.

Can a career psychic reading help me find my true calling or passion?

Normally, you can expect your career advice psychics to help you find a dream job and live your life to the full. By analyzing your natal chart or an oracle cards spread, they can point you toward the best solution for your professional career and calling. They can also come up with a plan that enables you to take action and find your true passion.

Can a career psychic reading help me with work-life balance or career fulfillment?

A career tarot reading with a psychic understanding your goals can help you find that shaky balance between your personal life and your job. These days, we tend to dedicate our lives to our professions, so if you ever feel like you are getting consumed by your job duties, do not hesitate to contact the psychic for help.

How much does a career psychic reading typically cost?

The cost of your career reading is based on a number of factors: the length of your psychic session, your reader's experience, your psychic's personal rate, and the platform's pricing policy for newcomers. With the right welcome offer, you can expect your reading to cost anywhere between $10-$12 for 10 minutes.

Can I find low-cost or free career psychic readings?

Since there are plenty of psychic websites on the market, it is not that difficult to find a low-cost reading that will help you relieve everyday stress and give you confidence for the future. However, you should be wary of any platforms that promote all of their services to be free of charge, as it might be a deliberate scheme to make you share personal information.

Summing up

If you find it hard to cut through the fog that surrounds your true calling, you can rely on the best psychic apps and sites for career readings to do it for you. A skilled online psychic will turn their money readings into art, providing you with an out-of-the-box perspective and recognizing your strengths and weaknesses on the path to finding your best job. Aside from helping you become more self-aware, a psychic session focused on your career goals and passions is a great way to enhance your motivation and find that tricky balance between work and private life. As you choose one of our top-rated websites for career readings, we can guarantee you getting timely assistance with the psychic you need.

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